Chapter 98

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Chapter 98: Wu Ge, You Thieving Scoundrel, I Detest You to the Core!

“Ye my friend, something important happened while you were away! Lin Beifan said with a heavy heart, “An external company tried to steal our internal investment information, so they spent a huge amount of money to buy off people from our company! From ordinary employees to middle managers, a total of 16 people! I treated them so well usually, but they betrayed me, stabbed me in the back. Do you know how heartbroken I was at that time?'”

“What happened afterward?” Ye Xingchen asked eagerly.

It would be best if we lost several billion, or even over a hundred billion! It wouldn’t be in vain for me to lie here for so long!

“Afterward…” Lin Beifan patted Wu Ge’s shoulder, “It was our little brother here, doing janitorial work, who first discovered it! Our friend Wu not only is clever and uncompromising, but he also immediately exposed them, saving a considerable amount of benefits for our company, not to mention damage to our reputation!”

Lin Beifan shook his head with emotion, “If it weren’t for him, I can’t even imagine what state the company would be in! Although Wu Ge isn’t highly educated, he’s incredibly loyal to our company! So, I promoted him immediately. Ye my friend, do you think I did the right thing?”

“Right! Absolutely right!” Ye Xingchen listened, anger rising, gritting his teeth, feeling as if his illness had worsened.

If they wanted to steal profits, let them steal profits!

If they wanted to harm the company, let them harm the company!

Why does someone who digs graves bother with so much idle business?

Hey, if you’re so bored, why not go pursue Aunt Liu? No one’s stopping you! Why aren’t you doing anything productive? You’re just eating and being idle!

“Besides, our dear brother here has an impressive expertise in appraising treasures,” Lin Beifan chuckled, “Just two days ago, he wanted to take me for an appraisal, to buy antiques! Our friend Wu Ge, with his exceptional treasure appraisal skills, helped me find two extraordinary treasures! One is a calligraphy piece by Emperor Huizong of Song, and the other is a unique ancient treasure called King’s Cup, with a total value of over 3 billion!”

Ye Xingchen’s face turned darker. “Wu Ge, you bastard, you’re actually helping Lin Beifan make money? Are you finding his progress not fast enough?”

At this point, Wu Ge touched his chest and felt the pain again. “Ye my friend, guess how much I spent to buy these two items?”

“These two antiques are worth over 3 billion in total, so it must have taken a few billion to buy them, right?”

“Wrong!” Lin Beifan shook his head, proudly raising two fingers, “I only spent 20 million to get them! Haha!”

Ye Xingchen’s face grew even darker. Spent 20 million to acquire something worth over 3 billion? That’s literally a hundredfold profit! More exhilarating than trading gold and crude oil! Even at his peak, his trading in gold and crude oil only earned him a little over 400 million! And he needed over 100 million in funds to achieve that kind of result! You did it with just 20 million? Ye Xingchen glared fiercely at Wu Ge. You thieving scoundrel! I have nothing to do with you!

However, at this moment, Wu Ge didn’t notice. He was holding his chest, soothing his wounded heart. Lin Beifan continued enthusiastically, “Now, Wu Ge has started learning about investments from me. He’s incredibly talented in this field, not any less than you! I believe with both of you, my company will keep prospering and getting better!”

“Of course, of course…” Ye Xingchen and Wu Ge forced out dry laughs.

All I want now is to throttle you!

Finally, Lin Beifan gripped Ye Xingchen’s hand tightly, “Ye my friend, without you, my money-making has slowed down significantly! Take good care of yourself, and I look forward to your triumphant return as a king!”

“Boss Lin, rest assured, I’ll be back soon!” Ye Xingchen’s heart was filled with urgency. With Wu Ge, this scheming thief, helping him, this guy’s business was soaring at a rapid pace! I have to go back and rein them in!

“Take care of yourself, I’ll come to visit you another day. Let’s go!” Lin Beifan left with Wu Ge.

“Boss Lin, are we heading back to the company?”

“No, we’re going to see another friend! He’s not from our company, but he’s an important acquaintance of mine. For me, he’s extremely significant!”

With a smile, Lin Beifan led Wu Ge into Xiao Chen’s hospital room.

After introducing the two to each other, they continued their conversation.

Wu Ge hadn’t expected that after his rebirth, the divine doctor Xiao Chen would become such close friends with Lin Beifan. This guy had stolen his fiancée, yet he was treating him like a brother.

Xiao Chen hadn’t expected that after his rebirth, this tomb raider Wu Ge would become Lin Beifan’s right-hand man. He had used his expertise to help his enemy in so many ways and acquired two extraordinary antiques.

Both of them were thinking the same thing: scoundrel!

Xiao Chen felt a sense of urgency. With Ye Xingchen and Wu Ge’s assistance, Lin Beifan’s rise would undoubtedly be even faster!

I must recover quickly and take action as soon as possible! Otherwise, I might just lie here until the end! With everything settled, Lin Beifan finally returned contentedly.

Meanwhile, in another city, the Dragon King Zhao Tian had already learned that Wu Ge had become Lin Beifan’s right-hand man, gaining his trust, and was about to learn professional investment knowledge from him. In other words, their plan had succeeded!

Dragon King Zhaotian laughed heartily, “Impressive, Wu Ge, you’ve achieved so quickly! I didn’t misjudge you back then!”

“Congratulations, Dragon King! Hail to the Dragon King!” the black-clad men chimed in.

“Send 10 million over to him! Say I’m pleased and that it’s a reward for him!” Dragon King Zhaotian happily exclaimed. This was a significant victory he had achieved in his competition with Lin Beifan. This was the first time in two lifetimes! If not for his subordinates watching, he would have been tempted to jump for joy.

“Yes, Dragon King!” the black-clad men acknowledged.

“Report to the Dragon King, Wu Ge has successfully infiltrated Lin Beifan’s side. Shouldn’t we take further action? Let the secrets be revealed so we can strike precisely!” one of the black-clad men suggested.

“Correct, it’s time to tighten the net. I can’t wait to see Lin Beifan’s downfall. Contact Wu Ge immediately,” Dragon King Zhao Tian exclaimed excitedly.

“Yes, Dragon King!”

On the other side, Wu Ge received the reminder from the black-clad men to take further action. He was thrilled. Actually, he didn’t need their reminder; he would have contacted them himself. Because he had long wanted to deal with Lin Beifan. Otherwise, he would truly go crazy with anger!

Wu Ge: Starting tomorrow, I’ll be learning about investments by his side. Be ready to receive my updates!

Black-clad men: Understood!

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