Chapter 96

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Chapter 96: I Almost Lost My Life, What’s Wrong with 1 Million?

“The Prince has already sent martial art experts to save the Eldest Prince!”

“However, the Imperial Court has many skilled soldiers and horses, and the Prince’s men have returned empty-handed many times, suffering casualties that they can no longer afford. Therefore, the Prince earnestly requests that Mr. Lin help to speak on behalf of the Eldest Prince in court and persuade the Imperial Court to release him!”

“After the matter is successfully resolved, there will surely be heavy rewards! Mr. Lin, I beg of you, please rescue the Eldest Prince!”

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai came over, sincerely pleading.

Lin Beifan said righteously, “You are too kind. The Prince is being too kind as well. Rescuing the Eldest Prince is my duty that I cannot shirk. Even if the Prince did not ask, I would do everything in my power!”

Mo Roushuang and Guo Shaoshuai were filled with gratitude upon hearing this.

Mo Rushuang’s eyes were gentle as he said, “Mr. Lin, thank you for your hard work! After the matter is over, I will definitely speak highly of you in front of the Prince and let him know of your efforts and contributions!”

Guo Shaoshuai said, “I will also say a few good words for you!”

Lin Beifan waved his hand and humbly said, “There’s no need for that. This is what I should do!”

At this point, Lin Beifan’s tone changed and he said with some difficulty, “But rescuing the Eldest Prince will not be easy! It will require great hardship and a high cost. So I hope…”

“What do you hope for?” Mo Rushuang and his companion said in unison.

“Firstly, I hope that the Prince can pay the reward in advance. I’m not asking for much, just 1 million taels!”

Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai exclaimed in shock.

They thought that he had changed his ways and turned over a new leaf, but they didn’t expect him to still be the greedy teenager who hadn’t changed at all!

He asked for 1 million taels right off the bat and said it wasn’t that much…

Do you know how much money that is?

Mo Roushuang said angrily, “Mr. Gongzi, you still call that not much? You are clearly asking for a life! 1 million taels is equivalent to the annual expenditure of 100,000 commoners. How can the Prince have so much money?”

Guo Shaoshuai also said, “Mr. Lin, you are really too greedy. I can’t bear to watch anymore!”

Lin Beifan felt extremely wronged and said, “Do you think it’s easy for me? Do you know why the Imperial Court is delaying the release of the Eldest Prince?”

“Why?” They both asked at the same time.

“That’s because the Imperial Court, including the empress, has seen through the Prince’s intentions and believe that he will inevitably revolt. So they do not agree to release the Eldest Prince! They want to keep the Eldest Prince detained in the capital and use him as a hostage to threaten the Prince, forcing him to be cautious!”

“So that’s how it is!” They were shocked.

Lin Beifan raised a finger and said, “At that time, I spoke on behalf of the Eldest Prince! But who would have thought…”

“What happened?” They both asked in unison again.

“I almost got exposed!” Lin Beifan said with lingering fear.

“At that time, all the civil and military officials in the court looked at me suspiciously, suspecting that I had betrayed the Imperial Court and sided with the Prince of Northern Hebei! Even the empress who usually favored me, looked at me with suspicion!”

“Is it that serious?” They were shocked again.

“Not at all!” Lin Beifan continued to be agitated and roar, “So, what’s wrong with 1 million? I almost lost all my wealth, glory and favor from the empress, and almost lost my life! In other words, I lost everything!”

“I just want 1 million, is that a lot?”

“The Prince only lost 1 million, but I lost everything!”

“Let’s look at it from a different angle. Is the Eldest Prince’s life not worth 1 million?”

Mo Rushuang felt extremely ashamed, “Mr. Lin, I misunderstood you! I never expected you to sacrifice so much for the Crown Prince. 1 million is not a lot! I’m really sorry…”

Guo Shaoshuai was also ashamed: “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry, I misunderstood you!”

Lin Beifan’s face was still ugly: “Humph! It’s good that you understand! And do you think that the 1 million really went into my pockets?”

Looking at the two confused expressions, Lin Beifan said impatiently, “You are really stupid, you can’t even figure this out! No one in the court agreed, so I had to spend money to persuade them, otherwise who will speak for me?”

“Oh, that’s right! Mr. Lin, you’re right!” The two finally understood.

Lin Beifan took out a small abacus from somewhere and calculated, “I have already calculated that there are about 30 people in the court who can have a say! They are all corrupt, and each person needs at least three or four hundred thousand silver to change their minds! So at the very least, I should spend 900,000! taels!

