Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 32

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Chapter 32: How Could Ye Tian Have Such a Little Sister

“My apologies, Chief! But this particular matter… Is just way too suspicious!”

Ye Ziwei gave a small smile, “In order to make sure that nothing happens to our Qiankun Realm. In order to make sure that our Heaven and Earth Alliance is truly united! For the time being… I cannot allow you to enter the Qiankun realm!”

“As for the previous matter of not sending aide even after you called for help! I am very sorry as well! But it was because we knew that we wouldn’t have been able to change anything even if we did act!”

“The final battle’s imminent, so we can’t waste valuable fighting strength!”

“Thus… My guess is that you joined the Bloodshade Demon Army then, right?”

“Hoho. Our Heaven and Earth Alliance was forced to stay our hands then, but it did let us see the truth of your Spirit Tribe!”

Ye Ziwei’s words were like blades, stabbing into the hearts of the entire Spirit Tribe!

“Ye Ziwei!”

The Chief of the Spirit Tribe roared out, “How many times has our Spirit Tribe aided Lord Ye Tian back then? And yet now, this is how you look at us?”

“Lord Ye Tian is truly a great man, but for him to have a little sister like you?”

“Our Spirit Tribe was nearly destroyed. It’s one thing for you to not have sent aide! But now we’ve coming to join you, and this is how you treat us?”

He really is angered now.

The Spirit Tribe is truly angered as well.

Ye Tian had owed their Spirit Tribe quite a bit!

That’s why Ye Tian has been helping the Spirit Tribe out, both publicly and in secret.

But, to think that at the most critical moment, when their Spirit Tribe had already decided to completely join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Now Ye Ziwei was turning them aside at the gate?

And for Ye Ziwei to suspect them so at that?

This naturally damaged their Spirit Tribe’s long relationship with Ye Tian.

“Hoho! You’re mad with only this much?”

Ye Ziwei still had a confident smile on her face. She still believed that she was correct.

“For you to be so angry, could it be… That I had struck the truth?” She sneered.

The people of the Spirit Tribe ground their teeth in rage.

Even the hand that the Chief was holding his staff with was shaking!

That Ye Ziwei. How could she be so ignorant a person?

How could Ye Tian have such a little sister?

“If Lord Ye Tian were to know of your actions, he would definitely rebuke you!” The Chief of the Spirit Tribe growled out.

“There’s no way Tian-ge would rebuke me! He loves me the most!”

Ye Ziwei then recomposed herself, “Alright, there’s no point in trying to provoke me! If you want to enter our Qiankun Realm, then you must first prove that you haven’t joined up with the Bloodshade Demon Army!”

The entire Spirit Tribe once again ground their teeth at those words!


Our entire tribe is here. Isn’t that the best proof there is?

How else do you expect us to prove it?

Or do you expect us to call Ling Ye here to cross examine each other?

“Ye Ziwei! Our Spirit Tribe, in Lord Ye Tian’s eyes, have been long time friends! And yet you view us so?”

The Chief of the Spirit Tribe ground his teeth, “Do you think our Spirit Tribe is slaves to your Heaven and Earth Alliance?”

They suddenly remembered the words that Zhuge Qingchan said previously.

If they were to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance, the Spirit Tribe will cease to exist.

Because if that happened, their Spirit Tribe would simply become slaves of the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

How they finally believed her. Perhaps, the Heaven and Earth Alliance really will only treat them like slaves!

Maybe Ye Tian wouldn’t, but that’s not guaranteed with anyone else!

“Since your Heaven and Earth Alliance does not welcome up, then our Spirit Tribe… Will not bother anymore! Miss Ye, goodbye!”

Thus, the Spirit Tribe Chief raised his hands to her before turning about and leaving with the entire Spirit Tribe.

At this point, the entire Spirit Tribe was enraged!

None of them had ever thought that things would end up like that!

And here they had talked about joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance, and yet, the Heaven and Earth Alliance turned them away at the door?

That Ye Ziwei truly was paranoid!

Did she have no faith towards long time friends?

Did she have no discernment when it came to others?

Inside the Qiankun Realm, Ye Ziwei simply stood there and watched as the Spirit Tribe left.

“Hoho. Giving up just like that huh? It looks like… I had guessed right!”

She let out a small laugh, and the corner of her mouth twitched up in a satisfied smile.

At this moment, someone behind her spoke, “What if… They really are here to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance? If so, chasing them off like that might have been hasty!”

“If? I will absolutely not allow any of them into the Qiankun Realm even if there’s only a one in ten thousand chance that they were here on the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s behalf!”

Ye Ziwei spoke seriously, “Until Tian-ge comes out, I have to keep the Heaven and Earth Alliance absolutely safe! Keep the Qiankun Realm is absolutely safe!”


The ones behind her could only nod in resignation.

Alright, fine. It’s not like that’s completely unreasonable.

It’s a bit overboard, like she’d rather wrongly execute a thousand rather than risk letting a single guilty go!

But… At this critical moment, there’s nothing else for it!

Everything can be put off until Ye Tian is out!

They can apologize and make reparations then if they acted wrongly.

“I already said this, but anyone who wants to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance and enter the Qiankun Realm must be strictly checked over!” Ye Ziwei continued, “Not a single mistake can be allowed!”


Everyone behind her nodded.

Since Ye Tian had handed the Heaven and Earth Alliance to Ye Ziwei to manage, they might as well just do as she say!

Ye Ziwei had a confident and prideful smile on her face.

Right now, she just needs to give her all.

To prove her capabilities to Ye Tian and everyone else!

That right before the final battle, she could defeat the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s attempts at infiltration and sowing discord, over and over.

And crush all of the Bloodshade Demon Lord’s schemes.

“Bloodshade Demon Lord. You may try to break up our Heaven and Earth Alliance, but you underestimate my smarts!”

Ye Ziwei thus chuckled coldly in her mind.

She happily lived within her own delusions!

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