Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 40

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Chapter 40: The Ending Approaches Ever Closer

“Humph! This matter… It’s all because the Bloodshade Demon Lord took our Stellar Empire’s Starforged Divine Iron! Our Stellar Empire’s homeland has now completely collapsed!”

Chu Yunxiao let out a cold humph, “Our Stellar Empire is homeless now. That’s why we’ve set out with full force!”

“Hoho. If that’s the case… Then that’s even more suspicious!”

Ye Ziwei just let out a cold laugh, “Is it that you’re forced to set out full force, or is that the Bloodshade Demon Lord told you to set out full force?”

Isn’t that the same situation as with the Spirit Tribe?

They say that their item was taken?

Likely as not, they’re the ones who presented it to Ling Ye of their own initiative.

Then, following Ling Ye’s plan, they’ll attack with their full force!

If they were let into the Qiankun Realm, they might start attacking right away!

That would end up destroying the entire Heaven and Earth Alliance!

After all, there is no Supreme Divine realm defending the Heaven and Earth Alliance right now!

“Brat! Your words are too much! You think our Stellar Empire has already become the dogs of the Bloodshade Demon Lord?” Chu Yunxiao spoke darkly.

“There’s no need to get mad, oh Stellar Emperor! If I had misjudged, then I’ll apologize right here!”

Ye Ziwei showed a faint smile, “But, in order to make sure nothing goes wrong, you… May not enter the Qiankun Realm!”


Chu Yunxiao frowned deeply.

He never imagined that the leader of the Heaven and Earth Alliance would have such a little sister?

Isn’t she overly cautious?

“Stellar Emperor! Please do as you like!” Ye Zewei gestured.

Then, with another small smile, she turned about and left with the rest of the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Leaving the entire Stellar Empire army to stand awkwardly at the entrance to the Qiankun Realm!

“This… Your majesty. Now… What should we do?” Someone from the Empire asked.

This wasn’t at all like what they thought!

They originally wanted to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance and then stay at the Qiankun Realm for the time being!

But they never would have thought that Ye Tian’s little sister would shut the door in their face!

Such rudeness!

Isn’t that practically a blatant insult to their Stellar Empire?

Their Stellar Empire is known as the strongest empire in all the myriad realms!

But to have the door shut in their faces now?

If this got out, then it would be greatly damaging to the Stellar Empire’s reputation!

“That brat thinks too highly of her Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

Chu Yunxiao’s face turned slightly darker.

However, he wasn’t able to do anything about it!

If she doesn’t let them in, then they won’t be able to enter!

Plus, right now, they’re still homeless!

Thus, Chu Yuanxiao waved his hand and created a mini-realm right outside of the Qiankun Realm.

“Our Stellar Empire will stay at this mini-realm for the time being! We’ll make further plans after having killed the Bloodshade Demon Lord!” Chu Yunxiao stated.

Right now… There’s no other way!


The people of the Stellar Empire nodded before following Chu Yunxiao into the mini-realm.

Within the Qiankun Realm, in the main hall of the Heaven and Earth Alliance.

The people of the Heaven and Earth alliance reported to Ye Ziwei about the Stellar Empire, “The Stellar Empire directly created a new mini-realm outside the Qiankun Realm! They’re staying there for the time being!”

“It looks like they really are homeless. Perhaps… They really aren’t sent here by the Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

“If they really are here to talk about an alliance, then isn’t us refusing them at that door… Somewhat bad?”

Everyone was looking at Ye Ziwei.

Even they feel like sometimes, Ye Ziwei might have been overly cautious!

And her judgment is sometimes… Not all that reliable!

“And what if they were sent by the Bloodshade Demon Army?”

Ye Ziwei instead just spoke darkly, “That Chu Yunxiao is a Supreme Divine. If he had ulterior motives and we had let him in, then the Heaven and Earth Alliance would have been utterly destroyed!”

With those words, everyone quieted down.

True enough. If there really is an issue with the Stellar Empire’s army!

Then if they had let them in, then that would have been the end for the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Therefore… It’s not a bad thing to be a bit careful!

“Until Tian-ge leaves his seclusion, we absolutely have to make sure to keep the Heaven and Earth Alliance safe1 Therefore, even if we do end up making the wrong choice, we still need to put caution first!”

Ye Ziwei continued, “If we really were wrong, then afterwards… I’ll personally present myself to them and apologize!”

Everyone quieted down.

Alright, since Ye Ziwei is going this far, then they might as well just follow her lead.

After all, right now, they’re not the ones in charge!

It’s true that Ye Ziwei is a bit paranoid, but sometimes, that’s not a bad thing.

Everything else can wait until Ye Tian is out of seclusion.

Half a month of time slowly passed.

Over at the Heaven and Earth Alliance, they were constantly soliciting various groups to join them.

However, the vast majority of them were rejected by Ye Ziwei at the door!

On the side of the Bloodshade Demon Army, Ling Ye was secretly collecting all the materials he needs to forge his Supreme Divine realm body on his own.

As for the rest of the Bloodshade Demon Army like Ren Fanchen, they were under the impression that Ling Ye had already gone into seclusion.

Right now, without Ling Ye, the morale of the entire Bloodshade Demon Army had pretty much collapsed.

Ren Fanchen has already started to approach the Bloodshade Demon Army little by little to incite them into betrayal!

The ending approaches ever closer…

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