Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 43

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Chapter 43: She Will Keep This Child

This fragile life is so beautiful, so wondrous!

Of course she doesn’t want to destroy this immature life!

In fact, the only feeling she had toward this fragile life is a kind of instinctual protectiveness and love!

Lou Xuling slowly raised her hand and circulated her spirit power little by little.

However, that natural maternal affection made it that she had no motivation to actually make the strike!

There was a part of her that wanted to force herself to strike!

But what part of her that wanted to force herself was completely crushed beneath that mysterious affection.

In the end, she finally lowered her hand.

How… Could she destroy this life?

It’s the first new life nurtured by her body!

Lou Xuling’s lips shook. How could she have even considered such a thing?

How could she have had a sinful thought like destroying this new life?

No! There’s no way that she’ll do that!

She will keep this child. She will give all her love to this new life!

Lou Xuling simply stood, stunned within the sping.

A great yet complicated feeling of affection lingered within her heart…

In the end, she simply couldn’t let go of this instinctual love of hers!

But, now what?

Ling Ye… Is about to undertake his final battle against Ye Tian!

And in this final battle, Ye Tian’s chances of winning was far greater!

In other words, the child within her womb, in the future, may end up… Be born without a fater!

Although Ling Ye did have that cheat ability of two lives, but… So what?

Could Ling Ye really face that Infinite realm Ye Tian?

Are two lives really enough to win against Ye Tian?

At this moment, the part of Lou Xuling that hoped for Ling Ye’s victory had instantly grew a great deal.

This was already not just for herself anymore, but also for that new life within her!

After standing around in a daze within the spring for a long while, Lou Xuling finally left the water.

She dressed herself and flew outside.

“Palace Mistress, where are you going?”

After she flew out of her palace, several Empresses saw her.

“I’m going out for a bit!”

Lou Xuling didn’t even turn her head. She just flew directly out toward the borders of the Violet Cloud Realm.

She had some very complicated feelings right now, so she wanted to go out for a bit to clear her mind…

After Lou Xuling left, those Empresses left behind looked at each other.

“What’s going on? I feel like… The Palace Mistress seemed a bit strange?”

“Hn. She seems like… There’s something on her mind?”

“Recently, she seems to have been this way the whole time?”

“No! Today… It feels like she was acting even stranger! Just what’s going on with the Palace Mistress?”

“The Palace Mistress seems to have become like this ever since the last time when the Bloodshade Demon Lord came here.”

“Just what did the Bloodshade Demon Lord do last time anyways?”


Those Empresses stood utterly confused before that palace…

On the other side, in the depths of the void.

It was the main base of the Bloodshade Demon Army.

The massive Bloodshade Demon Army was assembled beneath that Void Throne that had stood there for countless years.

At this moment, Ren Fanchen was at the very front.

Today, Ren Fanchen had gathered everyone together for one reason only!

They… Wanted to betray Ling Ye, leave the Bloodshade Demon Army, and instead join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

In the past month or so, Ren Fanchen can been observing the change in everyone within the Bloodshade Demon Army all this time.

He was observing everyone’s mentality!

Then, he had discovered that practically everyone there was of a mind for betrayal!

Thus, he had already secretly convinced a number of the higher ups.

There was already a good portion who were already clearly decided that they didn’t want to follow Ling Ye to his death!

“Everyone, the final battle is immanent! We have followed the Bloodshade Demon Lord in his battles for countless years now, but speaking of it… It doesn’t seem like we really got anything of it!”

At the front, the three dice in Ren Fanchen’s hand slowly moved, “At most, by serving him, we had a place to stay!”

The entire assembly, that army, millions strong, suddenly broke out in an uproar.

It was because everyone there knew Ren Fanchen’s intention in calling for the entire army to assemble!

Ren Fanchen was planning to take everyone and… Turn their coat!

“Currently, Ye Tian is calling for the entirety of the myriad realms to gather and subjugate the Demon Lord! Do we really… Need to follow him to our deaths?”

Ren Fanchen’s voice rose up again, “What we needed was a place to belong to! However, it’s already obvious that he is no longer that place for us anymore!”

“The Heaven and Earth Alliance… May perhaps be our new home!”

“After following Ling Ye for all these years, what are we to him?”

“All this time, in his eyes, we were only tools for him to use!”

“Do we… Really need to be his tools for our whole life before following him into annihilation??

“No! Right now… We may still have the chance to make a choice!”

“Using this opportunity while Ling Ye is in seclusion, we can go and instead join the Heaven and Earth Alliance without him noticing!”

“By the time he’s out of seclusion… That will be the moment he dies!”

Ren Fanchen’s words became more savage the longer he spoke.

He even started directly addressing Ling Ye by name.

However, it has to be said, those words of his really did shift the mood of the whole army…

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