Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 39

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Chapter 39: I Confess, I’m Supreme Divine Realm

Ling Ye left, leaving just Jiang Yuan on his own.

He released a long sigh, “I kind of miss the feeling of fighting alongside him from before! Although I wasn’t your subordinate back then!”

“I’ll just play on my own then while I wait for your call!”

He then turned about.

Right as he did though, he saw a woman in blue.

“Miss, are you looking for a boyfriend?” Jiang Yuan immediately asked.

“T-the super handsome and powerful person just now. Is he your friend?” The woman in blue looked somewhat eager.

That one just now moved by directly tearing space!

That’s a Sovereign realm or higher existence!

Someone of Sovereign rank, in this little backwater, could basically declare themselves king without opposition!

“Cough… No! I’m his subordinate!” Jiang Yuan let out a dry laugh.

“In that case… Sorry, but I’m not!” The woman in blue shook her head, disappointed.

Then, she turned about and left!

“Oy, what’s with that? Were you going to date me if he was my friend?”

Jiang Yuan frowned, “In that case, you didn’t like me at all. What you liked then is my friend! He’s not someone that you can fall for just because you want to you know!”

The woman in blue immediately turned about and shot back, “I never liked you in the first place though! Did I ever say that I liked you? From the start, the one I liked was your friend!”

“Miss! You just like strong men then, right? In that case, I confess, I’m actually of the Supreme Divine realm!” Jiang Yuan hurriedly shouted after her.

The woman in blue turned to him again, “Supreme Divine realm? In that case, I’m Infinite realm!”


Jiang Yuan raised his eyebrows before sighing again, “Sigh, when will I be able to find true love?”

Qiankun Realm.

Following the Heaven and Earth Alliance sending out the call to join forces against Ling Ye, various factions would come by to join on a regular basis.

The vast majority were simply organizations that were fairly average in power!

All of them were the type that lacked a Supreme Divine at their head.

After all, all the groups without a Supreme Divine tend toward second or third class groups, comparatively.

Thus, they’d leap at the chance to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

However, in order to enter the Qiankun Realm and join the Heaven and Earth Alliance, they must first pass Ye Ziwei’s check and judgment!

After going thought a number of what she believed to be correct judgment, Ye Ziwei rejected some suspicious groups!

There were still some groups who did succeed in entering the Qiankun Realm and joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance though.

And today, a very special group came!

A group that weren’t there to join the Alliance, but wanted to work with them!

The Stellar Empire!

After all, the Stellar Empire did have a Supreme Divine at their head, so it’s only obvious that they wouldn’t be willing to become one of the Heaven and Earth Alliance’s underlings!

Thus, they made sure to make their intentions very clear when they came.

They’re only here as friends of the Alliance, in order to fight Ling Ye together.

“Friends? Heh! What proof do you have that you’re friends?”

At the entrance of the Qiankun Realm.

Ye Ziwei had a number of the elites of the Heaven and Earth Alliance behind her.

She thus faced Chu Yunxiao and the entirety of his Stellar Empire’s armies!

The stronger the group who wanted to join them, the more careful Ye Ziwei had to be!

If they allowed the Stellar Empire in, and the Empire was on Ling Ye’s side, then they’d be in major trouble.

After all, Chu Qunxiao of the Stellar Empire is a Supreme Divine realm existence!


Outside, Chu Yunxiao frowned slightly.

What’s this little brat up to?

We’re here to ally with you, but you’re asking for proof?

Does something like that even need proof?

“That’s right! After all, this Qiankun Realm is currently our only hiding spot!”

Inside, Ye Ziwei showed a faint smile, “We can’t just let anyone in! Therefore… Stellar Emperor, You have to prove to us that you’re not our enemies!”

“Hoho! Little girl, those words of yours… They are somewhat insulting!” Chu Yunxiao spoke.

They’re the Stellar Empire, and he’s a Supreme Divine after all!

They came here to stand with the Heaven and Earth alliance as a fellow and equal, not to be a servant!

But in this first meeting with Ye Ziwei, she’s acting like the Stellar Empire was some beaten refugees looking to the Heaven and Earth Alliance for protection!

That’s just far to disgraceful to the Stellar Empire’s position and honor!

And it’s far inflating the importance of the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

“Stellar Emperor, if I have accidentally insulted you, I’ll apologize here for it!”

Ye Ziwei showed a small smile, “But given that we’re at the critical moment, I have no choice but to do things this way! This is in order to guarantee the safety of the Heaven and Earth Alliance, as well as that of the Qiankun Realm!”

“We’re only here to ally with you, not to become slaves to your Heaven and Earth Alliance! I’m hoping that you can at least get that straight!” Chu Yunxiao spoke darkly.

“Of course I know that!”

Ye Ziwei replied, “However… To bring your entire army here to form an alliance! That’s… A bit suspicious!”

Indeed. Right now, it’s every single person of the Stellar Empire, from lowest to highest, who have all assembled here in a massive army!

This kind of thing was just a bit too alarming!

If they’re just here to talk about an alliance, then what’s with such a massive assembly?

Wouldn’t it have been fine if Chu Yunxiao came just on his own?

If he brought that many people, then aren’t their goal obviously to bring the entire army into the Qiankun Realm?

Therefore, it’s only natural that Ye Ziwei would be suspicious!

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