Chapter 94

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Chapter 94 – My Home 3

Aix made up his mind.

With a nervous expression, he mustered up the courage to confess to the branch manager who brought a new list of high-end properties.

“Um… You’ve been showing me only high-end properties, but I don’t have much money.”

The branch manager looked surprised and dropped the list on the floor. Good, it seems like the misunderstanding has been cleared up.

“Oh, your home will be fully funded by a patron with no limits. So, you don’t need to worry about money at all.”

“A patron?”

Huh? What are they talking about?

Is there such thing?

“I can’t believe you haven’t heard anything?”

“Could it be Luca?”

I shook my head vigorously.

“It’s Princess Rula, the third princess!”


Huh? That child was actually real!?

I thought it was just child’s play.

“Aix-sama, you look pale. Are you okay?”

“I might not be.”

Playing pretend as a hero or a member of the royal family is common, so I thought she was just a wealthy child. I’m such an idiot.

“Get someone who can provide immediate medical assistance!”

“No, there’s no need for that.”

While I was absent-mindedly letting it go in one ear and out the other, they handed me an ice-cold high potion. This response seems serious.

“Aix-san, here, drink it. Are you okay?”

And on top of that, while I was dazed, the lady assistant put my head on her lap and made me drink it. It tastes so good! Mana is rushing through my entire body.

It’s been a while since I drank a high potion, but it’s still delicious. Ahh.

“Princess Rula will also visit the store later, so we can explain in detail at that time.”



I hope I won’t be charged with disrespect.

Thinking about the conversation with Rula makes me feel gloomy.

She’s wiping my mouth with a handkerchief.

Maybe right now, I seem really royal.

Feeling extremely worried by everyone’s concern, I waited for the trial. After a while, I heard a welcoming voice at the entrance.

I can still hear them calling her “Princess.”

Ugh, I want to go home.

After the crowd dispersed, the men in black surrounded them, and the audience began.

“Great Magician-sama!”


They came running innocently.

When I looked at them as instructed, they seemed noble.

I couldn’t speak due to nervousness.

“It seems you’re acting distant. Are you still angry?”

“Huh!? What are you talking about?”

I saw a hint of uneasiness in their intellectual eyes, and I felt ashamed of my own foolishness. It’s despicable to change my attitude towards a friend based on my own self-preservation.

“In fact, I have thoroughly investigated the foolish acts committed by the Adventurers’ Guild against the Great Magician-sama. I cannot forgive them.”

I felt overwhelmed by the intensity as if they were enveloped in a blue flame. So, this is the sword of condemnation that the royal family wields.

It’s impressive.

“I don’t mind. I’m just a little tired.”

I smiled tiredly and sadly.

Then, the carefree air surrounding Rula disappeared. The girl transformed into a determined adult woman, her eyes holding a cold blue flame, and her spine straightened like a sword.

She slowly lowered her head.

“Great Magician Aix-sama. On behalf of Princess Rula Whitening, I offer my apologies.”

“Princess! It is unbecoming of the royal family to apologize so lightly.”

“Enough, grandpa.”


Rula is completely innocent, but she intends to fulfill her duty as a member of the royal family.

She waits patiently for me to accept her apology. It would be easy to respond and accept it.

But I won’t be swayed by the easy path.

So, I ask her.

“Rula, or should I say Princess Rula. How would you like me to address you from now on?”


I made the same mistake earlier too.

The Great Magician and the Third Princess.

Aix and Rula.

Which relationship do you desire?

The astute girl quickly realizes her mistake.

She puts on an apologetic face and smiles sheepishly, returning from being a part of the entity called the nation to being a carefree and precious friend.

“I’m sorry, Great Magician-sama.”

“Oh no, please remain like a child in front of me. I’m just glad you were angry with me for my sake.”


Rula, standing proudly, is adorable.

“Then, allow me to speak on behalf of everyone. As the Whiteing Kingdom, we would like to offer you a home that is desired by Great Magician Aix-sama. Would you be willing to accept it?”

There is no reason left to refuse.

“I gratefully accept.”

I have obtained a home.

“By the way, Great Magician-sama, what kind of home would you like to live in?”

“Well, something affordable, reasonably spacious, and suitable for humans.”

I don’t want it to be too expensive and burdensome.

The branch manager, who was faced with a difficult question, started groaning. I apologize for being a troublesome customer.

The princess laughs.

As always.

“In that case, we have the perfect property for Great Magician-sama. Right, grandpa?”

“Yes, Your Highness. It’s a newly built, discounted property for humans, priced at just one gold coin.”

Oh no!? Another discounted property.

I forgot to add conditions.

“What kind of property is it!?”


She laughs mischievously and places her index finger on her lips. It seems to be a secret until I see it.

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