Chapter 95

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Chapter 95 – My Home 4

“I will guide you to the property with special circumstances in a carriage.”

Led by Rula, who smiled mischievously, I was taken into a luxurious carriage parked in front of the shop.

The interior was extravagant and unfamiliar, making me feel uneasy. The cushions of the royal family’s exclusive carriage were incredibly comfortable and plush, and there was no rocking or noise.

“Wow… it’s luxurious.” (Aix)

When I looked at Nitra and Lai-nee, they were sitting stiffly, as nervous as borrowed cats.

“Princess, since it seems Aix-sama has taken a liking, how about presenting the same item?”

“Grandpa, that’s a good idea.”

“No, I didn’t urge you to do it.”

As I panicked, I was laughed at as if the prank had succeeded.

I couldn’t say anything careless.

“Rula, where are you taking us?”


We arrived at some mansion.

What was strange was that even though there was no sign of people, the air was filled with the pleasant smell of freshly cut wood, characteristic of a new construction.

“We have arrived.”

And it’s huge.

The branch manager, who followed after us, is also wide-eyed.

“…This is, my home!?”

I was perplexed when the old man called out to me.

“Aix-sama. This property is a confiscated house (a newly built guildmaster’s house sent to the mines).”

“And what does that have to do with me?”

Lura smirked mischievously.

“So, the starting price for the auction is one gold coin.”

“That’s… unfair.”

Is that really okay?

The shop assistant let out an excited voice.

“Amazing! Ah, it’s so wonderful. There isn’t a girl who wouldn’t envy this.”

Nitra wrinkled her nose and her eyes sparkled as she swayed off, as if setting off on an exploration.

The old man called out again.

“Aix-sama, if you choose this place, it would help maintain the country’s dignity.”

“As for me…”

Is it okay for me to receive something like this?

Does it match my stature?

What does my hollow half think about it?


Without even having a conversation with my heart, the hollow leaked out of my body like a ghost.

A small devil, smaller than the black mist-like me, was eagerly looking around the mansion.

Cold sweat streamed down.

I have reached Stage 3 as a mage.

The degree of erosion is increasing, and I seem to be leaving my humanity behind.

I don’t know the details, but it is said that if one is completely eroded and materializes, they become a demon lord, a demon, or a hermit.

The Hollow has different values and ethics than humans, and magicians who exceed Stage 3 tend to leave the human world, so the details are not well understood.

Therefore, it is inevitable for me to be surrounded by a tense atmosphere as the guards in black robes point spears and staffs at me.

It’s better than suddenly being attacked though.

The old man wore a stern expression, took out a magical tool for criminal appraisal, peered into it, and made a strange face while shaking his head.

“Be alert. We mustn’t let our guard down yet. Aix-sama, I apologize, but may I use the desire-reading device?”

“Please do.”

I have no right to refuse, nor do I intend to, but it seems they are using a new magical tool.

I await the judgment.

The air was tense and electric.

The hollow that had come out of my body on its own looked up at me with unease.

No, it’s your fault, though.

The magical tool emitted a glow, and it seemed that the results were out.

Upon seeing it, the princess burst into laughter, holding her stomach, while the old man gave me a serious look like, “Seriously, this guy?”

(TLN: Remember, the Hollow desire is slime pillow)

Um, the one at fault here is the hollow, you know?

“Hehehe. As expected of the Great Magician.”

“Yes, Your Highness. Rumors cannot always be trusted. Perhaps this old man has grown old or become somewhat tired. Aix-sama, please forgive any impoliteness.”

The black-clad guards released their vigilance, as if declaring me innocent.

The atmosphere instantly became cheerful, and the hollow looked up at me eagerly, as if saying, “It’s all good now, right?”

“Sigh, it’s fine.”

“Hahaha! My ho-ho-home!”

The hollow set off on the exploration of the new construction, joyfully, and Nitra, unable to contain her excitement, eagerly followed behind the clattering steps of the hollow.

“Grandpa, please give us an explanation for what comes next.”

“Yes, Your Highness, understood. Aix-sama, this will be the key to your house. We will arrange craftsmen and caretakers at a later date, so please let them know your preferences.”

And thus, I acquired this mansion.

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