Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 29

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Chapter 29: That Bloodshade Demon Lord Truly Is a Bully!

After he appeared, his blood red eyes just calmly watched Chu Yunxiao.

Chu Yuanxiao’s gaze met that of Ling Ye’s, but he quickly withdrew it.

In that brief exchange, he obviously… Didn’t dare to look Ling Ye in the eyes for to long!

The terror he had of Ling Ye came from deep in his heart, so it’s only natural that he couldn’t overcome it!

“What is it? The great Bloodshade Demon Lord of all people couldn’t kill Ye Tian, so you’re here to take it out on us minor players?”

Chu Yunxiao spoke up.

Right now he could only think of that, that Ling Ye was definitely here to prevent them from joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Therefore, he was here to kill them all!

Kill them as a preemptive act!

“Minor characters?”

Ling Ye’s calm voice rose, “This is the first time that I’ve seen someone of Supreme Divine realm belittle themselves like you have!”

Chu Yunxiao frowned deeply at those worlds.

However, he didn’t dare to refute it at all.

Yes! Calling himself a minor character was indeed belittling himself!

He’s at the very least a Supreme Divine realm existence. In all the myriad realms, Supreme Divines are the ones who stood at the very top!

Everyone has their own pride. Thus, his words were unquestionably stepping heavily upon his own pride!

But… If Ye Tian does reach the Infinite realm, then calling themselves minor characters compared to the Heaven and Earth Alliance wouldn’t be particularly wrong!

“What do you want? If you want to destroy my Stellar Empire, then my Stellar Empire will fight you to the end!”

Chu Yunxiao continued, “You should know as well that if my Stellar Empire were to go all out, then even though we’d lose in the end, it wouldn’t end with you in a very good state either!”

He himself didn’t notice that his words to Ling Ye was like that of a little kid’s.

Ling Ye just showed a small smile, “Is that what you think?”

Chu Yunxiao’s expression fell even more at those words!

Indeed, that’s what he personally thought.

He believed that as a Supreme Divine, then if he went all out, then even though he’d lose to Ling Ye in the end, he should definitely still be able to… At least do some damage to the Bloodshade Demon Army!

He couldn’t say that he’d be able to injure Ling Ye, but he’d at least be able to hurt the Bloodshade Demon Army!

“I’m here to take something!” Ling Ye just slowly spoke though, “The Starforged Divine Iron!”

He needs to forge a Supreme Divine realm body. Thus, the Starforege Divine Iron was indispensable!

Chu Yunxiao’s voice turned cold in response, “The Starforged Divine Iron is the core of my Stellar Empire. Do you know what kind of effect removing the Starforged Divine Iron would have upon my Empire?”

Their Stellar Empire’s glorious imperial palace, the same imperial palace that comparable to a world in and of itself!

The reason it was able to float among the stars like so is precisely because of the Starforged Divine Iron!

The moment the Starforged Divine Iron was taken, then the palace that their Empire was based upon for countless years is certain to collapse!

They couldn’t possibly take such a loss!

“Whatever side effects that might happen is your issue!” Ling Ye’s voice was cold though, “Did you think that I’m asking for your permission?”

Chu Yunxiao’s heart trembled at those words!

Oh right. How could that man possibly care whether or not their imperial palace was destroyed or not?

He’s the Bloodshade Demon Lord!

All he cares about is if he needs something or not!

If he had his eyes on it and you refused to give it up?

Then he’ll use the most basic and brutish method and just take it!

Chu Yuanxiao gnashed his teeth. For a moment, he didn’t know what to do.

Just admit his loss and give it up?

Wouldn’t that mean forcing the entire Empire to find a new home?

The economy of the Empire have been invested into the palace for countless years now!

The damages that would result from its loss truly is enormous!

But if he refused to give it up and Ling Ye got mad enough to attack, then it might very well be too late even if he knelt down and begged for forgiveness!

Everyone of the myriad realms knows full well what Ling Ye is like!

If you don’t take the opportunity that he gives you the first time, there won’t be a second time to speak of!

Plus, if you did anything to piss him off, then you’d definitely die!

“I don’t plan on giving you time to consider it either!”

At that moment, Ling Ye’s voice rang up again, “You can chose not to give it to me! But I don’t mind letting the myriad realms have one less Supreme Divine within it! None of you here should have ever seen the fall of a Supreme Divine, right? It’d be a good chance for you to broaden your horizons then!”

Chu Yunxiao gulped at those words!

Of course he knew full well what Ling Ye meant by those words.

If he refused to give it up, then Ling Ye will seriously attack and kill him!

He might indeed be of the Supreme Divine realm, but he knew that if Ling Ye were to attack, then even if he used everything he got, he’d still die at Ling Ye’s hand in the end!

That Boodshade Demon Lord truly is a bully!

He’s so tyrannical in his actions!

And his attitude is so arrogant too!

Same with his words!

Yet, the worst thing about it is that they don’t dare to say no to Ling Ye’s arrogance at all!

Even if Ling Ye bullies them around, all they could do was bear with it!

“Go… Bring out the Starforged Divine Iron!” Chu Yunxiao spoke in a gravely voice.

He knew that when Ling Ye said that he wasn’t giving them time to consider it, he meant it.

If he hesitated any longer, the Ling Ye may very well take action.

“But, your majesty…”

The high and mighty of the Empire all had dark expressions on their faces.

“Go, quickly!” Chu Yunxiao hurriedly growled.

Please don’t freaking say anymore!

If your words were to make him unhappy, then my Stellar Empire might seriously disappear from the myriad realms!

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