Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 59

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Chapter 59: Ignorance Has Its Costs

Violet Cloud Realm.

Within the Flower Sea Palace, Lou Xuling suddenly raised her head and frowned slightly.

What’s going on?

Someone’s fighting Ling Ye?

Why are they fighting now of all times?

Her divine perception had detected the auras coming from the Ancient Divine Wastes.

It’s not Ye Tian?

Instead, it’s various powers like the Stellar Empire?

What’s Chu Yunxiao and them thinking? Fighting against Ling Ye now of all times?

Are they suicidal?

“Palace Mistress!”

Just then, Xun Ruyue and the other higher ranked of the Violet Cloud palaces all flew over.

“Should we go keep an eye on it?” Xun Ruyue asked Lou Xuling.

She knew well that Lou Xuling is quite attentive of anything related to Ling Ye!

This is especially true for any major battles involving Ling Ye!

If it’s necessary, she may even act to help out!

But as for who she’d be helping, not even they know just what Lou Xuling would chose…

They can only guess, but she does kind of hope that Ling Ye would win!

“No need!” Lou Xuling shook her head.

There’s no point in even considering this particular battle!

Even if Chu Yunxiao and them had five Supreme Divines working together, there’s no why that they’d be any sort of threat to Ling Ye!

They know absolutely nothing of Ling Ye’s true might!

All of them just think that Ling Ye is merely peak stage Supreme Divine. They had no idea that he’s in fact a half step to the Infinite realm!

“Palace Mistress, recently… The Bloodshade Demon Lord has been constantly destroying or moving certain worlds all around the myriad realms. Nobody knows what he’s doing that for either!”

Xun Ruyue continued, “Him wanting to move our Violet Cloud Realm may… Also have something to do with that! He’s definitely planning something major with that!”

Lou Xuling lightly nodded, considering the matter.

Perhaps this… Is something that he’s doing in preparation against Ye Tian?

But does destroying or moving worlds like that really going to accomplish?

“In that case… Palace Mistress, about our Violet Cloud Realm… Should we move it?” Xun Ruyue asked.

“No need! Why should we listen to him? Why should we help him?” Lou Xuling directly and coldly replied.

Whenever she thinks about Ling Ye, the greatest emotion that comes to her is still anger!

She really still doesn’t want to pay any attention to that piece of shit!


Xun Ruyue and the rest all simply nodded.

Truth be told though, they never had any real choice from the start.

When the time comes and Ling Ye forcefully comes to move the Violet Cloud Realm, there’s no way that they’d be able to stop him!

They really have no idea just why the Palace Mistress is being so obstinate about this!

When the times comes, are they supposed to use their own lives to stand in Ling Ye’s way?

But that would be pointless even so!

If Ling Ye says that he’s going to do something, then he’d definitely do it, right?

Lou Xuling didn’t say anthing else. She merely gazed toward the Ancient Divine Wastes using her divine perception.

To observe that battle!

On the other side, in the Stellar Sea Ruins, within the Boundless Swords Formation.

Bai Jiu who was sitting lotus style in the center of the sword formation also slowly raised her head!

Although she had lost use of her sight, she could still see through the myriad realms and directly observe where the Ancient Divine Wastes are.

“Really now, can some random nobodies really call themselves you opponents now?” She quietly muttered to herself.

In Chu Yunxiao’s group, all five of them are at the middle to late stage of Supreme Divine.

They want to deal with Ling Ye with just the five of them?

That really is ignorant of them!

She, having once been Ling Ye’s opponent, knows full well that there’s no way that the five of them could possibly be Ling Ye’s match!

Ling Ye likely wouldn’t have much trouble killing them!

On the other side, those five don’t have the slightest hope of even scratching Ling Ye even together!

Bai Jiu didn’t bother to pay much attention.

She’s not all that interested in a clash of egg versus rock!

Right now, besides the final battle between Ye Tian and Ling Ye, all other battles are meaningless!

She simply sat there quietly, not doing a thing…

Chaotic Asura Hell, 18th layer.

Asura Maniac also frowned as he was smithing.

Someone’s fighting Ling Ye?

But… It’s not Ye Tian?

It’s people from the Stellar Empire, Tianli Sword Sect, and whatnot?

What were those people thinking?

How could they possibly be a match for Ling Ye?

Asura Maniac knows full well of Ling Ye’s strength, he, as a peak stage Supreme Divine, has once exchanged blows with Ling Ye after all!

But he lost. He lost completely and utterly!

How could merely five mid to late stage Supreme Divines like Chu Yunxiao possibly even scratch Ling Ye?

But… It’s not that strange on consideration. After all, Chu Yunxiao and the rest of them has never actually fought Ling Ye before!

So they have no idea of Ling Ye’s true might!

It’s ignorance. That’s pretty normal.

However, ignorance does have its costs in the end!

If you fight Ling Ye and it’s not just a spar, then it’s definitely going to end up with someone dead!

Five great factions like the Stellar Empire is probably going to be disappearing from the myriad realms!

Those five great factions really were just too hasty!

Asura Maniac simply lowered his head and continued to smith. Ling Ye didn’t call on him, so there’s no need for him to go help him.

Therefore, there’s no need for him to mind it!

In another direction, the Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest.

On the bottom of the dark seafloor, Ming Ji’s alluring gaze was also pointed in a faraway direction.

“I really do want to act now, but his grace the Demon Lord said that he’ll only need me later on!”

Her lips quirked up in a seductive grin, “I wonder when that later is though!”

“That activity… How terrifying. Your majesty, should we go take a look?”

Behind her, a few daemonesses flew on over.

“No need. The Demon Lord hasn’t spoken, so we shouldn’t go!”

Ming Ji laughed seductively, “If we went without his permission, then that is instead a sign of disrespect!”

She knows full well what Ling Ye is like.

If you go out when he doesn’t need you to, he’ll instead be unhappy about it.


The daemonesses in question nodded.

Their queen’s thoughts and opinions of Ling Ye is well known to all.

So they also know very well that the entire Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest will, sooner or later, follow their queen into becoming the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s!

They’re also prepared to move at any moment…

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