Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 21

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Chapter 21: Dare To Chat With the Bloodshade Demon Lord?

There, the only law is the law of the jungle!

Eat or be eaten!

Of course, although countless people have died here, it did also give birth to a number of powerful individuals.

This was a hell that mercilessly tempered those who enter it. Anyone who could leave it alive were pretty much all famed existences in the myriad realms!

One of them was a maniac famed across the myriad realms, Asura Maniac!

He was born in the Chaotic Asura Hell.

The Chaotic Asura Hell is chaotic on the inside, and the same went for its surrounding area!

Banditry and murder were business as usual there!

And Asura Maniac was born within that chaos.

His mother died the day she gave birth to him. It’s pretty easy to imagine just how his mother even conceived him in this lawless place in the first place!

His mother basically gave birth to him on the side of the road. The fact that he could live on was basically a miracle!

He basically grew up in the surrounding areas of the Chaotic Asura Hell when he was little. Then finally, he entered the Asura Hell on his own!

He started from the first layer, and then broke through downwards one layer at a time!

Finally, he reached even the 18th layer!

Thus creating an unmatched record!

It’s due to the fact that he was born in the Asura Hell and the fact that he was a battle maniac that everyone calls him Asura Maniac!

In the entirety of the Asura Hell, he’s basically the boss!

An existence none would dare to provoke!

No matter what kind of major organization or clan from the myriad realms it is, none of them would dare to offend him!

In this complete chaos of a Chaotic Asura Hell, he was recognized by all!

In the Chaotic Asura Hell, which follows naught but the law of the jungle, he’s basically a legend!

In the space between the myriad realms, a number of landmasses were clustered together.

In the center of these floating landmasses is an upside down structure, the Chaotic Asura Hell!

It looks like an ancient tower, or perhaps a mountain peak!

It reaches across the sea of stars, unbelievably massive!

And from that huge tower, countless chains extend outward, linking to the surrounding landmasses!

Those landmasses are also considered part of the Chaotic Asura Hell.

However, those landmasses don’t have the pressure effect that the 18 Layer Asura Hell does!

Supposedly, in ancient times, this tower was an enormous prison.

And the ones who guarded this prison lived on the surrounding landmasses!

As for whether or not that’s in fact the truth of the matter, that’s something long lost to time.

The same goes for the question of why this prison turned empty. That too is unknown!


At this moment, at the entrance of the first of the 18 layers, a blood red spacial warp appeared!

A figure appeared here.

Ling Ye.

The moment Ling Ye appeared, his eyes were locked on to the pitch black and warped entrance below him!

He came here for Asura Maniac!

His blood red eyes scanned the pitch black entrance below him.

To enter the Asura Hell, this was the one and only entrance!

The entrance to the second layer is on the first layer!

The entrance to the third layer is on the second layer!

So on and so forth!

And that Asura Maniac is of course on the 18th layer.

At this time, there are numerous people flying into the black warp that is the entrance.

There are also people who were just exiting!

Either way, all of them were Divine realm and above existences!

Every one of them were powerful individuals of some fame.

“Hoho. Hey bro, you planning on trying your luck in the Asura Hell? How about we partner up! Help each other out when we’re inside?”

At this moment, a voice spoke up from behind him.

A man in white called out to Ling Ye with a smile.

Partner up?

Of course that’s a lie!

There are no rules of any kind here. No morality or conscience to speak of!

When they’re inside, the partnership decided on outside… Is likely to turn into backstabbing when they’re inside!

That kind of thing happens often here!

There are even a lot of people familiar with the Asura Hell that likes to loiter at the entrance to wait for new meat!

Then, they’d take the newbie into the Asura Hell and then carve them up as they wish!

And this man in white was obviously someone very familiar with that tactic!

Thus, every time he sees someone here, he’d give it a try!

He’d make an agreement for partnership so as to lower his victim’s guard!

Then, after entering the Asura Hell, he’d kill his victim and steal away all that they had on them.

“Hey bro, what do you think? At least say something back…”

He got to Ling Ye’s front side.

Then he saw Ling Ye’s face and that pair of blood red eyes!

He instantly turned stark white in sheer fear!

The smile on his face disappeared without a trace, and in its place was shocked terror!

“B-bloodshade Demon Lord!?”

The man in white’s shocked voice rang out from above the pitch black entrance of the Asura Hell!

The next moment, his figure blasted away, butting as much distance between him and Ling Ye as possible!

However, his head caught up to him right afterwards.

Running away?

Could he really actually escape fro that man?

The more he runs, the more danger he’s likely in!

Thus, he hurriedly knelt down in midair, “Great Demon Lord, I didn’t know it was you. I beg for your forgiveness!”

Fucking Hells!

He actually dared to chat up the Bloodshade Demon Lord?

To have planned to bring him into the Asura Hell and then stab him in the back?

And he even dared to call him bro?


If he knew it was the Bloodshade Demon Lord, he wouldn’t have dared in a million years!


If Ling Ye was annoyed, he could kill him countless times with a wave of a hand!

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