Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 48

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Chapter 48: It Can’t Be That She Really Does Want To Marry Him?

“You seem like… You’re not actually denying my words?”

Ling Ye’s smirk turned even more pleased, “Are you hoping that I’ll marry you?”

The moment those words came out, Lou Xuling hurriedly recomposed herself and put on a cold facade again, “Say that after you live past your battle!”

She instantly regretted those words as soon as she said it!

What the heck?

Why did she say something like that?


Isn’t that blatantly saying that she’s hoping that Ling Ye could live on?

That she’s hoping for Ling Ye to win in the end?

Even that she’s hoping that Ling Ye could marry her?


How could she possibly say something like that to Ling Ye?

Thus, Lou Xuling hurriedly turned around, the space around her warping!

She just hurriedly left without another word.

She was scared that if she continued to talk, she might end up saying something that not even she could anticipate!

In the end, she never did bring up the fact that she’s pregnant to Ling Ye.

Up on the Void Throne, Ling Ye’s lips were still quirked up in a faint smirk.

That woman. It can’t be that she really does want to marry him, right?

That really is…

Thinking carefully on it, there’s no actual issue with that!


She does indeed also have the qualification to be his woman!

Speaking of, she does also seem a bit strange today!

Lou Xuling is peak Supreme Divine, and Ling Ye is a half step to Inifinity.

But if Lou Xuling really did want to hide something, and if Ling Ye wasn’t particularly attempting to carefully observer her.

Then it’s only natural that Ling Ye didn’t notice the fact that Lou Xuling is pregnant!

Thus, Ling Ye had no idea just what was up with Lou Xuling!

He only felt… Like she’s turned a bit gentler?

That’s right!

Although she’s still as proud and unyielding as always on the surface!

But on the inside… There’s a strangely gentle quality to her!

Ling Ye just let out a smile at that without particularly minding it.

This number one beauty in all the myriad realms is actually pretty interesting!

She suddenly came to find him, and then she just suddenly left?

What was she thinking exactly?

She normally only very rarely leaves the Violet Cloud realm, right?

So why did she especially come find him for?

She knew full well that she can’t possibly kill him, but she still came for him?

Lou Xuling wouldn’t do such pointless things, right?

In that case then, just what was her goal in finding him?

Could she be trying to make him take responsibility?

Ling Ye grinned and didn’t think much more of it!

On the matter of responsibility, he doesn’t have any plans for that right now!

He then waved his hand and brought out the various special materials that he’s found across the myriad realms!

Spirit Attractions Stone, Starforged Divine Iron, Ocean Stabilization Pearl, etc…

Those materials are all basically unique existences within the myriad realms!

Every single item are items with great effects!

And only those items are capable of forging a Supreme Divine realm body!

“There’s still one thing missing!”

Ling Ye muttered as he looked at the items laid out before him.

Just those items are actually already enough to forge a Supreme Divine realm body.

However… If it’s possible to make it more perfect, then of course he’ll do his best to make it perfect!

Therefore, he’s planning on looking for one more item!

Ling Ye then put all those materials away again.

After he gets that final material, he could then start forging that Supreme Divine realm body.

At that moment, just as Ling Ye was getting ready to go, Zhuge Qingchan’s voice suddenly rang out!

“My lord, I found a way! A… Very special method!”

Zhuge Qingchan’s voice was transmitted straight to Ling Ye’s mind!

Hearing her suddenly voice, Ling Ye’s mouth immediately quirked up.

He never actually imagined that the little girl would actually succeed!

It looks like his eyes really weren’t wrong!

She really is a one in the world genius!

This way, it did indeed save him a lot of troubles!

Thus, Ling Ye’s figure vanished from that spot.

He headed toward that myriad realms library.

At that moment, Zhuge Qingchan was waiting for him within that ancient building spanning across the stars.


Ling Ye’s figure slowly appeared, accompanied by the blood colored spacial warp!

“My lord!”

When she spotted Ling Ye, Zhuge Qingchan shouted aloud.

At that moment, her face lit up with excitement.

It’s because… She really did manage to discover a way to affix one’s rebirth!

Or rather, it’s a way to know ahead of time the exactly location one would be reborn!

“As expected… You did not disappoint me!”

Ling Ye showed a faint smile.

Zhuge Qingchan showed a slight blush. In her heart, she was quite overjoyed.

She was very happy at having gained Ling Ye’s recognition like that!

Besides that… Ling Ye actually smiled at her?

She instantly turned even happier!

“Speak then! How do we do it!” Ling Ye then calmly spoke.

“On that matter… I did not in fact find a way to merge the two rebirth methods!”

Zhuge Qingchan first pouted a bit before continuing, “But I did discover a way to control a reincarnation rebirth!”

“That’s already good enough!” Ling Ye showed a faint smile.

It’s already enough if he could control his rebirth!

“Hn, hn!”

Zhuge Qingchan nodded before waving her hand.

She directly utilized her spiritual energy to draw out an enormous map in the middle of the air.

A map… That encompasses the entirety of the myriad realms!

“I went through a lot of ancient manuscripts and discovered that there were people in the past who have attempted to affix one’s reincarnation!”

“But none of them have succeeded!”

“However, within the various records and information trails left by those predecessors were a number of findings regarding reincarnation!”

“I’ve found that reincarnation is in fact controllable!”

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