Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 53

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Chapter 53: Is There Something Wrong With That Ye Ziwei’s Head?

Ye Ziwei didn’t exit the Qiankun Realm.

Since Ren Fanchen is looking like he brought the full army for all out war, there’s no way that she’d have the courage to go out!

She just stood there, looking at Ren Fanchen, as she coldly spoke, “What? You want to start the war with my Heaven and Earth Alliance now?”

Facing her, Ren Fanchen instead just lightly smiled, “Miss Ye misunderstands. We… Aren’t actually here to fight! Rather… We’re here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

The moment Ren Fanchen said that, the entire area, both inside and outside the Qiankun Realm, was overtaken by utter shock.

What’s he saying?

Join the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

Ren Fanchen?

Isn’t Ren Fanchen one of Ling Ye’s subordinates though?

But he actually came here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

And… He even brought the entire massive army with him?

“Hoho! Interesting!”

Among the crowd outside, where the Stellar Empire was, Chu Yunxiao’s mouth quirked up.

Is this what’s basically justice coming for Ling Ye?

Even his great army has completely betrayed him?

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei also frowned slightly, “Join my Heaven and Earth alliance?”

“That’s right! I… Have brought the entire Bloodshade Demon Army with me to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

Ren Fanchen strongly nodded, “We are all willing to join forces with the Heaven and Earth Alliance, with all the myriad realms… To defeat the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

Behind Ren Fanchen, the entire great army stood resolute!

After all, they have nowhere else to go anymore.

Since they’ve already come out, they can’t go back anymore!

Their only choice is to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

And then to kill Ling Ye together!

“Hah! Ren Fanchen, do you take all of us of the Heaven and Earth Alliance to be idiots?”

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei instead gave a cold smirk, “Given that Bloodshade Demon Lord’s personality, you expect me to believe that you’d dare to betray him? And that he’d let you off for it?”

The entire Bloodshade Army came with their whole force!

All of them want to join the Heaven and Earth alliance?

That’s just way too unrealistic!

Given Ling Ye’s personality, he’d immediately purge any traitors that may pop up beneath him!

Without leaving a single one!

Thus, she has to suspect if this was another of Ling Ye’s schemes?

“Hoho. The Bloodshade Demon Lord really has pulled out all kinds of tricks in order to try to infiltrate our Qiankun Realm!”

Ye Ziwei’s lips quirked up in yet another arrogant smirk, “It’s one thing to just use outside groups, but now, he’s actually pretending to allow the entire Bloodshade Army to betray him?”

Ren Fanchen and the rest outside all frowned at Ye Ziwei’s words!

What is this brat thinking?

They really seriously are here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance here!

And yet she would have such suspicions?

Chu Yunxiao and the rest outside all watched Ren Fanchen and the army behind him with some amusement.

Ren Fanchen really is unfortunate to be facing a brat like Ye Ziwei.

No matter if they really have or have not betrayed Ling Ye, there’s no way that Ye Ziwei will allow them to enter the Qiankun Realm!

“Miss Ye. What do you mean by that?”

Outside, Ren Fanchen was frowning deeply, “You think that we’re here by the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s directions?”

“My apologies, but special times call for special actions! If you really have already betrayed that Ling Ye, then at the very least… You have to bring out some evidence!” Le Ziwei faintly smiled.

If they are faking surrender, then wouldn’t allowing them in mean the complete destruction of the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

Therefore, she obviously has to be careful!

She had to be really careful even when allowing other groups in!

Never mind this enormous Bloodshade Demon Army!

Ren Fanchen and the rest had slightly dark expressions though. Proof?

How the heck are they supposed to prove anything now of all times?

Have Ling Ye show up for a cross examination?

Or should they bring out Ling Ye’s head as proof?

Is there something wrong with that Ye Ziwei’s head?

“If you can’t prove it, then sorry. I can’t allow you into the Qiankun Realm!”

Ye Ziwei continued, “You can do like the Stellar Emperor and stay outside my Qiankun Realm for the time being! When Tian-ge comes out of seclusion, he can revisit the decision!”

Ren Fanchen had no words.

What the heck is this supposed to be?

They had just betrayed Ling Ye to his face!

But now that they’ve arrived here, they were refused at the door by Ye Ziwei?

Is that brat’s capabilities for judgment really that weak?

In that case, there’s something wrong with Ye Tian’s head too, for him to have let such an immature brat as the deputy alliance leader!

“If I was wrong, then afterwards… I’ll of course give everyone an apology! Right now though, I must ask everyone to bear with it!”

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei finished, turned about, and took the people of the Heaven and Earth Alliance with her as she left.

Since they’re not here to fight, then there’s no need to worry!

Right now, the Bloodshade Demon Army cannot enter the Qiankun Realm, so they have no way of threatening their Heaven and Earth Alliance at all!


Outside, Ren Fanchen and his group watched as Ye Ziwei left, utterly speechless!

They’ve seriously pulled every bit of courage they had together to betray Ling Ye here!

But when they arrived, they’re instead so unwelcome?

How much are they being looked down upon?

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