Chapter 95

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Chapter 95: Will History Repeat Itself?

This scene shocked everyone!

Lin Beifan hadn’t spoken yet, but Sun Lao was the first to speak, scolding, “You sly fatty! In our line of work, we emphasize paying for goods with one hand and delivering them with the other, making a move without regrets! Even if you eventually mess up, you can only admit your defeat!”

“If everyone behaved like you, regretting good finds, how would the collector’s world continue? If you can back out, others can back out too, and chaos will reign in this field!”

“If you can back out, can those you swindled for money come to you to get their money back?” Others also became angry.

“Selling at a high price, then snatching it back when you realize it’s valuable. Is this how you do business?”

“You’re nothing more than a profiteer!”

“You’re undermining the rules of our trade!”

“Say whatever you want, but I won’t sell! I won’t sell!” Wang Pangzi was determined to take this stand to the end. Lin Beifan squinted his eyes, saying, “Fatty, are you sure you want to back out?”

“That’s right! I’m backing out, so what!” Wang Pangzi held onto the King’s Cup, his face contorted, saying, “This King’s Cup is worth billions, a unique piece in the world. Do you think I’d give you a good deal? Don’t worry, I’ll return the money later! I’ll give you 10 million, I won’t let you down!”

“It seems there’s nothing more to discuss,” Lin Beifan sighed, “Let’s go!”

Wang Pangzi was smug. However, Wu Ge standing nearby was filled with anxiety.

Could history repeat itself?

In a previous life, Wang Pangzi had sold a fake antique to Lin Beifan, leading to the latter targeting him and putting him in various difficult situations, time and time again. Not only did he lose his wealth, but he also lost all his freedom—everything was gone!

In the previous life, Lin Beifan was only cheated of a few million!

But in this life, Lin Beifan was being brushed off with billions right in front of him! Can you imagine how he’ll seek revenge?

There’s no need to ponder; it will certainly be more terrifying! This Wang Pangzi, truly… Reborn into another life and he hadn’t even gotten a chance to take revenge and settle old scores, yet he managed to offend him again!

Could you change the habit of being greedy for small advantages?

Wu Ge was extremely anxious, saying, “Boss Lin, please wait!”

Lin Beifan asked, “Is there something else, Xiao Wu?”

“I think shop owner might be acting on impulse. Let me try to reason with him!” Lin Beifan shook his head, saying, “It’s too much trouble. I think I’ll handle it my way.”

Wu Ge became even more distressed, pleading, “Boss Lin, please give me a chance!”

Lin Beifan finally nodded, “Alright, since you’re insisting so much, I’ll give you a chance.” Wu Ge was relieved, “Thank you, Boss Lin!”

Lin Beifan patted his shoulder and said with a faint smile, “Do your best. If it doesn’t work, it doesn’t matter. Whatever I made him swallow, he better spit it out, principal and interest included!”

A shiver ran down Wu Ge’s spine. He covertly signaled Wang Pangzi, “Boss, let’s have a good talk inside!”

Wang Pangzi pretended, “Sure! Let’s have a good talk!” The two entered the courtyard.

Wang Pangzi suddenly dropped his pretense and became excited, “Wu Ge, do you know what we’ve just discovered? This is the genuine King’s Cup worth over 3 billion, one of a kind in the world! If I hadn’t played tough, we might not have gotten it back!”

Wu Ge urged, “Pangzi, you nearly caused a huge disaster just now. Do you realize that?”

Wang Pangzi looked puzzled, “What disaster?”

“You actually dared to be greedy and take away Lin Beifan’s King’s Cup! It’s worth over 3 billion, do you know how he’ll deal with you?”

“He’s just a small wealthy heir, what can he do?” Wang Pangzi dismissed it, “Haven’t we faced all kinds of dangers, from tombs to sticky rice parcels, wind and rain? Would we fear a little wealthy heir?”

Wu Ge shook his head, “You really underestimate him! He’s far scarier than those sticky rice parcels. The most they could do is harm our bodies, but he can not only harm us physically, but he can also manipulate our minds, making us wish for life yet unable to live, wish for death yet unable to die!”

“Is he really that terrifying?” Wang Pangzi questioned.

“More terrifying than you can imagine! Let me put it this way, whatever you greedily took from him today, he can make you spit it out tomorrow and then throw you into prison for the rest of your life! Everything you have will vanish into thin air!” Wu Ge recalled everything from his past life.

Back then, Lin Beifan also went up against Wang Pangzi.

In just a few days, they lost the wealth they had worked so hard for over the years, and they were thrown into prison. After they came out, the two groups clashed again.

The opponent’s methods were too cunning, always targeting their weaknesses, sending them to prison time and time again. Even when they hid deep in the mountains and forests, they were still found by their adversary!

A lifetime living in the shadow of the other! That’s why, given a second chance, he didn’t want his loyal friend to repeat the same mistakes.

“Are you trying to deceive me?” Wang Pangzi opened his mouth.

“When have I ever deceived you?”

“That’s true.”

“Pangzi, I’m being serious now. Return these King’s Cups!” Wu Ge said sternly.

“Not return them? These were originally ours. Why should we return them?” Wang Pangzi justified.

“Pangzi, I’m doing this for your own good! If you don’t return them, I’ll cut off all ties with you, and I’ll personally snatch them back and return them. If it comes to that, don’t blame me!” Wu Ge warned firmly.

Wang Pangzi was shocked.

This was the first time he saw his friend being so serious!

It indicated that his friend was genuinely concerned!

Feeling a bit panicked, he said, “Come on, Wu Ge, this is too much, isn’t it? I’m your loyal friend, we’ve been through everything together since we were kids, even wearing the same pair of pants. You’re not helping your own people but helping an outsider, and you want to cut off all ties with me. Isn’t that too much?”

“I’ve never helped an outsider. I’ve always been helping you!” Wu Ge embraced Wang Pangzi excitedly, tears in his eyes. “Pangzi, I don’t want to lose you again, you know that?” At that moment, Wang Pangzi was touched.

He felt that his friend was sincere!

“I’m telling you, the King’s Cup is important, but your life is even more important! If you lose this thing, you can find it back. But if I lose you, I can’t make up for it in a lifetime!” Wu Ge said earnestly.

Wang Pangzi opened his mouth, “Am I really that important?” Wu Ge nodded seriously, “Absolutely!”

Wang Pangzi opened his mouth again, “More important than Aunt Liu?” Wu Ge’s face turned dark, “Get lost!”

“Fine, here, take this thing!” Reluctantly, Wang Pangzi handed back the King’s Cup.

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