Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 56

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Chapter 56: I Want My Lord to Treat Me Special Too

“My fellows! Let’s go! If everything goes to plan, the the age of the Bloodshade Demon Lord will end at our hands!”

Chu Yunxiao dramatically waved his hand.

The other four Supreme Divines all nodded.

Then, they all turned about to assemble all their own elites.

The five great armies set out together!

They planned to strike first against Ling Ye before the final battle could start!

On the other side, Ling Ye was moving about the myriad realms with Zhuge Qingchan in tow!

Then, he’d destroy or move certain worlds!

A number of worlds, big and small alike would either be moved at Ling Ye’s hands!

Or simply be blown away into nothingness…

The Ancient Divine Wastes.

It’s a complete wasteland.

It’s as if this entire world had gone through the apocalypse!

Among the myriad realms, The Ancient Divine Wastes count as a relatively large world!

And it’s very old to boot!

No one knows if someone had created this world!

Or if it had formed naturally!

Either way, all that was left of this world was a complete wasteland.

Despite its size, there’s no trace of life in it.


At just that moment, space slowly warped on this silent and dark wasteland of a world.

Ling Ye and Zhuge Qingchan appeared high up in the sky.

“So this… Is the Ancient Divine Wastes huh?”

Zhuge Qingchan scanned across this dark and empty world with wide eyes.

“It looks like… Everything recorded in the books are true after all!” She then quietly said.

“You know this place?” Ling Ye looked at her with some curiosity.

This enormous world, originally… Should have been a world forgotten by all!

“Hn, hn. I read it in a book!”

Zhuge Qingchan lightly nodded.

“Book?” Ling Ye’s gaze went toward the thick black ancient tome in Zhuge Qingchan’s arms.

Is it that book?

Why would that book contain records of this basically forgotten world though?

Having detected Ling Ye’s gaze, Zhuge Qingchan tightened her grasp on the book in her arms as if terrified that Ling Ye would take it.

“Give it to me!”

Then, Ling Ye spoke up even despite her worried gaze.

“I…” Zhuge Qingchan frowned.

She doesn’t really want Ling Ye to see this strange history book.

Ling Ye then simply directly reached out toward her!

Seeing Ling Ye’s expression and the hand he’s extending toward her, Zhuge Qingchan hesitated for a bit…

Before she slowly handed the book over to Ling Ye.

But there was a hint of reluctance in her eyes even as she did so.

It was as if her most important thing was being taken away by Ling Ye!

She didn’t want to give it up, but she had no choice!

After getting the black book, he flipped through it and gave it a few looks.

He’s a bit surprised!

This book is actually a record of him?

What kind of person left this?

It records things from back during the ancient times, so whoever it is, it has to be at least an ancient monster like Jiang Yuan!

Who could it be though?

Ling Ye just directly flipped to the end…

The last little portion was written in Zhuge Qingchan’s penmanship!

It’s also recording the most recent events of this age!

She even included the matter regarding Zhuge Qingchan and his plan in crafting a great formation spanning the myriad realms and the void!

‘A prodigy appeared in the myriad realms by the name of Ye Tian! He wants to contend against the Bloodshade Demon Lord on his own! To take the Demon Lord’s place!’

‘If the Demon Lord dies, the universe is certain to descend into chaos…”

‘I’ve helped the Demon Lord in coming up with a way to control his rebirth. The Demon Lord will definitely not lose to Ye Tian!’

‘The greatest beauty in the universe, Lou Xuling. My lord gives her special treatment. I really admire that. I want my lord to give me special treatment too…’

‘I’m helping my lord set up the great formation of the myriad realms. I’m really happy being able to follow my lord…”

‘I really hope to be able to continue following my lord like this…’


Ling Ye lightly frowned as he continued reading.

It was fine at the start. It was indeed simply a recording of history.

But what’s with it near the end?

That brat Zhuge Qingchan started using the history book as her own diary?

Is she writing history as her own diary or something?

Having detected the change in Ling Ye’s expression, Zhuge Qingchan immediately started blushing.

Then she hurriedly lowered her head, not daring to look at Ling Ye!

It’s over. He must have seen what she wrote near the end.

It’s true that she originally planned to record the various events of Ling Ye and the myriad realms.

However, as she wrote, it turned into her own diary without her noticing…

It’s very embarrassing to have a girl’s personal diary read by someone else, right?


Just then, Ling Ye slammed the book close!

Zhuge Qingchan shuddered minutely. He isn’t… Angry, is he?

She didn’t mean to write things that way. She just felt like it’s a bit more immersive that way…

“A history book is supposed to be a history book. What are you writing a diary for?”

Just then, Ling Ye handed the book back to her.

“I… I understand! I’ll revise it. I’ll revise it all!”

Zhuge Qingchan hurriedly extended her hands and took the book back.

As she thought, it’s really embarrassing having him see it. Ahhh…

Thank goodness that the Demon Lord didn’t get angry though!

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