Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 30

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Chapter 30: Can Only Let Ling Ye Bully

Of course the Starforged Divine Iron is important!

But if the Empire were to disappear, then everyone would die!

And if that happened, wouldn’t Ling Ye end up taking the Starforged Divine Iron anyways?

Therefore, might as well just surrender!

Surrendering to Ling Ye wasn’t really all that shameful!

It’s because in the myriad realms, pretty much everyone has surrendered be before him at some point!

Everyone’s surrendered, so it’s nothing embarrassing!

Thus, the Empire just immediately got on that!

Not long after, the ones sent brought the Starforged Divine Iron over and presented it.

It’s a ball of divine iron. Its surface was like the starry night itself, shining with starlight.

Ling Ye held up his hand and the Starforged Divine Iron was pulled into his hand.

That iron ball was enough to allow the entire Stellar Imperial Palace stand among the stars without issues!

In other words, the weight of that little ball of iron exceeded that of the entire world sized palace of the Stellar Empire!

Only something like this could possibly be used to forge a Supreme Divine realm body!

After getting the Starforged Divine Iron, Ling Ye completely ignored Chu Yunxiao and the rest of the people there.

The next moment, he just disappeared from where he was.

Right now, he won’t bother to kill anyone!

For all those who thought that he would definitely loose, all those who decided to stand on Ye Tian’s side, he’ll have them all live for the time being.

Then, he’ll have all of them witness the unexpected results!

What’s in his mind is still those same words!

Not just kill them, but also crush their spirits!

He doesn’t care to try to prove anything by killing those people now.

After Ling Ye left, the throne room slowly calmed back down.

Everyone let out a breath in relief!

They never expected that Ling Ye really was here just to take one item.

They never imagined that even though Ling Ye knew full well that the Stellar Empire was planning to ally with the Heaven and Earth Alliance, he still didn’t do anything to them.

Is that… Belief that their actions couldn’t possibly have any effect?

Did he simply not consider their Stellar Empire worthy of consideration at all?

Did he believe that even if their Stellar Empire allied with the Heaven and Earth Alliance, it was still unworthy of his concern?

Everyone was rather displeased at Ling Ye’s sheer arrogance!

Their Stellar Empire was at the very least a top ranked power within the myriad realms!

And to be so blatantly ignored?

They have always stood high above the masses, so of course they were displeased by that!

However, no matter how unhappy they were, all they could do was bear with it!

What else could they do after all?

Call Ling Ye back to argue with him?

Call Ling Ye back and beat him up?

That’s freaking suicide!

A long while later, after confirming that Ling Ye has truly left…

Chu Yunxiao finally once again sat down upon his throne!


That that moment, the entire palace that spans the stars started shaking.

Obviously, having lost the Starforged Divine Iron, the palace had already started collapsing!

Soon, it will collapse completely!

And end up turning into mere ruins among these stars!

Chu Yunxiao frowned deeply with a dark expression!

Fucking hell. Just how long has the Empire stood here? All those generations of investments!

And now, it ended up being destroyed while in his hands?

How many eons will it take to rebuild another palace like this?

How much effort would it take?

The loss of this day, to his Stellar Empire, was the greatest in all its history!

What’s even more damnable is that they have no way of making anyone else pay for this loss!

All they could do is take it on their own, to endure it on their own!

“Your majesty. What… What should we do?”

Everyone looked toward Chu Yunxiao.

Now, the foundation of the Empire no longer existed!

The power of the Empire had dropped by a great deal.

The entire Stellar Imperial Palace was about to collapse!

Countless years of investment was about to go up in smoke!

Chu Yunxiao had a dark expression on his face.

If he actually had the abilities for it, he’d want to drag Ling Ye back and tear him to pieces!

Unfortunately though, he didn’t have that kind of power!

All he could to was bitterly bear with it!

“This grudge… My Stellar Empire will get vengeance for this!”

After a moment of silence, Chu Yunxiao spoke.

Everyone nodded seriously with him.

In front of Ling Ye, all they could feel was terror!

But behind Ling Ye’s back, they could make their blood boil, full of fighting spirit!

Strength in numbers!

“We’ll definitely take back out Stellar Empire’s Starforged Divine Iron! We’ll definitely make the Bloodshade Demon Lord pay for this!”

“That’s right! Our Stellar Empires countless years of work has been destroyed at his hands. He must pay for it with his life!”

“We’ll have him know that our Stellar Empire is not so easy to bully!”


Everyone shouted loudly.

It’s like they completely forgot that just now, while Ling Ye was here, they acted… Really easy to bully.

They could only let Ling Ye bully them!

“Your majesty, what should we do? Please give us your orders!”

Everyone looked back toward Chu Yunxiao.

Awaiting his orders.

Chu Yunxiao thought about it for a moment. He felt the palace already shaking, so he begun, “First, lead all the people of the Stellar Empire and leave the imperial palace for now!”

“We’ll head to the Qiankun realm. The Heaven and Earth Alliance… Should take us in!”

“Our Stellar Empire will temporarily base ourselves with the Heaven and Earth Alliance! We’ll make further plans after we’ve destroyed the Bloodshade Demon Lord alongside lord Ye Tian!”

Chu Yunxiao’s voice echoed across the room.


Everyone nodded strongly in response before moving.

They’ll be taking the people of the entire Stellar Empire and moving them all!

The entire Stellar Empire started bustling about.

The whole of the Imperial Army all set out.

Everyone left behind the collapsing Stellar Imperial Capital…

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