Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 27

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Chapter 27: Stellar Empire

In the myriad realms, there exists various organizations.

Some calls themselves alliances. The Bloodshade Demon Army and the Heaven and Earth Alliance both belong to this category.

Some refer to themselves as a race or tribe. Take the Spirit Tribe, dragon race, and various other ancient races for example.

There are some who take the monikers of sects or nations too.

And one particular organization that spans countless realms is an empire. It’s name is the Stellar Empire!

It spans tens of thousands of worlds, and it is one of the top class organizations within the myriad realms!

There are obviously countless groups calling themselves empires that span tens of thousands of worlds!

However, only the Stellar Empire managed to become one of the top class organizations of the myriad realms.

There’s only one reason for that. This Stellar Empire has a peak stage Supreme Divine realm master holding it all together.

Any organization with a Supreme Divine in it would obviously stand near the top of the myriad realms!

Stellar Empire.

An enormous palace stands between the stars like the creation of ancient gods!

Only, this particular palace or rather imperial capital, is comparable in size to a continent.

No, a world even!

At this moment, in the ancient and enormous Stellar Imperial Palace, all the high ministers of the court, all the top class masters of the Empire were gathered here.

There’s only one reason for that. They’re of course discussing the matter of whether or not they’re to join the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

Of course, it’s only natural that no organization with a peak stage Supreme Divine master could possibly kneel to anyone else.

What they’re discussing wasn’t whether or not they’re joining the Alliance, but whether or not they’re going to temporarily ally with the Heaven and Earth Alliance!

To ally together in fighting the Bloodshade Demon Lord Ling Ye!

After all, the battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian will decide the fate of the myriad realms. Decide who of the two will be king!

Thus, at this point in time, their Stellar Empire will also need to properly consider which side they’re on.

In the throne room, a middle aged man wearing a full set of gold armor sits upon the throne at the front.

He is the emperor of the Stellar Empire!

Chu Yunxiao!

He’s also the strongest person in the Stellar Empire, the one and only Supreme Divine realms!

“The battle between the Bloodshade Demon Lord and the Leader of the Heaven and Earth Alliance is imminent!”

Chu Yunxiao’s voice echoed across the entire hall, “All talk of it being a matter of the entire universe is mere pretension. All it is is a battle just between their two organizations!”

“It is merely the personal battle between Ling Ye and Ye Tian!”

“Merely… The battle to decide the future king of the myriad realms!”

“Although it’s just a matter between the two of them, having nothing to do with us! However, at this time, choosing sides… Is also something very important!”

“If one chose right, then they’ll be able to make connections with the future king of the universe. That’s obviously a good thin!”

“If one chose wrong though! It may very well end with following the loser… Into oblivion!”

“Everyone… What are your thoughts?”

Chu Yunxiao’s voice was heard by all within the hall.

Everyone understood that, in reality, there is no matter concerning the whole universe!

What does the universe have to do with them?

In the end, it’s not like they’ll be the one ending up crowned anyways!

Rather, it’ll only be Ling Ye or Ye Tian!

“My emperor. By my thoughts… We could very well simply watch from the side!”

“Indeed. If we chose now, then while it’ll be fine if we chose right, but if we chose wrongly… The consequences would be hard to predict!”

“In the myriad realms, there are many organizations who are also choosing to not side with either group!”

“For us too… There’s no need to get involved here!”

“Just let that Ling Ye and Ye Tian fight on their own! It’s not like it’ll affect us any in the end!”


Those are the opinions of a portion of the Empire’s higher ups.

Of course, this was only the opinions of a portion of them!

A higher fraction had another opinion!

“Although that’s true, but… This is a great opportunity to forge connections with the future ruler of the myriad realms!”

“If we chose right, then we would have a connection with the universe’s strongest in the future! That’s… A great advantage to the future development of the Empire!”

“That’s right. If we missed this chance and then tried to send ambassadors later on, then they might not even consider us worthy of their time! They might even consider or Empire merely fair weathered friends!”


The majority of them felt that way.

The Empire, set in the myriad realms, is indeed considered a top power.

However, there’s a lot of groups that are also top powers.

If one wanted to break through and distinguish oneself beyond those generic top powers, then there are basically only two ways!

Either become the true ruler of the myriad realms, or have good relations with the future ruler of the myriad realms!

And the opportunity for that is right before them.

Up on the throne, Chu Yunxiao thought for a moment before slowly speaking, “Indeed, right now… Is indeed the only chance to form a good relationship with the future ruler of the myriad realms! It would indeed be no good to try that after the battle!”

Everyone glanced at each other before lightly nodding.

Since the Emperor has spoken, let’s just do as he says!

“In that case… My Emperor, at the current point, would it be better to stand with the Heaven and Earth Alliance or the Bloodshade Demon Army?” Everyone asked next.

“Hoho. I think… Ye Tian’s chance of victory is a bit higher!”

Chu Yunxiao showed a faint smile before continuing, “That Bloodshade Demon Lord has swept across the universe and killed far too many! Within the myriad realms, anyone would fastidiously avoid him!”

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