Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 35

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Chapter 35: My Dear Demon Lord, I’m Pure

“I know that you may… Look at me with disdain!”

Ming Ji gave a smile while keeping her eyes on Ling Ye/.

Perhaps, in Ling Ye’s eyes, she was simply a seductress of a daemon queen.

Maybe Ling Ye believed that she has already embraced countless men.

And considered her to be unclean!

Thus, it’s only natural that Ling Ye would disdain her approach.

Ling Ye may even consider it an insult to him!

That it’s blasphemy against him!

Thus, she was quite self aware.

Playing around is one thing!

But when before Ling Ye, what shouldn’t be done, mustn’t be done!

“I need your Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest’s Ocean Stabilization Pearl!”

Ling Ye spoke then. His tone was very cold.

The woman before him was indeed… Unbelievably alluring!

Her face and figure are indeed perfect and attractive!

But, he himself… Is completely uninterested in her!

She’s the queen of daemons who live to seduce men. Thus, it’s easy to imagine what kind of woman she is normally!

There’s no way that Ling Ye would want to possess a woman like that.

He has no interest for even one time!

“The Ocean Stabilization Pearl? How disappointing!”

Ming Ji shook her head and showed a hint of disappointment, “And here I though my dear demon lord is here for me!”

Ling Ye didn’t reply. He just waited for her to give him the item in question.

“The Ocean Stabilization Pearl is our Abyssal Sea’s greatest treasure! But, if I refused to give it up, then my dear demon lord would probably just evaporate my Abyss Sea, right?”

Ming Ji smile, “My. With a weak woman like me, and having no strong man to rely on. Really… I can only let myself be bullied!”

“Within the entirety of the myriad realms, who besides me would dare to bully you? Who would have the ability to bully you?” Ling Ye spoke evenly.

The combined might of the Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest can be considered top class in the entirety of the myriad realms!

They’re not much worse off than the Violet Cloud Realm!

Really, no one would dare to try to casually push them around!

“So then… My dear demon lord’s meaning is that only you’re allowed to bully me? That you won’t allow anyone else to bully this little girl?”

Ming Ji stared at Ling Ye with her alluring eyes, “That really does surprise me. Doesn’t that mean that my dear demon lord… Has quite the possessive urges toward me?”

Ling Ye just gave her a glance.

Your comprehension ability is what’s surprising here!

You know full well what I meant, but you just have to interpret it the wrong way.

“Hoho. I’m only joking. I know that my dear demon lord does not consider me worthy!” Ming Ye laughed.

Then, her ruby lips lightly parted.

A dark green pearl slowly floated out from her mouth.

She took the pearl in hand. Then, she gave it a light kiss.

“Hn. This girl’s item can be given to my dear demon lord now!”

She presented the Ocean Stabilization Pearl that she just kissed to Ling Ye.

It’s as if what she’s presenting to Ling Ye wasn’t just the Pearl, but also her kiss and her heart!

Her meaning behind it is that since Ling Ye wanted it, then he needs to take it all.

Ling Ye extended his hand to accept it.

However, she suddenly pulled her hand back!

Then, she suddenly turned serious, “I know that you will definitely have anything that you want!”

“You know as well, that for anything you want, I’d give it all to you if possible!”

“But I hope that you can remember and believe my words now!”

She locked her gaze on Ling Ye as she spoke.

It’s as if she was going to say something unbelievable.

Ling Ye calmly nodded, “What is it?”

“I am… Pure!” Ming Ji spoke seriously.

As she spoke those words, her eyes were still locked onto Ling Ye.

It’s as if those words were truly spoken from her heart!

She hoped that Ling Ye could take those words seriously!

Of course, Ling Ye was contemptuous of those words of hers.

You’re pure?

Is that so?

“We both know the truth then!” Ling Ye spoke indifferently.

“I… I really am pure! It’s fine for you to not want me. It’s fine for you to disdain me as well! But… I hope that you can remember, that I really am pure!”

Ming Ji frowned, “If you don’t believe me, then you can try me out for yourself!”

She looked like she wanted to explain it to Ling Ye, but she also had no idea how to actually do so. It really lacked in her usual queenliness!

Instead, it made her seem like just a normal girl.

“Even if you are pure, what does that have to do with me?” Ling Ye spoke.

“So long as you’re willing to believe that I’m pure, then I… Can give you anything I have!”

Ming Ji smiled seductively again.

Then, she grabbed Ling Ye’s hand and lightly pried it open before lightly placing the Ocean Stabilization Pear in his palm.

It was like she was given a token of her affection to her lover!

“Ye Tian is already in seclusion, breaking through to the Infinite realm! I believe that you… Will definitely not lose!”

Ming Ji continued seriously, “His Heaven and Earth Alliance is currently recruiting powerful members from everywhere they can in preparation for the final battle! You can recruit armies of your own as well!”

“With but a single word from you, I’m willing to take the entirety of the Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest to stand beside you in battle!”

“With you’re abilities, you can surely call for even more elite combatants to join you!”

As she spoke, Ming Ji’s hands finally grasped Ling Ye’s own hand.

It’s unknown if those words of hers really were for the sake of stating her thoughts…

Or if it’s for the sake of purposefully dragging out the time so that she could hold Ling Ye’s hand…

After all, she rarely has the chance to touch Ling Ye’s hand…

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