Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 52

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Chapter 52: The Bloodshade Demon Army Is Attacking?

She’s a woman too, so she could naturally detect Lou Xuling’s subtle emotional tells.

It’s kind of… Like being upset in a girlish sort of way!

It really feels strange!

Is there perhaps something between Lou Xuling and Ling Ye?

Ling Ye merely showed a small smile. He did after all do something like that to her!

So it’s only natural that she holds a grudge against him!

“Speaking of, my lord… Why did you give her that kind of special privilege? Is it because… That she’s the number one beauty in the myriad realms? Is it because she’s beautiful?”

Zhuge Qingchan asked in a quiet tone.

For some reason, when she sees another woman being treated in a special manner by Ling Ye, she would feel a certain… Small bit of jealousy!

Even though she knew full well that she had no right to control anything Ling Ye does in that respect.

However, it’s only natural that she’d have such girlish thoughts herself!

“It’s because she… Is special!” Ling Ye merely showed a faint smile without elaborating any further.

Zhuge Qingchan immediately pouted slightly!

What kind of answer is that?

She’s special?

Is she special because of her beauty?

Zhuge Qingchan didn’t say anything more either. She just completely swallowed any hint of jealousy she had.

She wanted to be a bit special to Ling Ye’s heart too!

However, she didn’t seem to have that kind of qualification just yet?

As she though, being beautiful is a kind of advantage in and of itself…

Qiankun Realm.

At its border.

More and more groups have joined the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

A small portion of them were allowed to enter the Qiankun realm, but the vast majority of them were stopped at the gate!

Of those, including the previously mentioned Emperor Chu Yunxiao of the Stellar Empire, there are a total of five Supreme Divine realm existences who were barred from entering.

Every one of them were quite melancholic about it!

They’re Supreme Divine realm existences after all. They’re the strongest beings in all the myriad realms!

They’ve even came to ally with the Heaven and Earth Alliance, but then to have been stopped at the gate by Ye Tian’s paranoid little sister?

That’s something of a public insult!

However, considering the fact that Ye Tian is going to be an Infinite realm existence and the future lord over all the myriad realms!

They can only swallow their anger at the insult!

After all, in the future, after the appearance of an Infinite realm existence!

The Supreme Divine realm would no longer be the strongest in the myriad realms anymore!

The Supreme Divine realm will go from the highest realm in existence to just below one person!


At that moment, activity rose from the void near the Qiankun Realm’s borders!

Then, following an enormous spacial warp, an enormous army slowly appeared!

The one at the front of that army was Ren Fanchen!

And behind him was the entire former Bloodshade Demon Army!

They used to be the Bloodshade Demon Army, but they’re not anymore.

They’ve also let out a sigh of relief finally. They never imagined that Ling Ye really didn’t kill them!

And he even seriously allowed them to go join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Ling Ye really did seem to look down on them.

Did he really believe them to be completely irrelevant?

Well, it doesn’t matter right now. All that matters is that they’ve managed to keep their lives!

They just need to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance, help Ye Tian kill Ling Ye, and a bright future will await them!

Otherwise, all that awaits them is only death!

Ren Fanchen bringing the army over did suddenly alarm the entire Qiankun Realm.

Inside the Qiankun Realm, the people watching the entrance immediately reported it!

Right now, within the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei was currently in the main hall with the various higher ups of the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

They were discussing matters dealing with the final month!

“The Bloodshade Demon Army is attacking! And from the looks of it… It’s with their full force at that!”

At that moment, the guard suddenly charged in and shouted loudly.

The moment those words were out, Ye Ziwei’s face sank and she immediately got up from her seat!

The Bloodshade Demon Army… Is attacking with full force?

Within the main hall, all the higher ups of the Heaven and Earth Alliance also visibly reacted!

Why did this happen?

Why did the Bloodshade Army set out with their full force at now of all times?

Are they trying to attack the Heaven and Earth Alliance ahead of time?

Ye Ziwei immediately gave out her order, “Pass the order along. Everyone is to prepare for battle!”


In an instant, the entire Qiankun Realm started mobilizing.

All the members of the Heaven and Earth Alliance as well as all the allies that have joined them!

Every one of them all moved out the first moment they could!

An unending army streamed out.

Then, they gathered at the entrance of the Qiankun Realm.

At this moment, Ren Fanchen was outside with the army.

And all those groups who haven’t been allowed in by Ye Ziwei had also all assembled.

Everyone of the Stellar Empire!

All of them swarmed out from the mini universe they were in.

Then, everyone’s eyes were on Ren Fanchen and the army behind him!

What’s going on?

Why did the Bloodshade Demon Army attack now of all times?

Are they planning on starting the battle against the Heaven and Earth Alliance right now?

But right now, Ye Tian still hasn’t exited seclusion yet!

Plus, Ling Ye wasn’t there either!

Ye Ziwei led the entire army of the Heaven and Earth alliance, facing off against the Bloodshade Demon Army!

Even the entire forces of the Heaven and Earth Alliance plus all their allies, in total, still only just about matched the numbers of the recently turned traitor Bloodshade Demon Army!

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