Chapter 32

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Chapter 32 – The Melancholy of Uracal 1

Uracal’s Camp.

The Slum Empire.

“Ah! What is it? Why isn’t there anyone good here!”

Uracal kicked his metal shield in frustration in front of the women he had gathered for his mission.

The loud sound rang out, making the gathered women flinch.

“Boss…I’m sorry.”

The rough-looking subordinates surrounding him hung their heads apologetically. However, since they were only good for fighting, it couldn’t be helped that they were all men.

“You guys seriously think you can take down Aix and his gang with them!?”

Let’s introduce the members one by one.

A child with a cold.

Elderly woman with a youthful heart.

Pregnant woman who wants to be taken care of.

A wildman.

A female dog with a predigee.

The members gathered for the Honey Trap operation were quite the bunch. But it was hopeless. It would be a miracle if he succeeded with this group.

Uracal lamented to his useless subordinates.


The dog barked.

Is it in heat or just excited, it comes forward on all fours, showing its eagerness with a laugh. Its round, beautiful, pure eyes belong to a lovely dog.

“Hey now, don’t mess around! You’ve been eliminated! At least be a beastman!”


The capable Uracal eliminated the dog from the audition.

Knowing that one rival had been eliminated, the old woman (with a youthful heart) began frantically fixing her hair.

It was like the actions of a young maiden.

The vein on Uracal’s temple twitched when he noticed this.

“You’re already withered, old hag! You can’t flirting with a young boy now! Right, you’re eliminated!”

As the old woman (with a youthful heart) who had been eliminated from the audition broke down in tears, a subordinate who seemed to be her son comforted her.

Uracal laments the difficulty of the mission. He has confidence in his ability to kill any VIP. However, the Viscount’s order was for a honey trap. “With this team?” he wonders.

Uracal always had a woman who would help him when he was in trouble. “Well, I guess I have to do it,” she said. Uracal was happy to see his girlfriend who had come to help him.

“As expected of Ane-san. We can rely on you!!”

“Well, it can’t be helped. But remember, I love only you.”

It’s a pleasant offer, but looking at her calmly, he doesn’t think Ane-san is that cute. Yeah, not cute at all.

Of course, he loves his personality, but there’s a part of him that just can’t fully believe in victory, especially if acting as a lover, she doesn’t seem girly at all.

“Heehee, it’s getting hot, boss.”

“If you don’t like it, I won’t do it.” she added

She was such an amazing woman to say something like that for him. Even with his eyes closed, he knew she was the best.

But would Aix really close his eyes as well?

Uracal is conflicted. “What should I do with this?” He was unsure.

When in a pinch with no other options, throw a coin. If it lands heads, trust in your girlfriend. If it lands tails, stay calm and hand over the job to another boss. That’s what Uracal decided.

Here we go.

As the coin bounces and spins, reflecting light, he hopes for it to land tails.


He missed it.

He was too nervous and dropped it.

This has never happened before.

He stared at the fate of the coin’s heads and tails, tracing lines in the sand as it rolls and tumbles.

Someone picked up the coin for him.

“You dropped it, boss.”

He gently retrieve it from the boy who offers it to him and their eyes meet, locking in a gaze.

He has a slender body, a handsome face, green eyes, and gray hair. Something about him catches his attention. As their hands touch during the coin handoff, he found himself grasping his hand.

He stare into boy confused face.

Wait a minute, this kid…

I get it.

He felt his mouth relax.

“I’m hiring you! I’m going to hire you.”


The clever Uracal found a diamond in a rough slum.

I was wrong. There is no longer any point in sticking to gender.

“All right, you’re going to cross-dress and come with me to take down Aix.”

“What? I don’t want to do that!”

“What are you talking about? That girl is actually a guy.”

Uracal laughs with confidence in his victory.

“Shut up!!! I said to let me do it, okay?”

As expected, a few minutes later, a fidgety beautiful woman was completed. She wore a one-piece dress and had short hair, which was quite pleasing to the eye.

The subordinates snickered and unanimously declared her the queen.

The woman who had her queen throne stolen in an instant started to get angry, but she couldn’t mess up this job and steeled herself.

“Alright then! Go. You’re the strongest undercover agent in the Slum Empire. Take down Aix.”

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