Chapter 98

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Chapter 98 Although I Committed Corruption, I Am Still a Good Person!

After returning, Lin Beifan told Mo Rushuang about the matter.

“After my efforts and persuasion, plus some silver to clear the way, Her Majesty finally relented and agreed to release the eldest prince! Go back and tell the Prince, have him settle the final payment!”

Mo Rushuang was very happy, “Thank you, Mr. Lin!”

She happily went back to write a letter and report the matter to the Prince.

Soon after, the Prince of Northern Hebei received Mo Rushuang’s letter, as well as a reply from the court.

It told him that the eldest prince had been released and asked him to send someone over to bring back the Northern Hebei.

The Prince was overjoyed, “Lin Beifan really got it done! According to Rushuang, he only went to court once he received the money, and immediately settled everything. A talented person!”

“Congratulations, Your Highness! Congratulations, Your Highness! The eldest prince is safe, and you also gained a talented person!” Zhuge the advisor immediately congratulated him.

“Haha…” The prince laughed and was very happy.

After laughing, he continued to look at the court’s reply and frowned, “What makes me suspicious is that why does the court want me to send someone to bring back the eldest prince? Is there fraud involved?”

Zhuge looked at the letter, stroked his beard, and smiled, “According to the letter, the court is now facing internal and external problems. There is really no way to send troops to protect the eldest prince, and they do not want to offend you, Your Highness. Therefore, they had to release the prince!” (Zhuge)

“But, the eldest prince’s identity is very special, and he may be targeted by someone with bad intentions. It would be bad if something bad happened! It would be unfavorable for you and the court! So, the court has asked us to send someone over to pick up the eldest prince. This can be understood.” (Zhuge)

The prince nodded, “The advisor is very right!”

“Moreover, this matter has almost been publicized. The court will certainly not slap its own face!” Zhuge laughed, “Your Highness, you can send experts to set off now, pick up the eldest prince, and it will be done soon!”

“Good!” The prince shouted loudly, “I will send experts and soldiers to go to the capital now, and bring back Jie’er! In addition, the remainder of the payment should be given to Lin Beifan for his contribution!”

“You are wise, Your Highness!” Zhuge smiled and bowed.

So, the prince immediately sent experts and soldiers to pick up the prince.

Not many people were sent, less than a hundred, but many of them were experts, and there were even two innate ones.

In addition, there were many high-level experts who had arrived in the capital to rescue the eldest prince, but had not shown themselves and were protecting him in secret.

This force was almost extravagant to protect one person.

On the day of the pickup, the momentum was huge, and there were crowds of people.

The Empress personally appointed a high official to see the prince off.

At the same time, she also sent a lot of treasures for the prince to take back to the Northern Hebei, showing her great favor.

It can be said that the Empress had done everything she should have, and no one could pick out any faults.

So, the eldest prince returned home safely, and it really seemed like he had just gone to the capital to play.

Even the prince himself could not believe that he had been released so smoothly without being harassed by the court.

However, less than a day after leaving the capital, there was an attempted assassination.

But because there were so many experts with the prince, the other party did not succeed and had to run away.

However, more than ten people in the prince’s team still died.

The next day, he was attacked again.

This time, the attackers were even more fierce, with dozens of post-innate experts, and even one innate expert.

Still, they were unsuccessful and left behind a pile of bodies.

On the third day, there was another assassination attempt.

This time, there were even more powerful attackers, including three innate experts.

It is said that there were even bounty boards posted in the black market, offering 500,000 silver coins for the eldest prince’s head.

This was a big deal, for 500,000 silver coins was a huge sum of money!

It would be enough to support a small army!

People die for wealth, and birds die for food!

Many thugs wore masks and joined the team hunting the prince.

Assassination became more frequent and more brutal!

All kinds of despicable methods were used, such as setting traps and poisoning.

The escort team’s capabilities were ultimately limited, and after wave after wave of assassination attempts, they finally couldn’t hold out any longer and had to call for help from the prince.

Upon receiving the message, the prince immediately dispatched troops and strong warriors for reinforcement. The two sides engaged in a prolonged struggle, with bloodshed and corpses covering the ground along the way. It was said that when the eldest prince returned to Northen Hebei, he had lost two thousand elite soldiers and hundreds of strong warriors had died, even an innate strong martial artist had fallen, the losses were indeed tragic.

Unable to make any profit and having suffered losses in soldiers and money, the prince was very angry. He imprisoned the eldest prince responsible for the loss and forced him to reflect on his mistake.

The eldest prince was not allowed to leave without his permission. However, Lin Beifan couldn’t see any of this. He was currently smiling while counting the silver bills he had obtained from the Prince of Northern Hebei.

“A total of 1.5 million, not a penny more, not a penny less, Prince of Northern Hebei is truly a big fat sheep! I just said a few words at court and earned the money like this, too easy! In the future, I can look for more opportunities~!”

The malicious thoughts in his mind bubbled up. He was wondering if he could find another opportunity to take advantage of Prince of Northern Hebei.

