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Chapter 94

Chapter 94: People Eating People

Time passed slowly, and another two months went by.

Su Hao’s perception range had expanded to over a thousand meters, and he began to take action. However, he wasn’t going out to cause trouble; instead, he used his radar to secretly observe the nighttime routines of people and gather information. He needed to figure out what was going on in this small town as quickly as possible. Otherwise, he couldn’t sleep soundly at night, never knowing when unexpected events might occur. Only by gathering enough information could he avoid potential dangers.

As darkness fell, Su Hao stealthily hid in a corner of the city, using his radar to observe the nighttime activities of the residents. Most people retreated to their homes before the night fell and didn’t venture outside. However, a small portion of people began their nighttime activities.

When the night had completely descended, some ordinary people with weak blood energy responses quietly left their homes, found a corner, and stayed there quietly without moving.

As for those with blood energy intensity above the Elite level, they began to move stealthily through the city, seemingly with a very clear purpose—to hunt targets.

In Su Hao’s perception, an Elite-level individual immediately took action after nightfall, carefully avoiding people’s gazes and heading straight for another Elite-level individual with even higher blood energy intensity.

Surprisingly, the other Elite-level individual was completely unaware of this.

After some hesitation, Su Hao believed that the danger wasn’t significant, so he quietly approached the two individuals. He wanted to find out what was happening. Perhaps, he could unveil this secret tonight.

Su Hao avoided everyone and quickly approached. Soon, he saw a figure completely wrapped in black fabric, moving stealthily among low buildings. Their figure was incredibly light, and they ran without making a sound, like a ghost that could float freely, appearing and disappearing intermittently.

Shortly, that figure arrived at its destination, hiding under an eave, silently waiting for its prey to appear.

Then, another Elite-level individual appeared. This person was naked, wearing only shorts, and their face was covered with a hood, making it impossible to discern their appearance. Their dark red figure perfectly blended into the darkness, making them difficult to detect.

As the person in shorts walked, they suddenly put both hands on the ground and began walking on all fours. A bony tail slowly grew from their coccyx, extending to over a meter, and dense fur gradually covered their body, concealing their smooth skin. Their ears started to elongate and grow larger, while sharp fangs emerged in their mouth. Their hands also sprouted long bony claws.

After walking about ten meters, a living person had completely transformed into another form, resembling a leopard.

At the same time, in Su Hao’s radar perception, the blood energy intensity of this transformed Zhu Huo Ren decreased significantly as they changed shape.

“What the heck?” Su Hao, hidden in the darkness, witnessed the entire transformation process. His eyes nearly popped out. Wasn’t this like the shape-shifting magic from Harry Potter?

The transformed leopard-like person quietly prowled towards their target, and in Su Hao’s radar perception, another Elite-level Zhu Huo Ren sneaked over from a distance.

“…” Su Hao suddenly felt a chill down his spine.

When the leopard-like person passed below, the person in black clothing released their hold on the roof beam, falling slowly. Two small steel knives had somehow already appeared in their hands. With a downward motion, they aimed for the leopard-like person’s neck.

However, the leopard-like person was very alert. When the person in black clothing was about to land, they sensed a hint of danger. The leopard-like person’s fur bristled, and they leaped forward while whipping their bony tail backward.


The small knives failed to pierce the leopard-like person’s neck as intended and instead left a long gash on their back.

The leopard-like person’s hurried tail strike missed its target.

Injured, the leopard-like person didn’t utter a word and ran into the darkness without looking back.

The person in black clothing didn’t want to miss this opportunity and immediately pursued the wounded target. Unexpectedly, the person in black clothing moved swiftly, even faster than the leopard-like person.

After several rounds of pursuit, the injuries on the leopard-like person’s body increased. Although their bony tail had left a deep gash on the person in black clothing, it was clear to anyone that the leopard-like person was at a disadvantage.

