Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 44

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Chapter 44: The Entire Army Turns Treason

It’s true that they don’t want to follow Ling Ye to their deaths!

In this final battle, practically everyone was on the side of the Heaven and Earth Alliance. On Ye Tian’s side!

The Bloodshade Demon Army is certain to lose! Ling Ye is certain to lose!

That what the fate before hem!

Right now, it’s not yet too late to go join the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

Ren Fanchen’s gaze moved toward those commanders who he had already secretly discussed things with.

Those commanders immediately stood up to push things forward!

“Everyone, although it’s true that he too could also reach the Infinite realm! However, Ye Tian’s Infinite realm gained from gathering the powers of the myriad realms will definitely be stronger!

“After all these countless years that we have followed him in battle, it can be said that we don’t owe him anything anymore! From the start, our relationships was only one of mutually making use of one another!”

“And now is the time to make a decision!”

“Should we follow him to our deaths to uselessly show an idiotic sense of loyalty? Or should we join Lord Ye Tian, along with all the myriad realms, to defeat him?”

“I believe that everyone knows full well what we should do!”

“Right now is indeed the only chance we have to make a choice!”

“His hands are stained with countless amounts of blood and sins. We… Shouldn’t have joined him in the first place!”

“Since we now have a better choice, we… should instead join the light! Escape this darkness!”

“He’s a tyrant. The nightmare of the myriad realms! No one in the universe would forgive him! If we stayed with him, there’s no way anyone would forgive us either!”


The many commanders all started shouting their own thoughts.

They have already long since agreed with Ren Fanchen. To desert and betray Ling Ye together.

Under the influence of all those commanders, the entire army stared becoming even more restless.

Practically everyone was willing to instead join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

“Back in the beginning, he accepted me. Although I say accepted me if we’re being nice about it, if we were to say it more bluntly, it was simply that he wanted us to labor for him!”

“Loyalty? Why should we be loyal to him?”

“We conquered the universe for him, but in the end, the one to be king was him and not us! In the end, we were merely tools to him!”

“Anyone would want a tyrant like him dead!”

“Yes, join the Heaven and Earth Alliance now and subjugate him alongside the rest of the myriad realms!”

“Kill him. We’ll have also washed away or sins with merit! I believe that the Heaven and Earth Alliance will accept us!”

“I believe that our futures will be even brighter in the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“That’s right! Brighter! I’m already tired of Ling Ye’s darkness. We… Should head toward the light!”


Before the Void Throne, the entire army had turned excited!

Everyone was willing to leave Ling Ye and instead join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Truth be told, they’ve had such thoughts for some time now!

Only, they’ve never encountered a power greater than that of the Bloodshade Demon Army. Plus, they never had the opportunity!

Plus, they just plain didn’t dare to betray Ling Ye!

But now, Ling Ye was in seclusion. The Heaven and Earth Alliance was also soliciting anyone with strength to join them!

Plus, the entire Bloodshade Demon Army was willing to betray Ling Ye now!

Thus, there was no need for anyone to hide it anymore!

After seeing the reaction from the entire Bloodshade Demon Army, Ren Fanchen’s lips quirked up in a cold smirk.

As he thought, for a tyrant like Ling Ye, there wasn’t anyone truly loyal to him!

Now, he could lead the entire Bloodshade Demon Army to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Ye Tian… Is definitely the better choice!

That’s because the future will be the age of Ye Tian, not the age of Ling Ye anymore!

And as the one who led the entire Bloodshade Demon Army in joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance, it would be a great meritorious deed.

Perhaps, when he’s in the Heaven and Earth Alliance, he would still have great authority and status!

The dice in Ren Fanchen’s hand slowly rotated.

For this final throw of the dice, after he considered it over and over!

In the end, he still chose Ye Tian!

“In that case then, while he’s still currently in seclusion! For us… Now is the perfect time to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

Thus, Ren Fanchen waved his hand, “We will head toward the Qiankun Realm right now and join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“And together with the Heaven and Earth Alliance, for the sake of the future of the myriad realms… We will offer up all our strength! To defeat the Bloodshade Demon Lord!”

In the depths of the scarlet void there, a huge cheer went up.

The enormous army, millions strong, have all decided to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance along with Ren Fanchen.

The entire scene was bustling with noise!


However, at that moment, a buzzing sound suddenly rang out.

Although this sudden sound was minor, everyone there still noticed it!

Instantly, everyone’s heart clenched!

The excited scene from just a moment ago had completely died out into utter silence in just a single moment!

Everyone’s eyes were now on the Void Throne at the very front.

Even Ren Fanchen’s expression suddenly changed. A sense of unease rose in his heart!

And that face of his was now covered in cold sweat!

That’s because… A familiar presence was slowly appearing up on that throne…

Under everyone’s attention. Under everyone’s terrified gaze!

Upon the Void Throne was a blood red space, slowly warping.

Then, a figure appeared from the void, sitting upon that throne!

A pair of blood red eyes looked down upon the entire Bloodshde Demon Army!

It was Ling Ye!

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