Just then, a white figure quietly appeared in front of him. Lin Beifan was used to the other party’s sudden appearances and calmly said, “You’re here!” Bai Qingxuan looked at the silver bills in Lin Beifan’s hand and said in a speechless tone, “You’re really something, you have your cake and eat it too! You not only gained the empress’s reward, but also made a profit from Prince of Northern Hebei! When it comes to corrupt officials, you’re one of the best in history!”

“Thank you for the praise, it’s what I deserve!” Lin Beifan was full of himself.

“I’ve always had a question!”

“Please ask!”

Bai Qingxuan spoke plainly, “I heard that the eldest prince was captured and revealed his identity because he was thrown into the hook cage by a stranger strong warrior. Did you do it?”

Lin Beifan was shocked and pointed to his own nose, “Bai Guanyin, I am a new top scholar, and the director of the Imperial Academy, how could I do such a despicable thing?” Bai Qingxuan casually said, “Have you done any less despicable things?” Lin Beifan was speechless.

“Embezzlement, deceiving the public, blatantly demanding bribes, seeking personal gain through power… I can list one after another which could get your head chopped off!” Lin Beifan was silent.

Bai Qingxuan stared at him, although it was difficult to see with the haze, but there seemed to be a smile in his eyes.

“Lin Beifan, do I need to list them one by one?”

“No, it’s enough to keep them in your heart!”

“Although I embezzle, deceiving the public, blatantly demand bribes, and seek personal gain through power… I am a good person!” Lin Beifan’s face was pious, “Although I am in the darkness, my heart is towards the light!”

“I completely agree!” Bai Qingxuan nodded.

“Right?” Lin Beifan smiled.

“Although you have a dark mind and your methods aren’t very honorable!” Bai Qingxuan shook his head.

Lin Beifan: “…”

“I can tell, you came here specifically to depress me?” Lin Beifan said.

Bai Qingxuan shook her head: “Absolutely not! I was just bored and wanted to chat with someone, so I came here… and depress you a little! Seeing you unhappy makes me feel better!”

Lin Beifan: “…”

At this point, Bai Qingxuan took the silver ticket from Lin Beifan’s hand.

“I’m done chatting, I’m leaving, and I’m taking this money with me!”

She then disappeared, really coming and going in a hurry!

Lin Beifan was very puzzled. Are all experts like this?

Meanwhile, in the palace.

Lin Beifan’s 1.5 million silver tickets had already reached the hands of the empress.

The empress was very pleased: “This Lin Beifan really is a big talent! While protecting the interests of the court, he not only embezzled 1.5 million from the Prince of Northern Hebei, but also caused him to lose soldiers and horses!”

“He really is a talent!” Bai Qingxuan admired.

“Fortunately, talented people like him have good intentions and self-restraint! Otherwise, they would cause great calamity in the world, leading to the suffering of living creatures and hopeless people!”

The empress nodded in agreement: “Sister Qingxuan, you are right! If such a talented person has good intentions, they can benefit the world! If they have evil intentions, they will cause widespread suffering and destruction! Fortunately, he is my person!”

The empress was very pleased.

Over the years, the thing she was most proud of was discovering Lin Beifan’s talent and making him her own.

Since having him, many things had become smoother.

She easily resolved the matter with Darro Kingdom. The court’s control over the officials had become stronger, and the civil and military officials dared not act too recklessly. They were afraid of being harassed by Lin Beifan or retaliated against their children.

The most critical thing was hiding his strength and rapidly developing it.

“With this 1.5 million, my development is even faster and my strength is even stronger! Under the situation of mutual loss and gain, the Prince of Northern Hebei lost a lot of elite soldiers and warriors as well as a lot of money, greatly weakening his power!”

The empress smiled triumphantly. “Uncle, I’ve won this round!”

Since the empress was in a very good mood, she generously rewarded Lin Beifan again the next day at the imperial court.

Her godlike aura was once again revealed!

Lin Beifan felt numb, and the officials followed suit!

How many times was this?

Why was the frequency so high lately?

Was the empress crazy?

“Your Majesty, please stop, don’t reward me anymore!” Lin Beifan was very frightened.

“Lin my dear, don’t worry. I can still give you another reward!” The empress said confidently.

“No need, Your Majesty! If you insist on rewarding me, please give me a few days of leave. I want to rest!” Lin Beifan said shyly.

“Rest? Is there something wrong with your health, Lin my dear?” The empress asked with concern.

Lin Beifan shook his head and said, blushing, “No, Your Majesty! With a few days of vacation, I won’t have to attend the morning court, and Your Majesty can reward me less!”

The civil and military officials suddenly felt a sense of Versailles, and their minds and bodies were seriously damaged!

After receiving the empress’ three-day leave, Lin Beifan happily left.

Entertainment was scarce in ancient times, so Lin Beifan planned to take his family to the Thundercloud Temple outside the city for a short trip.

It was said that the scenery was good, with clouds and mist rolling, like a fairyland.

He could gaze upon the capital from high up, and enjoy the beautiful view.

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