However, the leopard-like person was not willing to give up. Their blood energy rapidly depleted, their tail retracted, and they grew two long wings at their shoulder blades. Their hands turned into sharp sickles, glinting with a cold light. They transformed into a humanoid mantis.

It remained uncertain if their wings could actually fly.

The transformation was incredibly swift, and when it was complete, the mantis-like person’s blood energy intensity had dropped significantly.

They swung their sharp sickle-like hands at the person in black clothing, enhancing their attack power. It seemed like they were going all out to secure victory.

The person in black clothing hesitated a bit; the mantis-like person didn’t seem easy to deal with. However, this 【Mimicry】 person was the prey they had observed for a long time tonight. Despite the failed ambush, this was still their best hunting opportunity tonight.

As a 【Nimble Person】, if they could obtain the flesh and blood of the 【Mimicry Person】, even though they couldn’t advance in rank, it would greatly enhance their abilities.

“I’ll take the risk!” The person in black clothing made up their mind, wielding their twin knives, seizing the opportunity. Their figure drifted towards the mantis-like person, and their speed was unexpectedly not slow.

The nimble person’s knife slid forward in a cross motion.


It was blocked by the mantis-like person’s sickle-like hand, making a crisp sound that reverberated far into the distance.

The person in black clothing immediately adjusted their direction, trying to attack from behind the mantis-like person. Still, they were blocked again.

After several exchanges like this, the person in black clothing was unexpectedly caught by the mantis-like person’s sickles. They tugged forcefully, causing the person in black clothing to stumble.

“An opportunity!” The mantis-like person unleashed all their strength, pounced forward, and rapidly wrapped their sickles around the person in black clothing’s neck, giving it a strong squeeze.

“Crack, snap!”

The sound of the spike piercing flesh and the cracking of the neck vertebrae intertwined. In an instant, the person in black clothing turned into a lifeless body, and the hunter became the hunted.

Once the mantis-like person confirmed that their opponent was dead, they released their sickles, and the lifeless body of the person in black clothing fell to the ground.

The mantis-like person tore open the black clothing, focused on the thick flesh on the person’s back, opened their mouth full of sharp teeth, and ferociously tore off a piece of flesh, devouring it hungrily, then another large bite.

After consuming two mouthfuls, it seemed to be enough. They stood up and were about to leave. They could only maintain their mantis-like form; they were too exhausted to transform further tonight.

Their injuries were too severe; they could no longer hunt their intended target tonight. They needed to return to their hiding spot as soon as possible. However, they had not returned empty-handed tonight after obtaining the flesh of the 【Nimble Person】.

But just as the mantis-like person was about to turn and leave, a shadow suddenly descended from above, silently and noiselessly. Before the mantis-like person could react, sharp claws cut across their neck, causing blood to spurt out.

The mantis-like person desperately covered the wound with their sickles but gradually lost strength. They saw the identity of the attacker behind them, the 【Night Stalker】, the quietest figure in the darkness.

However, Su Hao didn’t recognize the 【Night Stalker】. Instead, he recognized the figure who had just harvested the mantis-like person as the ‘bat-like creature’ that had attacked him some time ago.

After consuming the flesh and blood of the black-clad person and the mantis-like person, the ‘bat-like creature’ silently left the area.

Soon, Su Hao sensed ordinary people who had been lurking nearby for a long time, starting to get restless. In no time, they swarmed towards the two lifeless bodies on the ground, beginning to feast voraciously, their mouths filled with blood.

After consuming enough, they quietly withdrew and found a place to hide. More ordinary people followed the sound and joined this gruesome feast.

In a short time, the two bodies on the ground had turned into bare skeletons, left abandoned in place.

Su Hao’s hair stood on end. What kind of world was this?

It was a true case of people eating people!

Su Hao quietly followed those who had consumed the flesh and blood. He wanted to know why these people were doing this.


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My Divine Diary

My Divine Diary

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