Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 37

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Chapter 37: Only Trash Cares About Love

“I shouldn’t have married a worthless man like you back then!”

“A piece of trash that is only at the Mystic realm even now!”

“With my sisters, their men at at at least the High Mystic realm by now. Their men could at least take them flying every day!”

“They could at least experience what it’s like to look down at the ground from the heavens!”

“At the very least, when they want to go out, they could take to the air just by relying on their men!”

“And me? Even now, I still haven’t experience what it’s like to be able to fly freely like a bird!”

“You can fly just by reaching the High Mystic realm, but you can’t even do that much!”

“Fine, whatever. You’re naturally useless at cultivation. I can accept that1 After all, it’s not like everyone is born with talent!”

“But can’t you satisfy me in other ways? If you lack the ability to cultivate, then can’t you at least by me a flying mount?”

“Yet, you aren’t willing to even spend that much money on me!”

“I’ve been with you a year already! And what have you given me?”

The woman in a seductive dress let out her complaints against the worn and unshaven man before her.

She did so completely uncaring of all those watching them.

Her words made the already worn looking man look even more weak and exhausted.

“If we work hard together, then aren’t such things just a matter of time?”

The man spoke with a worn voice, “But why did you have to go to the brothel?”

“Ha? Work hard together? Why should I have to? Why do I need to go through all that hardship with you?”

The woman just coldly laughed, “Why shouldn’t I find a better man? If I go to the brothel, at least I can live with my own abilities! What can you offer me? Can you really make me happy?”

“But you’re not even joining me in my toils. Why should you enjoy the fruits of my labors?”

The man started speaking more forcefully, “We said that we’d share our hardship and bounties. You’ve only been willing to share in my bounties, but never have you joined me in hardship! How is that love?”

“Love? Ha! Trash like you just like to make excuses for your own worthlessness! You lack the ability to provide for women, so why should a woman follow you?”

The woman laughed coldly, “Don’t talk about love to me. Only trash cares about love! Only the worthless cares about love!”

“We can take our time. Isn’t toiling together in hardship also a form of happiness? Isn’t that a kind of love?”

The man’s voice now also carried with it a hint of anger, “I’ve been working hard all this time, alright?”

“Ha! You should go look for a worthless woman like yourself and have her toil in hardship with you!”

The woman let out another cold laugh, turned about, and walked away.


At that moment, a blood colored spacial warp appeared in front of her, and a figure slowly appeared there.

It was Ling Ye!

When she saw Ling Ye who appeared by tearing through space, the woman’s eyes flashed, “Spacial tearing? That means he’s at least… Sovereign realm!”

Heavens! Someone of Sovereign realm just suddenly appeared here?

Immediately, a lustful expression appeared on her face.

“Oh sir, you’re blocking my way!”

Her voice suddenly turned abnormally gentle.

As she spoke, her expressions turned flirty.

She thus approached Ling Ye just like that.

She believed that, given her looks and figure, it shouldn’t be too hard to try to pick him up.

He’s a man after all. So long as a woman show off her womanliness, any man would easily fall under her control.

Although she had been married to her husband for a year now, she has continued to often seduce other men.

After all, she had already been hanging out at the brothel for several months no…

She just loves strong men after all!

And now that a Sovereign realm personage just suddenly appeared, she felt like she had found where she belonged.

If the handsome guy before her were to become her man, then all those sisters of hers would be overcome with envy.

The woman sashayed toward Ling Ye with a seductive smile on her face.


Then, when she was but three steps from Ling Ye, a powerful pressure blasted out!


In just that instant, that woman was utterly disintegrated on the spot!

Not even ashes were left. She was simply gone!

Completely annihilated!

Instantly, commotions broke out all around!

“W-where did she go?”

“Shit! What happened?”

“How did she suddenly disappear? What happened?”

“I don’t know, I didn’t see anything! Could it be… Spacial teleportation?”

“But that’s only possible for Sovereign realm and above, right? She wasn’t Sovereign realm though!”

“Could it be that man did it? That man did just arrive by tearing through space!”

“I-it must be that!”

“Shit! Why is a Sovereign realm here in this kind of tiny backwater of all places? Let’s get already. There’s no way anything good can come of this!”


After getting through the surprise, everyone around turned about and ran away.

In an instant, only Ling Ye and that unshaven man were left in that town intersection.

“Oy oy oy. Bro. Isn’t it a bit much to blast my wife to nothing right in front of me?”

The unshaven man shrugged as he faced Ling Ye.

The worn and weak look he had previously had completely vanished!

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