Chapter 99

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Chapter 99: Dragon King – Playing with Domestic Futures? Let’s See if I Can’t Give You a Hard Time!

On the second day, Lin Beifan confidently entered the trading room with Wu Ge.

“The financial trading seems very simple, just buying and selling!”

“But, mastering this is not easy at all!”

“Firstly, timing is crucial. When to buy and when to sell determines whether you profit or lose, and how much. Many people can’t grasp this essence even after a lifetime of learning.”

“Secondly, strong mental resilience is necessary. Market fluctuations are constant, with ups and downs. You can’t always make money right away; you might have to endure some losses, even significant ones. So, having a strong mindset is essential and needs to be developed.”

“Furthermore, the market is unpredictable; we must be adaptable. For example, unexpected events like a sudden war can influence price fluctuations in the financial market. Therefore, we need to stay sensitive to the market, adapt quickly, and go with the trend.”

“Lastly, effective risk management is crucial. It’s a complex field with a lot to cover. After we master the first three points, I’ll teach you about it slowly.”

“For now, focus on observing and learning, getting familiar with the trading market.”

Lin Beifan spoke earnestly, resembling a teacher.

Wu Ge wasn’t particularly interested in these matters; he was more intrigued by tomb-raiding activities. However, to gain further information and take down Lin Beifan, he pretended to listen attentively, nodding in agreement from time to time. This created a harmonious scene of one person seemingly willing to teach and another eager to learn.

The surrounding traders envied them greatly.

How did this janitor, with no apparent skill or talent, end up receiving personal guidance from Boss Lin? Wasn’t it just because he reported a few traitors? Just because he helped Boss Lin find a couple of valuable antiques? And he managed to rise up like this? So fortunate!

“Mr. Lin, are we going to deal with stocks, gold, oil, or other financial products this year?” Wu Ge asked.

“None of those!” Lin Beifan smiled faintly.

“Today, we’re going to play with domestic commodity futures.”


“I’m bored with the others; I keep winning. I wanted to try something different.”

Wu Ge: “….”

Alright, you’re the boss. Your call!

“Open the domestic commodity futures account!”

At Lin Beifan’s command, the large screen changed, displaying the interface for domestic commodity futures. Colorful numbers were constantly changing, making Wu Ge dizzy.

Then, Lin Beifan briefly introduced commodity futures. Wu Ge listened attentively, but most of it went in one ear and out the other. He understood the basic principles: buying long and short selling. As long as he followed the market trend, he could make money.

Additionally, futures trading implemented a margin system, where a small amount of money could be used as if it were a larger sum. They were using a 10x leverage in the futures market, magnifying both risk and return by 10 times.

Earning money was fast, but losing money was also rapid.

“That’s the basic situation! You’ll become more familiar as you get accustomed to it,” Lin Beifan explained.

“Thank you for your guidance, Mr. Lin,” Wu Ge expressed gratitude.

Lin Beifan looked at the big screen and suddenly exclaimed, “Now is a great entry opportunity. Buy 100 lots of soybeans for me! Move quickly!”

“Yes, Mr. Lin!” the traders promptly executed the order.

Wu Ge’s spirits lifted – an opportunity had arisen!

“Mr. Lin, I’m going to the restroom.”

“Go ahead.”

Wu Ge went into the restroom and sent a text message from his phone.

“Lin Beifan, go long on domestic soybean futures!”

Dragon Fang Capital headquarters.

The Black-Clad Person #1 received the message and reported immediately.

“Reporting to the Dragon King, Wu Ge has sent a message. Lin Beifan has gone long on domestic soybean futures!”

Dragon King Zhaotian, holding a glass of wine, burst into laughter, “Received a message so quickly? Wu Ge is doing well!”

“Playing domestic soybean futures, huh?” Dragon King Zhaotian chuckled, his lips involuntarily curling into a smile. “Lin Beifan, when there’s a road to heaven, you don’t take it; when there’s no door to hell, you barge in! If you were playing international futures, the capital required would be too enormous, and I might not be able to control you. But with domestic soybean futures, let’s see if I can’t give you a hard time!”

With a cup of wine in his hand, he walked over leisurely, “Now, do you know what to do?”

In front of him stood rows of black-clad individuals, seated in front of computers, ready and waiting.

Upon hearing Dragon King Zhaotian’s words, they all responded in unison, “Dragon King, we’re aware!”

“Good! Now, short soybeans for me! Drive the price of soybeans down fiercely!” Dragon King Zhaotian exclaimed loudly.

“Yes, Dragon King!” the row of black-clad individuals immediately executed the order.

Dragon King Zhaotian saw this scene and smirked triumphantly.

In order to counter Lin Beifan, he had prepared 30 billion in funds!

And an additional 20 billion to follow, totaling 50 billion in funds!

Meanwhile, Lin Beifan currently had access to only a few hundred billion funds, definitely not exceeding 15 billion!

A 3:1 ratio of funds!

Plus, he held information about the opponent’s investment transactions!

The advantage was so glaring!

He refused to believe he couldn’t counter Lin Beifan!

If he could deplete Lin Beifan’s funds, interrupt his rise, even if it meant losing all 50 billion, he would consider it worthwhile!

“Lin Beifan, let’s see how you handle this.”

“Victory is already mine!”

On the other side, after pretending to use the restroom, Wu Ge returned to Lin Beifan’s side.

The thought of Lin Beifan about to lose money couldn’t help but make him happy.

“The information has been leaked to Dragon King Zhaotian. They will definitely seize the opportunity to target Lin Beifan! The other side is the heir of a hidden family, possessing wealth comparable to a country and highly professional financial experts.”

“I just don’t believe that even with the information I leaked, they can’t take down Lin Beifan!”

“Go back quickly. I want to see the look on his face when he cries!”

Whistling all the way, he entered the trading room with an eager and excited mood.

However, as soon as he entered the trading room, he noticed everyone was extremely busy.

“Mr. Lin, what’s going on?”

“Oh, nothing much! Shortly after you left, I issued an order to short 200,000 lots of soybean futures! The quantity is quite substantial, so everyone is busy!” Lin Beifan said with a smile on his face.

Wu Ge : “……”

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