Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 34

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Chapter 34: The Queen of Daemonesses

The two mermaids exchanged a look before attempting to get closer to Ling Ye.

The two of them held hands and started circling Ling Ye!

They used their special charm ability furiously to try to attract Ling Ye before them.

But Ling Ye still didn’t respond at all!

The two mermaids were somewhat stumped.

For any other men, they’d have finished him off within ten seconds.

But for this one, there’s no responses no matter what they did?

You’re seriously embarrassing the two of us here!

Here we are, singing and dancing. We’re working really hard you know?

Can’t you at least react a little?

The two mermaids exchanged another glance. Then, they decided to use the most basic method.

If sound and vision weren’t enough to hypnotize him!

Then they’ll use the most powerful tool of all, their bodies!

Thus, they started approaching even closer toward Ling Ye.

Those delicate hands, accompanied by their haunting songs, slowly moved toward Ling Ye.

“Stop singing! If you don’t want to die… Then get away from him!”

At that moment though, a seductive voice rang out.

That voice was even more soul piercing than their songs.

And it had an even greater charm to it as well.

“The Queen?”

Only then did the two mermaids stop.

Then they immediately stopped trying to approach Ling Ye and backed off a good distance.

“I really should have you guys go out and broaden your horizons some! That way at least, you won’t end up meeting a great personage without recognizing them!” That seductive voice rang out again.

Then, a seductive figure slowly floated up from the depths of the sea.

It’s a woman wearing a half translucent green dress.

That voluptuous was filled with a mature charm. The thin waist under her dress lightly swayed like a snake.

Beautiful hair slowly waved about following the motion of the water.

And upon her white skin, there were faint, beautiful scales.

The face was naturally alluring, filled with a charm that could steal one’s soul. It is truly the face of a daemon!

Coupled with a naturally born seductive body, truly, she is the epitome of a seductive daemoness.

If Lou Xuling is an absolute goddess!

Then this one is an absolute daemoness!

She’s the queen of the Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest, Ming Ji.

“All of you, leave. This one… Isn’t someone you can just randomly try to charm!”

Ming Ji’s soft and alluring voice rang out, “This one wasn’t drawn here from some other sea!”

“He… Had forcibly broken through to here through the void of the myriad realms!”

“Hoho. My very favorite… Is exactly this kind of ‘forceful’ man!”

“The next time you see this great personage, you should either kneel immediately or get got! Got it?”

In response to Ming Ji’s words, both mermaids nodded, “Yes!”

“Then leave! If there’s a chance, I’ll take you guys out to broaden your horizons. Really, you’ve been here in the Abyssal Sea Daemon Nest for to long, to the point where you don’t know anything of the outside anymore.” Ming Ji continued.


Only then did the two mermaids turn about and leave.

At the same time, they were quite curious. Just who was that person?

And for him to be able to make their queen say stuff like that?

Across the entire myriad realms, how many could possibly make their queen talk them up so much?

And to be so handsome at that!

Maybe he’s not actually some big shot but rather that their queen had gotten interested in the man, and then she purposefully had them leave so that she could monopolize him for herself…

The two mermaids grumbled privately after they left…

After they left, Ming Ji’s alluring eyes fell onto Ling Ye.

“Welcome, oh great demon lord. You really should have sent a message ahead. That way… at this this one could properly receive you!” Her seductive voice rang out.

Every motion and smile carried with is a powerful daemonic aura of charm.

It was like she couldn’t wait to drag Ling Ye onto her bed.

“That said… I’m fully ready to received my lord now even so!”

She smiled seductively, “Dear demon lord, would you like to come to my bedroom first and allow this one to properly help… Wash off the fatigue of your travels?”

As she spoke, she had already moved to right before Ling Ye.

Then, with her dainty hand, with a few beautiful scales embedded in it, she reached out toward Ling Ye’s shoulder.

However, her hand never reached Ling Ye!

It’s because she noticed Ling Ye’s indifferent and somewhat warning gaze.

With her charm, there’s basically no man that she could not conquer in the world.

But basically none doesn’t actually mean none! There were exceptions to that!

And Ling Ye is one of those exceptions!

Her charm, her seductive techniques, are completely useless before Ling Ye.


Ming Ji lightly giggled before knowingly pulling her hand back.

Although she obviously has the courage to say seductive words to Ling Ye, but something like actually touching him…

She knew full well that it’s better to refrain unless he gives his permission.

It’s because if Ling Ye had no interest in her, then such actions will instead only make him dislike her.

He might even kill her!

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