Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 11

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Chapter 11: Has He Come To Wipe Out the Spirit Tribe?

The girl was collapsed onto the ground with traces of blood still on her lips!

She slowly moved her still shaking body and arduously stood up.

Her gaze coldly swept across the Chief and everyone else there!

She had been bullied in all sorts of ways within this Spirit Tribe since she was little. Subjugated to all kinds of unfair treatment!

However, she had always bore with it!

In the end, she never imagined this would be the result!

The people of the Spirit Tribe had completely wiped away the last traces of her feelings toward the Spirit Tribe!

Then, with her still shaking footsteps, dragging her heavily injured body…

She walked out toward the exit of the main hall one step at a time!

Within the main hall, everyone had on their faces a cold sneer as they watched that disheveled girl.

It was like they found it fun, tormenting her like that!

They’ve always considered the Spirit Tribe noble and is intolerable of any pollution!

Thus, everyone had pushed her away. Pushed away this girl with only half Spirit Tribe blood.

The girl dragged her heavily injured body along, not saying a word!

She just memorized the faces of everyone before her!

Memorized everything of this day!

From now on, the life of death of the Spirit Tribe had nothing more to do with her!

The life or death of these people had nothing to do with her!


At that moment, a tiny blood red spacial warp suddenly appeared right before her.

Then, the warping expanded larger and larger…

“Who dares intrude upon our Spiritia?”

All of the higher ups of the Spirit Tribe frowned down!

Someone actually pierced their Spiritia’s void boundary and came to their Spirit Tribe’s main hall?

Everyone’s eyes were fixated upon that blood red warp!

Before everyone’s gazes, a tall figure slowly appeared!

Blood red eyes. Hands held behind his back!

It was indeed Ling Ye!

“B-Bloodshade Demon Lord?”

When they saw Ling Ye, the entirety of the Spirit Tribe descended into chaos!

Everyone was basically scared into leaping up from their chairs.

The entire main hall was in chaos!

“Prepare for battle! Prepare for battle!”

The Chief, while panicking, hurriedly ordered, “Reinforcements… Call for reinforcements. Send the signals to call for aid! Send messages to the Heaven and Earth Alliance to ask for aid! Quick! Quickly!”

The entire Spirit Tribe instantly fell into chaos!

Some people were preparing for battle!

Some were getting ready to send up aid signals!

And amidst the chaos covering the main hall, covering the entirety of the Spirit Tribe.

That girl didn’t panic at all, nor did she care about how the Spirit Tribe will end up.

She only gazed calmly at the cold and indifferent Ling Ye before her!

The Bloodshade Demon Lord. King of the myriad realms!

The man who swept across the universe, undefeated!

He was right in front of her!

The girl thus stopped moving. Stopped her shaking and weak legs!

She just looked at Ling Ye in front of her!

For some unknown reason, although the entire Spirit Tribe, entirety of the universe, feared Ling Ye, she wasn’t afraid at all!

She really didn’t get why everyone was so scared of him. Was he really that scary?

From a look… He not only didn’t look all that scary, he was actually… Pretty good looking!

He had very entrancing presence!

True though, if it’s just looks, Ling Ye was pretty much an unmatched existence too.

At this moment, Ling Ye’s figure appeared at the head of the hall with a whoosh.

His eyes were on the huge golden throne before him!

The Chief standing in front of the throne instantly paled in terror and staggered out of the way!

In the surrounding area, all the strong members of the Spirit Tribe had their weapons out, surrounding the area in several rings.

Everyone of power in the Spirit Tribe, their entire military force, have all deployed!

However, not a single one of them dared to attack!

Everyone just stared stupidly at Ling Ye!

They themselves didn’t even notice how fast their hearts were beating!

Their hands on their weapons were all shaking.

Shaking from terror!

Why did Ling Ye suddenly come to the Spirit Tribe?

What is he here for?

Was it to wipe out the Spirit Tribe?

If so, then today… Will truly be the final day for the Spirit Tribe!

However, just as they were thinking wildly!

Ling Ye only raised a hand and suddenly grabbed at the space above the gold throne!


Space itself tore in an instant!

Then a stone the size of a person’s head was floating there.

It was a stone giving off light in all kinds of colors!

That was the Spirit Tribe’s Spirit Attraction Stone.

It had always been stored there!

Protected by the spacial barrier created by past powerful members of the Spirit Tribe!

However, before Ling Ye, a barrier like that might as well be nothing!

Ling Ye reached out and grabbed the Spirit Attraction Stone in hand!

He planned on making a body at the Supreme God realm!

And for that, he needed just this kind of material!

Around him, none of the people of the Spirit Tribe dared to say a word.

Although their Spirit Tribe’s greatest treasure was in Ling Ye’s hands, none of them dared to say anything!

It as because they didn’t know what kind of consequences anything they said might bring them!

What kind of consequences it might bring the Spirit Tribe!

If Ling Ye got annoyed, he might annihilate the entire Spirit Tribe!

After getting the Spirit Attraction Stone, Ling Ye turned about and walked step by step before the girl…

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