Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 28

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Chapter 28: Why Did Ling Ye Come Here?

“He has indeed stood over all the myriad realms for countless years. However… He had also been a subject of hatred and fear for many throughout those countless years!”

“If possible, who would want to stay under the shadow of his terror?”

“Thus… Putting aside our own Empire’s choice for the moment! If other groups had the chance to chose, then likely… They would all chose Ye Tian!”

Putting aside everything else, they’d at least feel a bit more relaxed before Ye Tian.

There’s a kind of terror when facing Ling Ye, a terror that keeps one from daring to make any trouble.

A terror that forces all to lower their head before him!

There’s no need to act so cautious before Ye Tian though.

They could even treat Ye Tian as an equal, and it wouldn’t be impossible even to address each other as brothers!

Thus, it’s likely that for many, they’d chose to erase the terror of Ling Ye!

So long as they killed Ling Ye, that terror will no longer exist anymore!

“Plus, Ye Tian has gathered the power of the myriad realms to break through to the Infinite realm. Thus, there’s definitely a difference between him and Ling Ye who is trying to do the same using just his own powers!”

Chu Yunxiao followed up, “I believe that Ye Tian’s chances of victory is higher!”

When Chu Yunxiao’s voice rang out through the hall, everyone lightly nodded, signaling their agreement.

Thus, the current situation is that throughout the myriad realms, practically all the groups were pretty much praying for Ling Ye’s death!

They’re wishing for Ye Tian’s victory!

In that case… The future was practically set!

“Since the situation is already set, what more is there to hesitate about? Plus, right now, the Heaven and Earth Alliance is calling out for the entirety of the myriad realms to fight against the Bloodshade Demon Army as one. Now is the perfect time for us to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

“Indeed! The Heaven and Earth Alliance is guaranteed to win this battle! Ye Tian will thus definitely become the new ruler of the myriad realms! Now is the perfect time to pick a side!”

“Hoho. Compared to the Bloodshade Demon Lord, it’s far easier to form good relations with Ye Tian! And we’d be able to act far more casually with him!”

“Forging a connection with him will definitely allow our Empire… To rise a step higher!”


In the main hall, practically all the higher ups fully agrees with and supports Chu Yunxiao’s thoughts.

Join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

No, to put it a different way… Ally with the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

If it’s something like joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance and becoming one of their subsidiaries, then there’s no way that they’d be willing!

After all, who doesn’t have a Supreme Divine realm master with them?

And which Supreme Divine realm master would be willing to kneel beneath someone else?

And who would even have the ability to get a Supreme Divine to willingly be their subordinate?

They’re just allying with the Heaven and Earth Alliance for now!

After it’s all over, their relationship with the Heaven and Earth Alliance would basically be one between friends!

“Hoho. Very well then! Pass on my orders. We, the Stellar Empire, will set out with our full force before the battle to aid the Heaven and Earth Alliance!”

In response to Chu Yunxiao’s order.


The entire hall roared out as one.

Everyone strongly nodded!

Right now, all of them believe that Ye Tian would unquestionably win!

Thus, everyone got ready to start moving out. They’ll be calling up all the powerful members of the Empire to assemble up before the battle!


However, at this moment, a buzzing sound rang out in the middle of the hall!

The sudden sound brought a drastic change to everyone’s expressions!

The various gazes all shifted to the center of the room!

There, they saw a faintly blood colored warp in space. Then, a figure slowly appeared…

It was Ling Ye!

“B-Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

“Ling Ye!?”

The room instantly went abuzz with commotions.

Over at the throne, Chu Yunxiao’s face sank before quickly standing up!

The atmosphere of the gloriously decorated hall turned tense!


Why did Ling Ye come here?

They were just talking about taking Ye Tian’s side, and then Ling Ye suddenly appeared right after?

Doesn’t that mean that Ling Ye had heard everything that hey had been discussing?

So, is Ling Ye here… To purge his enemies?

Did he want to prevent their Empire from joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance, so he decided to first destroy the Empire?

“All Empire! Prepare for battle!”

The next moment, Chu Yunxiao roared out.

Everyone hurriedly brought out their weapons. Vast energies begun flowing!

The countless mighty of the entire Stellar Empire, no matter where they were, started gathering!

In the blink of an eye, the entire vast army of the Empire had assembled!

All the strongest have stationed themselves inside the hall!

Outside it, the vast army that could cover the land and skies were stationed!

In the air and on the ground, there were millions of men…

The entire ancient and brilliant Stellar Empire had the hall surrounded airtight!

The entire Empire had instantly entered battle mode!

That this moment, inside the hall, Chu Yunxiao made a grasping motion and a golden halberd appeared in his hand.

Of course he was quite terrified facing Ling Ye.

He might be Supreme Divine realm as well, but he knew full well that the difference between him and Ling Ye was by no means small!

Every one of the strongest of the Empire were looking toward Chu Yunxiao, awaiting his command!

Right now, Chu Yunxiao was their only hope!

It’s because only Chu Yuanxiao is of the Supreme Divine realm!

He was the only one capable of fighting Ling Ye.

Ling Yu just stood quietly in the center of the room with his hands behind his back.

He didn’t say or do anything.

Even so, he made the entire Stellar Empire tense with nerves!

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