Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 55

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Chapter 55: Just the Couple of You?

Those individuals looked toward him with a hint of curiosity in their eyes.

Don’t need the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

What’s that supposed to mean?

“Maybe we can… Kill the Bloodshade Demon Lord as we are now!”

Chu Yunxiao spoke in a low tone.

Everyone was immediately completely shocked at those words!

What’s he saying?

Kill Ling Ye right now?

How’s that even possible?

How could they kill Ling Ye without the Infinite realm?

“Right now, we have a total of six Supreme Divines with us! Everyone, this is a first for six Supreme Divines to ally together in the history of the myriad realms now!”

Chu Yunxiao continued, “The six of us are allied, but the Bloodshade Demon Lord is on his lonesome! We… May be able to just kill him directly!”

In response to those words, the eyes of the four Supreme Divines besides Ren Fanchen lit up!

Put that way… It does seem like it might not be impossible!

Just how powerful is six Supreme Divines working together!

In all the myriad realms, even the strongest factions only have a single Supreme Divine among them!

But now, they have six all working together!

Perhaps… They really could kill Ling Ye before Ye Tian comes out of seclusion!

If they managed to kill Ling Ye, then wouldn’t all that glory now belong to them instead?

Wouldn’t they instead be the heroes of the entire myriad realms them?

And even if in the end, Ye Tian at Infinite realms was stronger than all of them put together, they… Will still be the heroes in everyone’s minds.

They’d be the great heroes of the myriad realms!

It’s not like they have to leave all the glory and merits for that Ye Tian, right?

Since the Heaven and Earth Alliance disdained them so, then why shouldn’t they instead take this never-before seen glory for themselves instead?

Those individuals started considering it!

They thought the same as Chu Yunxiao. After this insane idea entered their minds, it just wouldn’t go away.

Only Ren Fanchen was somewhat disappointed. Here he had thought that Chu Yunxiao had some kind of good plan!

But was that’s all?

A few Supreme Divines to attack Ling Ye together?

The fuck are they thinking?

Just the couple of you?

You’re way overconfident!

Seeing the others’ response, Chu Yunxiao’s lips quirked up, “Hoho. Supreme Divines working together has never happened before, nor will it every happen again! If we add in our various armies to it, what can the Bloodshade Demon Lord do on his own?”

“The Stellar Emperor’s words do ring true. Perhaps… We really can give it a try!”

“Even if we can’t kill him in the end, we should have no difficulty at least retreating unharmed!”

Instantly, the other Supreme Divines also started getting interested.

Even though they do know that this is very dangerous, know that their chances of success may not actually be all that great!

However, that mad idea, that unheard of glory, still makes them want to give it a try!

“In that case then! What are we still waiting for?”

Chu Yunxiao spoke in a low tone, “Since the Heaven and Earth Alliance disdains us so, why shouldn’t we then… Go and take the all the glory of killing the Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

“I’m not sure if everyone still remember those words once spoken by the greatest beauty in all the myriad reals, the palace mistress of the Violet Cloud Palaces! Whomever that slays the Bloodshade Demon Lord, whomever who defeats the Bloodshade Demon Lord, will have the right to marry her!”

“Now, if we killed that Bloodshade Demon Lord, heh… Won’t we be the ones to decide who the greatest beauty in all the myriad realms marries?”

With those words from Chu Yunxiao, everyone else’s blood started boiling all the more!

To make history, to gain unheard of glory, and to even be able to gain the greatest beauty in all the myriad realms.

All those temptations together made them lose a good bit of their minds!

“Everyone! What are we waiting for? I’ll assemble all the elites of my Stellar Empire, and then, we shall all work together and slay the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Chu Yunxiao growled out.

“Yes! Then we will join the Stellar Emperor to take down then Bloodshade Emperor together!”

“There’s no reason not to at least try!”

“If we succeed, good. If not, then it’s not like we’d lose anything!”

Those others yelled out in agreement.

Only Ren Fanchen didn’t say anything.

“Brother Ren, if you were to take your great army with us in our attack! At that point, won’t you too be one of the great heroes of history?” Chu Yunxiao turned to address Ren Fanchen.

“Hah! Me? Let’s not! Stellar Emperor, you five Supreme Divines in tandem is probably… Already enough!”

Ren Fanchen smiled, “Given that we were once his subordinates, if we went back now, we may end up holding back in fear!”

“Hoho. That’s true enough! In that case… Just the five of us will be enough then!” Chu Yunxiao nodded.

It’s not bad to have less person to share the credit with after all!

Ren Fanchen didn’t say anything more.

Just the five of you?

Unless you’ve reached the Infinite realm, it doesn’t matter how many of you went!

Perhaps you multiple Supreme Divines working together is indeed very strong!

But, there’s no way that you’ll be able to kill him!

You think if you stacked five blocks of wood together will be able to keep a nail from getting hammered in?

You think five eggs added together will be able to smash apart a rock?


No wonder that it’s only the five of you and none of the other Supreme Divines that came to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

The five of you are probably the most foolish Supreme Divines in the entire myriad realms!

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