Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 18

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Chapter 18: Friend

That’s why Bai Jiu was rather curious. Just what could someone like that need her for?

“I have something I want to leave to you!”

Ling Ye spoke calmly, “Until I return, I’m hoping that you… Will keep it safe for me! Do not allow anyone else to get their hands on it!”

“Oh? What’s that?” Bai Jiu was rather curious.

“The Three Thousand Demon Emperors!” Ling Ye spoke seriously.

Bai Jiu was slightly startled by those words, “Your… Trump card army?”

Ling Ye’s Three Thousand Demon Emperor automatons were all Divine Emperor realm existences!

In all the myriad realms, there was definitely no power that could field three thousand Divine Emperors!

Normally, a faction with merely hundreds of Divine Emperors could already be considered a top ranked power!

Take the Heaven and Earth Alliance or the Violet Cloud Ream. Those only have a few hundred Divine Emperors!

However, Ling Ye had a whole army of three thousand Divine Emperors!

Very few people have seen those Three Thousand Demon Emperors, but they really do exist!

A thousand Divine Emperors could match a Supreme Divine!

Thus, Ling Ye’s Three Thousand Demon Emperors could basically match the existence of three Supreme Divines.

In all the myriad realms, there was no faction in existence that could boast over a thousand Divine Emperors!

And even less could boast two or more Supreme Divines!

“There will come a battle between me and the Heaven and Earth Alliance. This is something that you must know of as well!” Ling Ye continued.

Although Bai Jiu resided deep in these ruins, she was quite aware of the major happenings in the myriad realms.

“Could it be that you’ll lose to a brat barely out of his hut?”

Bai Jiu’s voice was heavy, “If you really do lose to him, that would truly… Disappoint me!”

After all, Ling Ye was an existence that not even she could win against!

If Ling Ye lost to Ye Tian, then wouldn’t that mean that Ye Tian was far above everyne?

Ye Tian was indeed strong. He was indeed capable!

But in her eyes, he was merely the prodigy of his generation!

“It’s the Infinite realm after all. I’m indeed no match for it!” Ling Ye shook his head with a smile.

It’s something set by the original novel. That youth who suddenly appeared out of nowhere would rise unstopped!

And in the end, he’d slay the undefeated Bloodshade Demon Lord, and thus step forward to the peak of his life!

That was already set in stone!

Thus, only by holding on past he ending could he retake everything!

“He could reach the Infinite realm, so why can’t you?”

Bai Jiu growled, “If you die, then what’s even the point of me keeping your Three Thousand Demon Emperors safe?”

“That’s why… I won’t die!” Ling Ye showed a small smile.

Bai Jiu was once again somewhat confused at those words!

He won’t die?

What’s he planning?

How does he think that’s going to work?

“I won’t die, and I’ll return soon enough! But it’s indeed true that in the battle between Ye Tian and I, I won’t be able to beat him!”

Ling Ye continued calmly, “I only hope that after the battle, you can move to the Demon Emperor’s tomb! Then, keep my Three Thousand Demon Emperor army safe and await my return!”

“And if I refuse to help you? If I claimed that those words I spoke years ago were merely empty words in the end?” Bai Jiu asked.

“If you refuse to help me, then that Three Thousand Demon Emperor army of mine may fall into Ye Tian’s hands!”

Ling Ye spoke calmly, “That would be a shame. After all, that is my trump card army!”

“What does that have anything to do with me?” Bai Jiu asked.

“Of course it has nothing to do with you!”

Ling Ye only calmly spoke such a statement. Then, the space around him started to show a faint blood colored warping, “But you will help me! In this life of mine… I don’t have many friends! Nor do I have any friend who would speak merely empty words! Other than you, no one else could do this!”

With that, following the warping of space, Ling Ye slowly vanished with Zhuge Qingchan!

The sea of ruins once more returned to peace.

However, that woman in white sitting quietly within the ruins was lightly caressing the wine gourd in her hand.


She took another sip of the liqueur inside with a thoughtful look on her face…

Ling Ye was flying forward with Zhuge Qingchan through the shattered void space.

“You said just now that… You don’t have many friends?” Zhuge Qingchan was rather curious.

For someone like Ling Ye, couldn’t he get as many friends as he felt like?

“How many people do you think are worthy of being my friend?” Ling Ye spoke calmly.

“N-not many!” Zhuge Qingchan hurriedly replied.

Put like that, it’s actually quite true. He’s the Bloodshade Demon Lord after all, so there’s no way that just anyone could be his friend, right?

They’d have to be at least like Bai Jiu before they’re worth to truly call him a friend, right?

“But, will that Sword God Bai Jiu really help you?”

Zhuge Qingchan continued, “Although, the two of you do give off this feeling like… You two understand each other!”

Hn. It’s exactly that!

Although Ling Ye was a bit stronger than Bai Jiu in the end!

However, there were certain similarities between the two of them.

Like… Personality!

Or certain ways of thought!

The feeling it gives is that… The two of them are the same kind of people!

“You think… That I’d misjudge someone?” Ling Ye spoke cooly.

All the subordinates that he original novel gave him were traitors!

That’s something that the original novel set up, so it can’t be helped!

Plus, their relationship from the start was just using each other for mutual profit.

If he personally were to pick though, he’d reassemble a new Bloodshade Demon Army that’s absolutely loyal!

So of course he won’t misjudge anyone!

He understands Bai Jiu very well!

And he also trusts Bai Jiu very much!

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