Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 20

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Chapter 20: Must Make Ling Ye Victorious

Ling Ye didn’t pay any attention to Zhuge Qingchan. Instead, he just swept his gaze through the entirety of the ancient building.

No one dared t meet his eyes.

When they detected his gaze, all of them hurriedly lowered their head!

They were terrified of catching his attention.

That’s the Bloodshade Demon lord after all. What good could possibly come of getting his attention?

He’s not someone who would show up for no reason!

For him to personally come, it must be a matter of great importance!

“All of you, get lost!”

At this moment, Ling Ye quietly made such a statement.

The moment it was out, everyone in the building hurriedly turned about and ran for it.

Thank goodness. He’s just telling us to get lost rather than actually doing anything to us!

That’s good fortune there!

Everyone ran away with relief in their hearts.

In only a little while, the enormous building had instantly turned empty!

The only ones left were Ling Ye and Zhuge Qingchan, standing high n the air.

“The fear everyone has of you is even deeper than I had thought!” Zhuge Qingchan quietly spoke.

He didn’t even do anything, and everyone was already scared into running like their asses were on fire!

It was like this back with the Spirit Tribe too!

The terror that all had of him truly was carved into their bones!

Carved very deeply at that!

“All the ancient manuscripts and tomes that you might want to find are here. You have one month. Think of a way to control a rebirth!”

Ling Ye merely waved a hand!


Instantly, an enormous blood colored barrier covered the entirety of the building!

“Until you have figured out a method, no one will disturb you!”

He then took out a jade talisman and handed it over to Zhuge Qingchan, “Use this to contact me when you’ve made progress!”

“Hn! I understand!” Zhuge Qingchan reached out her hand and accepted the jade talisman.

Actually, she had wanted to come to this place, this holy land, since a long time ago.

For her, who loves books and knowledge, this was one of her dreams!

It’s too bad that she was too weak though, so she never had the chance to come to this holy place!

And of course none of the powerful members of the Spirit Tribe would bring her here.

“Put aside any useless knowledge! Remember, you only have a month!” Ling Ye spoke seriously.

“I understand! I’ll definitely… Definitely not disappoint you!” Zhuge Qingchan strongly nodded.

There’s no way that she could betray Ling Ye’s expectations of her!

She will definitely… Make him victorious!

“You are a rare talent. I believe in you!” Ling Ye quietly spoke.

Following the space around him slowly warping, he disappeared on the spot!

Leaving Zhuge Qingchan here alone.

Her gaze now scanned though the entirety of the enormous building!

Compared to the building itself, she was like a single lone star in the vastness of the universe.

That’s how insignificant she was.

However, all the wisdom of this ancient building can be stored in her little head!

She took a deep breath and then started acting.

Her figure flew toward those ancient bookcases!

Just one month. Taking all her original knowledge in addition to all the ancient tomes in this entire building!

She’ll definitely think of a method!

She will definitely, make Ling Ye victorious!

She’ll have everyone standing against Ling Ye suffer a horrible defeat.

After Ling Ye left the Myriad Realms Library, he headed toward a place known as the Chaotic Asura Hell.

It’s a truly chaotic place filled with all kinds of madmen from the myriad realms.

It was once an ancient prison!

Formed of the remains of 18 worlds!

It was known as the 18 Layered Asura Hell!

In every layer exists a mighty pressure!

That pressure was formed from the constantly gathered spirit power of the myriad realms!

Even the simplest first layer had a pressure that only the Divine realm and above could withstand!

Lore has it that it was once used to suppress some ancient divinity!

Thus, it was called the Chaotic Asura Hell!

However, while it used to be a prison, now… It’s used by the various maniacs of the myriad realms as… A holy ground for training!

To say it more accurately, it’s a training hell!

Here, although the pressure of the Chaotic Asura Hell is indeed terrible.

But at the same time… It’s also very helpful for training!

So long as one could withstand the pressure of the Asura Hell, then they could also directly refine and absorb that powerful spirit energy!

For the 18 Layer Chaotic Asura Hell, the deeper you go down, the greater the spiritual energy!

Thus, all the races of the myriad realms, and especially those who thirst after strength, would all head here!

It’s also exactly because of this that it’s so terribly chaotic.

It’s known as the most chaotic place in all the myriad realms!

Here, there are no rules, only combat and killing!

Countless lives were taken and buried here.

Be they innocent or the greatest of sinners, there are no distinctions!

So long as you’re here, justice, morality, conscience, fairness, or whatever!

None of that exists here!

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