Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 49

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Chapter 49: The Method to Control Reincarnation

“Reincarnation rebirth will always have the target be reborn in a new location!”

“And while it is said to be random, in reality… It’s not truly random!”

“Instead, it’s actually determined by the various currents of spiritual energies, both known and unknown, within the myriad realms!”

“In other words, reincarnation… Is something that’s controlled from the start!”

Zhuge Qingchan thus explained as she drew out the entire map of the myriad realms.

“Oh?” Ling Ye was a bit surprised.

Reincarnation rebirth is in fact non-random from the start?

This discovery of yours is enough to shock then entirety of the myriad realms you know!

“It’s all related to the spiritual energy flows of the myriad realms! Therefore my lord, if you can control the spiritual energy flows of the myriad realms, then you can control the location of one’s rebirth!”

Zhuge Qingchan continued, “Not only will you be able to control your own, but you’d be able to control the reincarnations of everyone in the myriad realms!”

“My own powers are obviously nowhere near enough to control the spiritual energy flows of the entire myriad realms! However, it is possible for my lord!”

“We… Can use the myriad realms as the dots and the void itself as the lines! Then, use that to construct… A super formation spanning the entire myriad realms!’

“All the flows of spiritual energy already preexist!”

“In other words, this formation actually already exists in tandem with the myriad realms! We only need to modify it slightly, and we’d be able to take complete control!”

“This… Is the full complete map of the myriad realms!”

“We only need to… Destroy a select few worlds among those myriad realms! As well as move a certain selection of these worlds!”

“With that, the spiritual energy flows of the myriad realms will become very clearly controllable!”

“And at that time, we’ll be able to directly simulate the location where my lord will be reincarnated!”

“This naturally can be considered… Controlled reincarnation!”

After Zhuge Qingchan drew out the complete map of the myriad realms, she highlighted several select worlds within it.

Those worlds are the ones that need to be moved or destroyed!

That’s obviously impossible for her to do.

But with Ling Ye’s powers, it’s absolutely doable!

Ling Ye set his eyes upon this complete map of the myriad realms.

Use the worlds as dots and the void as lines, it’s actually possible to create such a brilliant great formation?


“This really is… An unbelievable myriad realms and void formation!”

Ling Ye showed a faint smile.

“However… My lord, right now there’s still one issue!”

Zhuge Qingchan spoke in a quiet voice, “Although I can determine the location of your rebirth, but… After reincarnating… How would my lord’s condition be?”

After reincarnating, Ling Ye may likely not have the same power as he does now anymore!

What could Ling Ye do then?

“Those matter… Are naturally not your concern!”

Ling Ye smiled faintly, “Let’s go. Come with me… To set up this great formation!”

“Hn, hn!”

Zhuge Qingchan nodded strongly.

Since Ling Ye already said that she doesn’t need to worry about it, then she naturally doesn’t have to worry about it.

He definitely has his own plans for that!

“My lord, wait a moment!” Zhuge Qingchan spoke.

Then, she flew down and grabbed a thick, black, old book from a shelf.

“Lets go!” She flew back up and smiled at Ling Ye.

Ling Ye looked at the old book that Zhuge Qingchan was tightly holding onto, “What’s this?”

“I-it’s nothing. Just a storybook!” Zhuge Qingchan slightly tightened her grip on the book.

It was like she was afraid that Ling Ye would steal it from her or something.

It was indeed a storybook, a… history book that has not yet been completed!

And the subject of this book… Is Ling Ye!

She had accidentally discovered this book.

She didn’t know just who left this book here either!

She only knows that there was an author’s note where the book had ended.

The previous author hopped that someone could continue this book!

In other words… That Ling Ye’s story could continue to be recorded!

This book contained various histories of ancient times and super ancient times with Ling Ye as the core.

Zhuge Qingchan wanted to understand Ling Ye better, so she wanted to take this book with her!

Although she didn’t know if the stuff recorded in it are the truth or not.

But she still wanted to keep it by her side, as well as to finish reading this book!

And if it’s at all possible… For her to become the next author for it!

And to complete this unique history book!

Ling Ye didn’t say anything either.

He just took Zhuge Qingchan and left this ancient library.

Then, he will begin setting up the great formation!

To determine his reincarnation location!

However, among those worlds that Zhuge Qingchan had marked out, one was relatively special.

The Violet Cloud Realm!

The location where the Violet Cloud Realm is relatively crucial, so it needs to be moved a certain distance!

Therefore, Ling Ye’s first destination along with Zhuge Qingchan was the Violet Cloud Realm.

At this moment, in the Violet Cloud Realm.

The moment Lou Xuling returned, she went back to that quiet spring.

Then, she dove right back into the spring again.

The cool and clear spring water slightly calmed her thoughts.

Just what was with her?

She actually felt a bit of… Longing toward Ling Ye?

That’s right, although it was very minuscule!

But it did indeed appear!

Her generally unshaken heart had indeed moved somewhat when it came to Ling Ye!

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