Final Boss: Get the Heroine to Save Me at the End – Chapter 10

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Chapter 10: Without Ling Ye, Chaos Shall Cover the Land

“Ridiculous! The Bloodshade Demon Lord shall assuredly fall. Such is already set in stone!”

The Chief’s staff stopped for a moment, “When the Bloodshade Demon lord swept across the universe, how much blood had he stained his hands with? How can our Spirit Tribe stand with such an evil? You do not even count as a member of our Spirit Tribe, so don’t mess about here!”

“No matter how he swept across the universe! The end result is that he did!” The girl replied, “Without him, the universe would still be in chaos. Whether or not our Spirit Tribe could still have lived to this time is a complete unknown in that case!”

“Lord Chief. I know that I’m only half Spirit Tribe, and I have no right to speak here! But… I’m only describing the truth here!”

Her mother was once one of the candidates for Chief. Later on, she have birth to her with a man from the outside!

Her parents used both of their deaths in exchange for letting her life!

The fact that she could even stand here could indeed be considered the Spirit Tribe’s “mercy”!

“That Demon Lord Ling Ye could conquer the myriad realms, so why could the Infinite realm Ye Tian not do the same?”

“When that happens, who among the myriad realms would dare disobey? Who would dare to cause trouble?”

“And here you are attempting to convince us to enter the Bloodshade Demon Army? Are you trying to destroy our Spirit Tribe?”

“To force our Spirit Tribe to be annihilated alongside the Bloodshade Demon Army under the might of the Heaven and Earth Alliance?”

“Humph! I’ve long since hated your appearance. Years ago, your parents were executed by our Spirit Tribe. They used their own lives to buy you a place within our Tribe! Are you trying to take revenge on us now?”

“You’re trying to get our Spirit Tribe to follow the Bloodshade Demon army into becoming the enemy of all?”

“Hoho. Brat. Your ideas… Truly are dark indeed!”


A bunch of voices rang out within the main hall.

Everyone’s eyes were upon that girl, accusing her of all kind of things!

The girl herself didn’t react much either.

Having grown up in this Spirit Tribe, she had long since gotten used to those kind of gazes and words!

She had no feelings whatsoever toward any of the Spirit Tribe!

However, she did have a final shred of responsibility in her heart

Thus, she spoke up during this final moment!

However, she did not anticipate that everyone still looked at her like that!

“Lord Chief. Everyone. Joining the Heaven and Earth Alliance will be the end of the Spirit Tribe! Our Spirit Tribe will surely and utterly fall!”

But she still stubbornly spoke the words she wanted to say.

Putting aside whether or not or not the Heaven and Earth Alliance could win!

Even if they did won, so what?

That Ye Tian could indeed reach the Infinite realm, but if he were to fight all out against the Bloodshade Demon Lord, then who can guarantee that he’ll still be at the Infinite realm after the battle?

At that point, what does he have that could be used to suppress the myriad realms?

“Impudence!” The Chief angrily roared out in response to the girl’s words!

The rest of the people there also frowned deeply!

She actually dared to say that their Spirit Tribe shall fall?

“How many years has our Spirit Tribe stood within the myriad realms? How could we possibly fall?”

The Chief immediately roared out again, “Guards! Expel this ungrateful and insolent brat from the Spirit Tribe!”

“Right! Expel her! Someone like that isn’t worthy of being a member of our Spirit Tribe!”

“And here we allowed her to live among us for all these years. What an ungrateful bitch!”

“Throw her out! Let her witness with her own eyes as our Spirit Tribe grows stronger and stronger under the aegis of lord Ye Tian!”


Everyone was coldly rebuking her.

The girl didn’t say anything in response to those words or looks.

It’s just that she never thought that they’d go so far as to exile her from the Spirit Tribe!

Whatever! It doesn’t matter!

From now on, she’ll have nothing to do with that Spirit Tribe anymore!

Thus, she decisively turned about!

She already said all that she needed to, so… Let’s leave!

Even if the Spirit Tribe no longer existed in the future, that no longer had anything to do with her!

“Stop right there!”

At just that moment though, the Chief boomed out, “You grew up in our Spirit Tribe. All you have is ours! Now that we’re expelling you from the Spirit Tribe, it’s natural that we will be taking back all that is ours!”

“Guards! Completely destroy all her cultivation! Then expel her from the Spirit Tribe!”

The Chief’s voice echoed out through the main hall.

The moment those words were out, the girl’s face sank.

It wasn’t enough to just expel her, but they’re going to destroy her cultivation too?

She grit her teeth, turned around, and looked at the Chief. Looked at all the people of the Spirit Tribe!

She didn’t beg for mercy. It was because she knew that begging was pointless!

Nor did she want to beg anything from those people!

Ever since she was little, not a single one of those people have considered her one of their own!

“Yes sir!” One particular higher up responded before they struck out!

Whoosh… Boom!

In an instant, a wave of powerful spirit energy blasted out, caging the girl within it!

Then, the mighty spirit energy directly shattered all her cultivation!


The girl spat out a mouthful of blood and fell to the ground.

She had a hateful expression in her eyes!

She never thought that the Spirit Tribe would be so vicious.

It’s one thing to destroy her cultivation, but to cripple her? To destroy all her ability to cultivate in the future?

“Humph! Your potential too was given to you by our Spirit Tribe’s bloodline! Now, all that you are is to be returned to our tribe!”

The Chief let out a cold humph before speaking, “Get lost! From not on, you are no longer of our Spirit Tribe!”

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