Chapter 93

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Chapter 93: He Has Made a Fool of Me, What Can I Do to Him?

He knew this woman, it was Mo Rushuang, the woman who had occupied his heart. He had come all the way to the capital just to find her. He never thought that she would appear in Lin Beifan’s carriage.

Wait, what did he just see?

He saw his beloved Mo Rushuang holding hands with Lin Beifan as they jumped down from the carriage.

They were holding hands!

“Ah!” The eldest prince was stimulated beyond measure. His eyes turned red. He had never held Mo Rushuang’s hand before. Every time he tried to get close to her, Mo Rushuang would avoid him and keep her distance. Being a stranger made it even harder for him to get close to her.

But now, Mo Rushuang’s hand was being held by Lin Beifan, and she didn’t resist. Her rosy cheeks looked shy yet delighted.

“This bastard!!” The Eldest Prince gnashed his teeth in anger. His head felt like it was about to explode, turning green like a grassland. He was now certain that Lin Beifan was Mo Rushuang’s beloved. Otherwise, she would have rejected his advances because of her pure and clean nature.

“What does this bastard have that I don’t? Why does Mo Rushuang love him and not me?” The Prince roared with frustration.

However, he realized that Lin Beifan was better than him in every aspect – talent, appearance, and wealth, except for his social status. He was being crushed by Lin Beifan in every way possible.

Thinking about this made him even angrier. “Go and beat up Lin Beifan!!” The Eldest Prince ordered his men.

“Prince, that’s not a good idea!” The others replied in panic.

“Why not? He stole my woman and made me wear a big and round green hat! Don’t I have the right to vent my anger?” The Prince asked.

“Prince, please understand that Lin Beifan is now under Imperial Prince’s (your father) protection. Imperial Prince values him very much and has invested a lot in him. If you beat him up, we will have to answer to Imperial Prince,” someone whispered.

“But he stole my woman. Can I just let it go?” The Prince asked.

“Prince, controlling your emotions is essential for good strategy. If you cause trouble now, it will affect Imperial Prince’s plan, and we will all suffer for it,” the other person explained.

The Eldest Prince remembered his father’s authority and felt a shiver run down his spine. He finally calmed down and said, “Fine, I won’t worry about that bastard for now.”

Meanwhile, Lin Beifan frowned. “Something’s not right.”

“What’s wrong, Mr. Lin?” Mo Rushuang asked, puzzled.

“Since we got off the carriage, I feel like we’re being watched. Especially when I was helping you down. I felt like someone was watching us with murderous intent,” Lin Beifan said, looking in the direction he felt the gaze.

“Do you feel something? I’m only a seventh-grade martial artist. I can’t sense any danger,” Mo Rushuang blinked her eyes curiously.

“You can’t sense it because you’re not powerful enough. But I’m a fifth-grade innate, and I can easily sense the presence of others,” Lin Beifan explained.

“Maybe it’s just your imagination,” Mo Rushuang said, smiling.

“Maybe,” Lin Beifan said, laughing. “Anyway, let’s continue our stroll. We don’t want to ruin everyone’s good time.”

Lin Beifan then held Li Shi Shi’s hand and walked like a couple. Mo Rushuang followed behind, feeling envious. If only he was holding her hand instead.

At this moment, the eldest prince couldn’t sit still any longer: “No, I can’t take it! I must follow them closely, I’m afraid they’ll do something behind my back!” Saying this, he left the tavern and followed at a distance.

At the same time, Lin Beifan once again felt a sense of being watched. He turned his head and immediately locked onto a suspicious-looking young nobleman. Dressed in a silver-white outfit with slight nobility, he was accompanied by several capable attendants and seemed to come from a distinguished background. Though the other person seemed to be shopping and didn’t look his way, Lin Beifan had a feeling he was being followed. He was puzzled as to who this person was and why he was following him, especially since the other seemed hostile towards him.

At that moment, Mo Rushuang called out, “Mr. Lin, watch out!”

She quickly moved to embrace Lin Beifan, and took two steps to the left just as a child fell to the ground and spilled a bowl of water in their direction.

Rushuang had seen this coming and had acted swiftly to protect Lin Beifan from getting splashed with dirty water.

“Don’t make such a fuss over a trifle matter, Rushuang,” Lin Beifan said, trying to play down the incident.

“Mr. Lin, this is not a trifle matter,” Mo Rushuang replied earnestly. “In the Jianghu, there are often villains who pretend to be innocent and poison others. It’s a dangerous world, so we have to be on guard.”

“Alright,” Lin Beifan said, feeling exasperated.

Suddenly, he sensed someone staring at him with malicious intent again. The culprit was the nobleman who had been following them.

With his exceptional intelligence, Lin Beifan observed his and Mo Rushuang’s stance, and then thought about it just now, and suddenly realized.

Standing still, he asked with a smile, “Rushuang, you are a beautiful woman, I am sure there are many people who pursue you, correct?”

Mo Rushuang’s heart raced, causing her cheeks to become flushed.

“Is Mr. Lin complimenting my looks?” she thought, feeling taken aback by the sudden praise.

