Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 2

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Chapter 2: Find the Heroine

In the original work, the heroine’s setting is… A very special woman!

She stood at the very peak of the world from the start!

She was the number one beauty in all the myriad worlds!

She was also a peak stage Supreme God realm existence!

She also has one more special setting. That is… She has no interest in men!

It’s not that there’s some kind of issue with her preferences. It’s just that she found no man worth of her!

She had once set a requirement. Only one who had defeated Ling Ye, killed Ling Ye, may marry her!

One of the reasons why the protagonist Ye Tian worked so hard was because of that statement from the most beautiful woman in the universe!

However, with practically all major fantasy stories, there’s always going to be some regretful points left over!

For the original work, the greatest regret left over was…

After the ending where Ye Chen killed him, the heroine still didn’t care for Ye Chen at all!

Nor did she ever marry Ye Chen!

In the end, no one got that cheat second life ability of hers either!

Because that’s just how she was written!

She cared for no man!

Even that man who killed the long invincible Ling Ye!

That was a major regret that the original novel left.

It was also the final capstone to show the heroine’s character!

As he thought of that, Ling Ye’s lips quirked up slightly.

In that case… The heroine was an opening for himself!

The heroine was… The only way for him to reverse his end!

So long as he had that absolute second life, then he would be able to get past the coming crisis!

And so long as he managed to get through that, the protagonist Ye Chen is merely something of the past!

“My lord?”

At this time, Ren Fanchen called out again.

It’s fine if you’re ignoring us, but why are you smiling?

How could you smile at a time like this?

If you lose, then we’re going to end up buried alongside you!

Ling Ye didn’t bother to say anything. He only stood up!

Then, the space around him warped and shattered.

“My lord… Where are you going?” Ren Fanchen hurriedly asked.


Ling Ye showed a faint smile before completely disappearing!

Of course he wasn’t actually going into seclusion.

Instead… He was going to find the heroine!

The reason he said that he was going into seclusion was to get those traitorous underlings to expose their true selves!

Only then would he be able to show them the fruits of treason!

After Ling Ye disappeared, the three dice in Ren Fanchen’s hand spun a few times.

His eyes narrowed, as if doing some mental calculations…

He was a gambler. He had never lost a gamble in his entire life!

For this final round… He doesn’t want to lose either!

Back when he originally decided to become Ye Chen’s subordinate was a correct choice!

However, should he remain Ye Chen’s subordinate at this point?

A new choice had appeared!

For this particular choice… He doesn’t want to choose wrongly!

Because this final bet of his was of utmost importance!

He turned around, looked over the enormous Bloodshade Demon Army before him.

He had somewhat felt it. Within the army, there were many people… Who were also wavering like him!

Perhaps… Everyone doesn’t actually need to follow Ling Ye to his death!

Perhaps, everyone still has a way to escape death, right?

Violet Cloud Realm.

Withing the myriad worlds, it’s a fairly special world!

It’s a world that the original heroine Lou Xuling personally created.

After Lou Xuling created this world, she personally constructed the 49 great Violet Cloud Palaces.

The Violet Cloud Palaces were mighty. They stood at the peak within the myriad worlds!

Other than Ling Ye’s Bloodshade Demon Army, factions like the Violet Cloud Palaces are the next most powerful!

If the protagonist Le Tian didn’t reach the Infinite realm, then even his Heaven and Earth Alliance wasn’t really all that stronger than the Violet Cloud Palaces.

The Violet Cloud Realm was split into 49 different islands!

Upon each and every island stood a palace.

Lou Xuling had handed control over those 49 islands to the 49 empresses beneath her!

Lou Xuling was at the peak stage of the Supreme God realm, and the 49 empresses below her were all at the peak stage of the Divine Emperor realm!

There were of course also many great powers of the early, mid, or late stage of the Divine Emperor realm under them!

Within the entirety of the Violet Cloud Realm, there were around 500 or so great powers of the Divine Emperor realm!

It just showed how mighty the Violet Cloud Realm really is!

Of course, that kind of power was indeed very strong among the myriad worlds!

However, it was naturally far weaker compared to Ling Ye’s Bloodshade Demon Army.

Although the countless Demon Army under him had betrayed him in the end, there was still one great army that had been loyal to him from start to end!

It was an automaton army that was obedient to him alone!

3000 Demon Emperors!

Those 3000 of them were all Divine Emperor realm existences!

Ling Ye’s greatest trump card army was actually not the powerful people like Ren Fanchen!

Rather, it’s his 3000 Demon Emperor Army!

Those 3000 Demon Emperors were the real core of the Bloodshade Demon Army.

One should always keep a card up their sleeve!

From the moment he started assembling the Bloodshade Demon Army, this was card that Ling Ye kept up his sleeve!

He knew better than anyone. Living people… Were nowhere near as reliable as the dead!

Currently, although many people have heard of his 3000 Demon Emperor Army.

But the number of them who had actually seen it were few beyond compare!

A Divine Emperor was already a first class existence among the myriad worlds!

And for him to have 3000 of them?

Of course, he obviously wouldn’t use them in normal circumstances!

Besides… With his powers, there was basically no real chances to actually use them.

In the original work, he did end up using them during the final chapters!

Unfortunately, the end result was complete annihilation…

Both himself and his 3000 Demon Emperor Army were utterly annihilated!

Of course, Ling Ye won’t be letting that ending happen now!

Violet Cloud Realm. 49 islands. They were the picture of natural beauty.

It was truly a divine realm. The scent of flowers covered the land. Violet mist gave a sense of mystery.

Those 49 islands floated like flower petals within this violet mist!

Magnificent, beautiful, and elegent!

At this time, up above those 49 islands in the Violet Cloud Realm…


A faint blood colored spacial warp slowly appeared!

The sudden disturbance alarmed the entire beautiful yet calm Violet Cloud Realm…

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