“If I meet someone who is more greedy, three or four hundred thousand may not be enough! For example, the Minister of Personnel, Gao Tianyao, and the Minister of Revenue, Qian Yuanshen, they are all very greedy, and they have a grudge against me! If they can’t be convinced with 80 or 90 thousand, some may need more than ten thousand!”

“Considering all this, 1 million is far from enough, I have to put in more money!”

Lin Beifan put away the abacus and sighed in despair, “You guys tell me, just to save an inexperienced prince, I have already lost so much, and I still have to endure others’ misunderstandings, is it easy for me?”

Both Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai felt embarrassed.
Mo Rushuang apologized again, “Mr. Lin, I am so stupid and didn’t know anything, but I misunderstood you, I’m sorry! I won’t doubt you again in the future!”

Guo Shaoshuai bowed and apologized, “Mr. Lin, I’m sorry! You didn’t do anything wrong, it was me!”

“It’s good that you understand!” Lin Beifan sighed.

Looking at Lin Beifan’s sad and distressed appearance, Mo Rushuang felt very distressed and advised him, “Mr. Lin, you have already done so much for the prince and the king, we all see it! If 1 million is not enough, then ask for more. I think the Prince will understand!”

Lin Beifan’s eyes lit up, “Can I really do that?”

Seeing Lin Beifan’s changing expression, Mo Rushuang’s mood improved, “Mr. Lin, you have already done enough, don’t hurt yourself! Even if you don’t ask for more, I will still help you plead, it’s what you deserve! Is 1.5 million enough?”

Lin Beifan was very moved and grabbed Mo Rushuang’s hand excitedly, “Rushuang, you are always the best to me! Thank you!”

“Uh-huh!” Mo Rushuang blushed and nodded.

Feeling the warmth on her hand, her heart was filled with joy.

At this time, Guo Shaoshuai came forward and said seriously, “Mr. Lin, I will also speak for you more!”

Lin Beifan pushed his big face away, “Get out of my way!”

Guo Shaoshuai: “…”

After that, Mo Rushuang and Guo Shaoshuai left.

The letter was written and sent through special channels to the prince’s hands as quickly as possible.

The prince read it and was trembling with anger. “What the hell! 1.5 million yuan and he still won’t help me rob them?”

“What’s wrong, your highness?” Zhuge asked, confused.

The Prince handed Zhuge the letter, annoyed. “Advisor, read it and see how greedy this Lin Beifan is! He wants 1.5 million taels just to help me save my son!”

Zhuge looked carefully at the letter. “1.5 million is indeed a lot, but if it can be used to bribe officials and improve our situation, it’s not too much money.”

The prince was reluctant. “But what if he takes the money and can’t get the job done? Then I’ll lose a lot of money.”

Zhuge smiled. “Didn’t we agree to pay a 30% down payment first when we made the agreement with Lin Beifan? We can pay the rest when the job is done, and that way we’ll reduce our losses.”

The prince nodded, looking much happier.

“Moreover, your highness, we can use this opportunity to test Lin Beifan’s capabilities. The eldest prince is currently being held by the court, and the officials refuse to release him. If Lin Beifan can save the eldest prince in this unfavorable situation, it proves that he is a very capable person. Such a talented person, isn’t it worth the money to bring him into our ranks?”

The prince nodded, looking at Zhuge and motioning for him to continue.

“Money can be earned back, but talent is extremely rare! If we can win him over and make him do even greater things in the future, it will definitely help your highness’s career!” Zhuge said.

“You’re right,” the prince said. “Let’s do it this way.”

“Your highness is wise!” Zhuge bowed.

So, a silver note worth 450,000 yuan was quickly sent to Lin Beifan’s hands.

“The prince says this is a 30% down payment! When you rescue the crown prince, they will pay the rest of the money as promised! Mr. Lin, we’re counting on you now, you must save the crown prince!” Mo Ruoshuang said seriously.

Lin Beifan quickly stashed the silver note away and said seriously, “Now that the money’s been paid, there’s no problem! Go back and tell the prince to wait for my good news!”

In his heart, he thought: this prince is really a fat sheep, I must fleece him more in the future!

Looking at Lin Beifan’s confident expression, Mo Rushuang was still worried and said, “Mr. Lin, you must be careful! Don’t force yourself to do something that’s impossible! In my eyes, your life is more important, so please don’t risk it!”

“Okay, I understand!” Lin Beifan promised.

The next day, Lin Beifan stood up very positively at the morning court meeting and said loudly, “Your Majesty, these days I have been thinking hard and believe that for your sake and for the prosperity of the country, the eldest prince should be released!”

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