Chapter 96

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Chapter 96 – Innocent Hollow 1

Accompanied by Aix, Rula recalled a memory and chuckled quietly inside the gently swaying carriage, making a small sound.

“Hehe. I shall grant that wish for you. By the way, the demon contracted by the Great Magician-sama had a wish of ‘Yay’.”

“Yes, even an old man like me was surprised. It seems there are various kinds of hollowness considered evil in the world.”

Rula’s eyes gleamed.

“Hehehe. Hey, Grandpa.”

“I refuse.”

However, the princess would not allow it.

She extended her beautiful hand.

The old man resolved himself to fulfill her request.

“Yay♪” (Oldman)

They high-fived, and the princess laughed heartily while the old man blushed and his face turned red from embarrassment.

The old man prayed that the strange trend wouldn’t reach the royal family.

Aix, who saw off the carriage, approached Lai-nee and proposed.

“Ano! How about becoming a real maid?”

“Is that okay?”

I decided to offer her a place to belong.

I could just provide regular protection, but she would probably want to feel useful. The job would involve helping with household chores.

“How much allowance would you like?”

Lai-nee tilted her head, pondering.

As she thought about it, she began counting on her fingers.

“For the allowance, that’s fine. But if you entrust me with the house, I would also like to receive food expenses, supplies expenses, evening party expenses, clothing expenses, and miscellaneous expenses.”


It seems like the conversation is becoming a bit troublesome.

…She’s too serious.

I want to give up.

That’s it! If I handed it away…

“I’ll leave everything to you.”

“T-T-T-These are gold coins. A-Ah, I-I-I’m so nervous.”

When I handed over the five gold coins that were intended to be used for the household, Lai-nee started trembling uncontrollably.

For slum dwellers, these would be coins of legendary value. And to top it off, there were five of them.

I understand. Even I, the other day, was trembling like crazy during the gold coin grabbing game.

Perhaps, at that time, the intention was to grab as many as I liked.

I shook my head in fear, trembling.

After all, it was a large sum of money, so I think it will last for several years.

Let’s think about money once it runs out.

Now then, should I go after Lai-nee and Nitra, who went exploring inside the house?

The kitchen is bustling.


I can hear Nitra’s excited voice.

As I entered the room and searched for Nitra, she was rubbing against my Hollow, filled with delight.

“You’re amazing!” (Nitra)

“Hehehehe.” (Hollow)

Feeling puzzled, I glanced around the kitchen and noticed a strange sense of unease. As I stared intently, the causes started to emerge one by one, as if playing a game of finding mistakes.

“Huh? There’s my water bottle.” (Aix)

“And, Goshujin-sama, the Eternal Fireball is in the stove too.” (Lai-nee)

At that moment, a house sprite (My Hollow) approached, walking at my feet.

Apparently, it had used it without permission.

It was using my own magic.

My Hollow is quite greedy.

So when it notices me, it shows an expectant expression and toddles towards me.

It must be asking for more.

Well, why not? Let’s respond. Eat until you’re full.

“Wow, you’re amazing. Good job.” (Aix)

Hollow happily bounced up and down.

“Goshujin-sama’ Hollow is such a good kid.”


Seeing the embarrassed Hollow being gently patted by Lai-nee, I felt warm inside.

“Hehehehe.” (Hollow)

Maybe she praised it too much, as Hollow made a red face face. What’s up with this little one?

“For now, let’s move.”


We have to move our belongings from the regular lodging.

“You shouldn’t enter inside and come out in the middle of the town.” (Aix)

I told Hollow, who had a bad expression, but it looked at me with a puzzled face. It’s because there might be persecution, so it’s not allowed.

With a sullen face, it entered my body.

I’ll play with it again later.

Well, that’s why we carried the luggage.

We went out into the town and bought three sets of futons for now, then it was already nighttime. Lai-nee, wanting to act like an older sister, proudly paid with a gold coin to make the purchase.

“We’re home!”

Having our own home is the best.


The futons have arrived too! Nitra carried them.

Even though she’s small, she’s stronger than me, which surprises me.

Beastfolk are amazing.

“Thank you, Nitra.”

“It’s fine.”

It tried to act cool, but I won’t overlook its tail wagging.

Everyone looks tired from shopping and seems sleepy.

Honestly, I’m sleepy too.

Hollow is peeking out of my body, but you are only allowed to come out again tomorrow.

“Yawn. Goodnight.”

“Goodnight, Goshujin-sama.”


In our new home, we sleep while bathed in the light of the starry sky.

The smell of freshly carved wood is pleasant.

I tried to sound cool, but the reason why the outside light comes in is that I forgot to buy curtains.

Because who would think that something like that would happen?

It’s a liberating night.

“For now, curtains will have to wait until tomorrow.”

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