Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 42

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Chapter 42: Lou Xuling Is Pregnant

With light steps, Lou Xuling submerged her entire body into the fragrant spring.

All that was visible above the flower petals are a pair of pale, flawless shoulders and the long hair splayed out over the surface of the spring…

This beautiful scene is something that no one in the myriad realm could witness!

After having submerged herself into the spring transformed from spiritual energy, Lou Xuling was still deep in her thoughts!

Ever since last time when Ling Ye did what he did to her…

She seems to have… Become more favorable toward Ling Ye?

That’s right!

Previously, she hasn’t paid much attention to the matter between Ling Ye and Ye Tian.

There would have been but one result in the end!

She would at most have had to offer an explanation to her words way back when!

But now, after she mulled it over and considered the matter deeply!

She had discovered that she… Really are leaning more toward Ling Ye’s side!

There’s even a bit of… A strange concern for Ling Ye!

She hoped that Ling Ye won’t lose!

She hoped that Ling Ye will remain invincible forever!

She doesn’t know whether her feeling were for the sake of not needing to own up to her words back then…

Or if there was some other reason for it!

Either way, her feelings, due to Ling Ye’s actions, have really… Become somewhat chaotic!

Lou Xuling closed her eyes and slowly withdrew her mind into herself.

She attempted to restore to her mind the same coolness and calm it used to have…

This bit of meditation continued for a long while!

At this moment, Lou Xuling suddenly discovered that her body seemed to have… Something strange with it?

Some sort of inner change that was affecting her!

This change is something that she has never seen before!

Thus, she slowly focused her senses within her body and meticulously observed every shift and change within her body…

Then, in a special part of her body, she say a microscopic life…

That was the source of it all. It’s an origin of life!

It looked so small, so fragile!

Yet at the same time, it was also unspeakably great!

There was an unspeakable beauty and wonder to it!

It was… A new life!

A seed that had only just sprouted…

It was truly wonderful!

The next moment, Lou Xuling’s eyes suddenly snapped open!


That instant, she lost control. A majestic aura blasted out from her form.

The blast blew the all the spring water made from spiritual energy into the air, where it showered back down!

After opening her eyes, Lou Xuling’s showed an expression of utter shock and disbelief on her face!

Her ruby lips parted slightly and her heartbeat sped up uncontrollably!

Her face was frozen in a stunned expression!

She’s… Pregnant!?

Yes, she’s pregnant!

What’s in her body was a new life!

This sudden reality made Lou Xuling start completely panicking!

Her mind was in complete chaos!

This reality came just way too suddenly!

Even she had a very hard time accepting it right away!


She’s actually… Pregnant?

Her body is actually… Currently nurturing a new life?

That… Is Ling Ye’s child!!!

Lou Xuling was completely stunned!

Her beautiful face was showing only shock and confusion!

She had gotten pregnant with Ling Ye’s child?

How? Why?

Why did things turn out this way?

Isn’t this joke… A bit much?

Lou Xuling took a long time before she finally came back to herself!

That new life within her body looked so wonderous!

So truly great!

But… How could that be?

How could she have gotten pregnant with Ling Ye’s child?

How could that be?

At that moment, she had no idea what to do!

She didn’t even know if this matter is something to be happy or sad about?

This is… Ling Ye’s child, after all!

Lou Xuling stood, stunned, within the spring for a long while!

Then, her entire body seemed to suddenly go limp.

She bit at her ruby lips, completely uncertain on what she should do…

She’s pregnant with Ling Ye’s child?

After Ling Ye did such a thing to her, she actually got pregnant with his child?

What should she do?

Now what is she supposed to do?

How should she treat this wonderful life within her body?

How should she face this crystallization between her and Ling Ye?

This child… Should she keep it?

Keep it?

Or not?

Lou Xuling was in complete turmoil!

Her mind has never been in so much chaos!

Why did things turn out this way?

She never imagined that things would turn out like this!

She submerged herself completely within the spring as if facing the most difficult problem in her entire life!

It’s the most important choice!

Should she keep this child or not?

If not, she could easily shatter it with but a single strike!

But… Could she really bear to do that?

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