Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 60

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Chapter 60: He Could Beat Dozens of Supreme Divines, Never Mind Merely Those Five?

In another place, it’s another practically unknown minor town.

In a little wooden house, Jiang Yuan suddenly got up from the bed.

“Husband, what is it?” Beside him a woman was softly embracing him.

“Nothing!” Jiang Yuan showed a small smile.

It’s not Ye Tian and Ling Ye, so there’s no point in paying it any mind!

So long as they haven’t reached the Infinite realm, there’s no one capable of killing Ling Ye!

Those five Supreme Divines are basically nothing.

All those years back, Ling Ye could beat dozens of Supreme Divines, never mind merely those five?

“My wife, how about we have a few kids?” Jiang Yuan turned to embrace the woman that he had just married.

“Really you! You’ll have to first fulfill your promise first. You told me that you’ll buy me a whole merchant’s building!” The woman pouted.

“Can’t we have the kids first before we buy it?” Jiang Yuan said as he held her.

“Of course not! What if you’re lying to me?” The woman gazed at him.

“My wife, is the one you love me or my money?” Jiang Yuan let out a breath.

“Of course it’s you! My little dummy!” The woman gently smiled.

“Then why not gave children first?” Jiang Yuan asked.

“My. I want to give you some motivation for doing you best after all!” The woman gave him a shove.

“In that case then, my wife, how about we both do our best together then? We’ll earn money together, buy a merchant’s building, and then do some big businesses!” Jiang Yuan smiled.

“Hnn. After gaining the withdrawals for them, then we’ll have children! At that time, I’ll give birth to a bunch of them for you!” The woman lied softy within Jiang Yuan’s arms.

Qiankun Realm.

The activity from the Ancient Divine Wastes had instantly provoked the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance into an excited state!

Countless figures came out from everywhere within the Qiankun Realm.

“What’s going on? Someone has already started fighting the Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

“It’s Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them!”

“They actually dared to attack the Bloodshade Demon Lord ahead of time?”

“They… They total to five Supreme Divines. Perhaps… They might really be able to kill the Bloodshade Demon Lord right now!”

“If they killed the Bloodshade Demon Lord, then they really would be amazing then!”


An enormous amount of chatter rose up from inside the Qiankun Realm.

At the forefront of the army outside, Ren Fanchen only smiled coldly.

Five great Supreme Divines?

It sounds pretty strong. Something that has never happened before!

Unfortunately though, their understanding of Ling Ye is nowhere near enough!

They have no idea just how strong Ling Ye really is!

Those five will probably not have any kind of good ending!

At this moment, inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei was also frowning slightly.

What are those guys doing?

Tian-ge hasn’t exited seclusion yet, and they’re already attacking the Bloodshade Demon Lord?

What are they planning?

Are they… Trying to steal Tian-ge’s accomplishment?

Damn it!

Those bastards really are the worst!

If not for Tian-ge’s summons, could you really have gathered together?

And now you want to steal Tian-ge’s accomplishment of the ages?

That said though…

Ye Ziwei thought it through a bit more, this may not be completely a bad thing!

If they could kill Ling Ye, then doesn’t that mean that the one to marry Lou Xuling will be one of them?

Doesn’t that mean that Tian-ge doesn’t need to marry Lou Xuling anymore?

As she thought that, Ye Ziwei started kind of looking forward to it!

Looking forward to Ling Ye falling at someone else’s hand!

Although it will end up loosing Ye Tian his achievement!

But she still hopes that Chu Yunxiao and them could win!

“Speaking of, since they just directly attacked the Bloodshade Demon Lord, then… They’re definitely not someone sent by the Bloodshade Demon Lord then!”

At that moment, some of those of the Heaven and Earth Alliance spoke up, “They really did come here to discuss an alliance with our Heaven and Earth Alliance then!”

Ye Ziwei’s face sank at those words!

In that case then, she… Misjudged them then?

“So what then? Given the situation, I have no choice but to be extremely careful!”

Then she followed up, “I’ll of course apologize to them afterwards!”

The rest of the people there didn’t say anything more.

True enough. Ye Ziwei did indeed refuse them at the door for the sake of the greater good there!

They can’t really blame her!

In all the myriad realm, among all the factions. At this point, countless eyes were gazing toward the enormous Ancient Divine Wastes.

The Ancient Divine Wastes might be one of the largest worlds in all the myriad realms!

But now, under the terrible battle unfolding upon it, it’s already near complete collapse!

Countless people from everywhere around the myriad realms were paying attention to this unprecedented battle!

Five great factions combined verses the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

And right now, in that vast Ancient Divine Wastes!


An earth-shattering blast wave engulfed the entire world.

Blood red spirit energy crushed all beneath it!


After a mad exchange, a figure was blasted out from that blast wave!

It was none other than Chu Yunxiao!

At this moment, Chu Yunxiao was in a terrible state. The entirety of the gaudy gold armor on his has already been shattered and ruined.

The halberd in his hands were also broken in two!

His hands were still shaking violently!

Although they were indeed aware that Ling Ye’s true might was stronger than them!

But it’s only when they’ve actually exchanged blows that they finally understood what true strength really was!

Ling Ye’s terrifying power was such that they had a hard time dealing with each and every one of his strikes and blows!


Just then, Ling Ye’s figure instantly shifted from the battle within to right before Chu Yunxiao.

The cold scarlet eyes were focused on Chu Yunxiao!

Chu Yunxiao’s heart sank! A shadow of death enveloped his heart.

He’s realized that Ling Ye seems to be… Kind of targeting him especially?

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