Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 46

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Chapter 46: When That Time Comes, Not One Will Be Left To Speak Of It

“You’re a gambler. In your entire life… You’ve never lost!”

Ling Ye’s gaze bore down on the kneeling Ren Fanchen at the front.

Then, he spoke calmly, “Shall we make a bet?”

Ren Fanchen kept his head down as he shuddered!

Bet against Ling Ye?

Of course he wouldn’t dare to try to bet against Ling Ye!

However, at the same time, he also doesn’t dare to refuse Ling Ye!

“I won’t kill you now! I won’t kill any of you!”

Ling Ye then calmly spoke, “You want to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance. Fine. Go then!”

When he spoke those words, everyone was overcome with confusion!


He’s not going to kill them?

And he’s even allowing them to go join the Heavn and Earth Alliance?

Everyone stayed kneeling on the ground. Although they were confused, they still didn’t dare to move an inch!

“Let’s bet on this final round! Let’s see if it’s that Ye Tian who wins, or if it will be me!”

Ling Ye continued coldly, “If the one who wins in the end is the Heaven and Earth Alliance, I obviously wouldn’t be able to kill you! However, if the Heaven and Earth Alliance were to be defeated, then you all… Will be annihilated alongside them!”

If I lost, then that proves that your choice to betray me was correct!

It proves that I was lacking!

But if I won, then you’ll have to pay for your choice and treachery!

That was Ling Ye’s current thoughts.

Therefore, he won’t get angry about this at all.

He will only allow everyone to see witness final ending before he deals with them!

And when that time comes… Not one will be left to speak of it!

“You can go now. Go to the Heaven and Earth Alliance! Go join that Ye Tian!” Ling Ye looked down on Ren Fanchen as he calmly spoke.

“My lord, I…”

Ren Fanchen still stayed kneeling on the ground.

In this situation, of course he didn’t dare to move!

He’s terrified that the moment he got up, he’d die at Ling Ye’s hand!

“Let lost!”

Then, Ling Ye coldly gave the order!

When he heard Ling Ye’s half threatening and half ordering words, Ren Fanchen hesitated for a moment…

Then, he clenched his teeth and slowly stood up.

If Ling Ye allowed him to leave, then he could still show his loyalty by not leaving!

But since Ling Ye had ordered him to leave, he had no choice but to get lost!

Even after getting up, Ren Fanchen was still shaking all over.

He still didn’t dare to so much as look up at Ling Ye.

He merely, under the gaze of everyone, under the gaze of Ling Ye!

Finally, he pushed forth. The space around him warped and his figure disappeared!

He had already prepared himself to die…

And yet, Ling Ye didn’t kill him!

That seriously shocked Ren Fanchen!

Ling Ye really didn’t kill him?

He seriously, acutally… Allowed him to go join the Heaven and Earth Alliance?

He’s really letting him go?

In front of the Void Throne, the massive army was also similarly shocked!

Ling Ye really didn’t kill Ren Fanchen?

He really isn’t going to kill the traitors?

Could it be that his words just now really was the truth?

He’s really going to just accept everyone’s betrayal against him?

“That goes for all of you too! My Bloodshade Demon Army doesn’t need trash like you!”

Ling Ye’s cold voice once again rang out.

Everyone shuddered again.

Then, they all got up in twos and threes.

And they followed Ren Fanchen and left!

Since the Demon Lord is telling them to get lost, then it’s best to just get lost as quickly as possible…

Thankfully, he really didn’t kill a single one of them!

Thankfully, he really was saying the truth!

Everyone thus left.

However, at the same time, a shadow remained in their hearts!

It’s because Ling Ye had said that he won’t be letting them off in the future.

Thus, in this final gamble, they could either aid Ye Tian’s Heaven and Earth Alliance to destroy Ling Ye together!”

Or… Every single one of them will die at Ling Ye’s hands!

In this crimson depths of the void.

After the massive army had left.

Everything had once again calmed down.

Ling Ye was thus left by himself, sitting upon the Void Throne with a dark expression on his face!

The Bloodshade Demon army that the original novel set him up with had now been completely purged!

From now on, the new Bloodshade Demon Army that he’s going to create will have no more traitors!

Nor will it have any cowards!

It will be… A true army to end all armies!

And with it, he shall truly lord over the entirety of the myriad realms for all eternity!

After lightly letting out a breath, Ling Ye smiled, “You’re already here, so what are you still hiding for? Was it fun watching that?”

As his voice fell, the void in front of him started warping.

Following in refreshing fragrance, a beautiful figure slowly appeared.

She wore light violet dress made of valuable ice silk. Her bare foots stepped upon the empty air.

Her long hair flowed behind her, and at that moment, there was still traces of dew on her skin and hair.

It seems that she just got out of the bath?

Her slightly messy hair made her look even more alluring somehow.

It was indeed Lou Xuling!

At that moment, Lou Xuling was staring at Ling Ye with a complicated expression!

She doesn’t even know just why she mindlessly came here.

She was only planning to go out and clear her mind a bit.

But, before she even knew it, she had arrived here at Ling Ye’s place!

Perhaps… It’s because she had just found out that she was carrying Ling Ye’s child.

Or, perhaps she wanted to talk to him about something!

But now that she has Ling Ye before her, she couldn’t speak a single word!

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