Mo Rushuang lowered her head and whispered, “How would I know? I’m not a mind-reader.”

“So, among those who admire you, who is more suave and distinguished?” Lin Beifan asked again, trying to discover the identity of that person.

“Well…” Mo Rushuang hesitated for a moment.

“What’s wrong, are you reluctant to say?” Lin Beifan smiled.

“No! It’s just that there are so many people, I can’t remember who…” Mo Rushuang reluctantly lowered her head.

Lin Beifan was speechless, was she trying to play coy with him?

Okay, she won!

Next, everyone continued to idle around.

During this process, Lin Beifan felt a subtle hostility coming from behind. Suddenly, a mischievous thought arose in his mind.

Accidentally, he grabbed Mo Rushuang’s hand.

Another incident, he embraced Mo Rushuang’s waist.

There was even a time when they had to dodge a pedestrian, and he accidentally fell into Mo Rushuang’s embrace.

The eldest prince who had been secretly following them was so angry that smoke seemed to be coming out of his head. He gritted his teeth and said, “This bastard is clearly taking advantage of Rushuang, he is so shameless! I’ll go and talk to him!”

The others quickly stopped him, “Your Highness, you cannot do that!”

The eldest prince retorted, “Why not? I’m not going to hit him, I’m just going to talk to him!”

“Your Highness, your identity is sensitive, you cannot easily reveal it!”

“If you go over there, your identity will be exposed! Lin Beifan has just pledged loyalty to the Imperial Prince (your father), and there are doubts about his loyalty. It’s too risky!”

“Your Highness, please stay calm, don’t act impulsively!” …

The eldest prince became even angrier, “So, you’re saying that I was still unable to deal with him even though he has made fool of me?”

Everyone nodded with a wry smile.

“Ah~” The eldest prince groaned in pain, clutching his chest.

He watched his beloved and his rival being affectionate with each other; he couldn’t do anything but watch as he was being humiliated – it was even worse than killing him! He felt heartbroken and could barely breathe; his head felt like it was splitting apart!

“Your Highness, it’s getting late, let us go back and rest!” Someone asked cautiously.

“No! I want to see how long they will continue!” The eldest prince angrily replied.

And so, the eldest prince continued to walk towards the greenway. With each step, his head grew greener (envy, jealous), and his heart ached more. He didn’t know how he managed to persevere!

They only managed to calm him down when they finished walking the streets and returned to Lin Mansion. “Your Highness, are you feeling any better now?” They asked worriedly.

The prince was still clutching his chest, “I’m not feeling any better, today was too much for me. I need to go get drunk! Don’t any of you try to stop me, or I’ll decapitate you!”

Later, after dinner, Lin Beifan apologized to Mo Rushuang, “Rushuang, I’m so sorry about today. I was stumbling around and almost got us into danger so many times. You had to save me so many times!”

“Mr. Lin, you should be more careful when you’re walking!” Mo Rushuang said resentfully.

Normal people wouldn’t encounter so many dangers. Clearly, he had ulterior motives!

Hmph! Don’t think that I don’t see through you! You villain! Just as the little princess said, you have a belly full of bad intentions!

Lin Beifan took out an exquisite bracelet, “Rushuang, you’ve been such a great help today! As an apology, I want to give you this small gift. I hope you’ll accept it.” Mo Rushuang was happy inside but acted reluctant, “Alright, I’ll reluctantly accept it. Thank you!”

Although she said it reluctantly, her hand was quick to grab it, and she held onto it tightly. “I have nothing else to do. I’m going back to my room to rest!”

As night fell, Lin Beifan changed into his nighttime clothes, performed his top-notch light work, and roamed the skies of the capital city. In just a moment, he arrived at a luxurious restaurant.

At this point, the eldest prince, who had been following him during the day, was already drunk and unconscious, and had been sent back to his room to rest. There were also a group of strong guards outside, whispering to each other. Lin Beifan stuck to the top of the restaurant and listened carefully.

After a moment, he learned a shocking piece of information and smiled, “So it’s the son of the Prince of Northern Hebei? A thousand miles to deliver the head! Prince of Northern Hebei, our first deal is going to happen!”

He jumped into the window, used his innate true energy to slice through the air lightly, and then he quietly left the room with the drunk and unconscious prince in tow.

The idiom “千里送人头” (A thousand miles to deliver the head!) can have a few different meanings, depending on the context:

1. To deliver a decisive blow: This idiom is often used to describe a decisive and devastating victory in battle. It suggests that the enemy was not only defeated, but also suffered significant losses, with their leaders or important figures killed or captured.

2. To bring someone to justice: The idiom can also be used in a more literal sense, to describe the act of bringing a criminal to justice. In this case, “千里” (qiān lǐ) would refer to the distance traveled to apprehend the criminal, and “送人头” (sòng rén tóu) would mean to capture or kill the criminal and present their head as proof.

3. To go to great lengths: Finally, “千里送人头” (qiān lǐ sòng rén tóu) can also be used to describe someone who is willing to go to great lengths to accomplish a task or goal. It suggests that the person in question is very determined and will not be easily deterred.

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