Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 58

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Chapter 58: Want to Witness the Fall of a Supreme Divine?

Ye Tian’s Heaven and Earth Alliance had gathered allies from all directions, but that action had instead turned to benefit them instead!

Something like five Supreme Divines working in tandem is something that has never happened before!

If it was anyone else, then there was no way that all of them could be gathered!

On this day though, they will show the entirety of the myriad realms just how mighty multiple Supreme Divines working together can be!

They will show everyone the ones to open this new age before Ye Tian will even get the chance!

And those ones in question are themselves!

Ling Ye’s expressions didn’t change since the very start.

He naturally knew just what those five great factions came here for.

They want to… Give it a try!

Try out just how powerful Supreme Divines can be when working together!

Try and test his own strength!

This really is…

Quite gutsy of them!

What kind of foolish ideas suddenly gave them such courage?

Is it confidence born from five Supreme Divines working together?

“Hoho! Since you too must also already know that you’ll definitely be defeated, then it’s no different if you fall to Ye Tian or us!”

Chu Yunxiao let out a humph, “We… Truly do also want to see the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s real ability for ourselves!”

Speaking of, none of them had ever really fought Ling Ye before either.

Before, they just had a deep terror of Ling Ye from the bottom of their hearts!

What they feared was Ling Ye’s reputation!

Anytime they encounter Ling Ye, for any matter even related to Ling Ye, they and their factions would keep away as much as they possibly could!

But now, their five great factions are allied!

So they really do want to test out just how strong this legendary Bloodshade Demon Lord really is!

“We… Should have allied earlier!” Chu Yunxiao continued.

They really should have come up with this idea before.

It’s just that, before, all of their factions were the same. None of them dared to try their luck against Ling Ye!

Nor did they dare to try to contact other factions in an alliance to fight Ling Ye!

At this point, Zhuge Qingchan had a cold, dark look on her face. Those people. Did they ally together to try to kill Ling Ye?

Five great factions in an alliance. Five Supreme Divines working together. Will Ling Ye… Really be a match for them?

Ling Ye’s blood red eyes were cold the entire time.

It’s as if even five great factions allied together are still beneath his notice!

“It seems like you really do ant to witness the fall of a Supreme Divine then?”

Ling Ye’s cold voice rang out.

As he spoke, his gaze shifted to Chu Yunxiao!

He could easily guess that it should be Chu Yunxiao who is leading this bunch!

Chu Yunxiao frowned. His heart is still rather uncertain when facing the cold look in Ling Ye’s eyes.

His base terror of Ling Ye would still unconsciously pop up!

But at this point, he still viciously suppressed that hint of fear!

“Hoho. Of course I want to witness it. Witness the scene when the lord of the myriad realms falls!”

He then let out a cold laugh and waved the halberd in in hands, “Everyone, what are you waiting for? Attack!”

Behind him, the various forces of the Stellar Empire all released their battle aura!

And at the same time, the forces of the other four factions also did the same!


Powerful bursts of spirit energy instantly covered the dead and silent Ancient Divine Wastes!

A vast burst of light instantly illuminated this entire world!

“My lord…” Zhuge Qingchan had a worried expression on her face.

It’s five Supreme Divines on the other side after all!

Could Ling Ye really match them?

Ling Ye however merely waved his hand, and the bloody barrier around Zhuge Qingchan thickened by a few more degrees.

Next, he will be letting everyone personally witness… The death of Supreme Divines!

Since those five have come allied to find him today with the goal of killing him. It’s only natural… That he won’t be letting them off!

The five Supreme Divines are all of the mid or late stage of the Supreme Divine Realm!

Such a formation has indeed never appeared in this current age.

It’s also true that no one has seen the scene of multiple Supreme Divines acting in unison.

But for Ling Ye, this… Was merely an insignificant event!

Ages back, when the myriad realm was in chaos. Never mind five Supreme Divines working together!

He has even participated in chaotic battles involving 50 Supreme Divines!

“Your age will thus end this day!”

“We shall open the gate to the new age!”


From five separate directions, the full armies of Chu Yunxiao and company’s five great factions launched their attacked toward Ling Ye in unison with that shout.


At this instant the entire enormous Ancient Divine Wastes shook greatly!

Five peak ranked factions, with five Supreme Divines in the lead, all attacked Ling Ye in unison!

The vast crimson spirit energy around Ling Ye himself also exploded out in response!

And then, it viciously clashed against Chu Yunxiao’s side!


The next instant, an earth-shattering sound roared out across the Ancient Divine Wastes!

The entire Ancient Divine Wastes, countless miles of land, was instantly blow to nothingness by the blast!

The blast wave left over expanded into the skies!

Thus destroying the everything on this world!

This sudden blast had no only destroyed nearly the entirety of the Ancient Divine Wastes!

It also alarmed all the various factions of the myriad realms…

All the powerful elites of the myriad realms have detected this sudden major clash…

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