Chapter 91

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Chapter 91 – Nitra and Lai-nee 6

We returned to the inn happily.

And now, we are in the same room.

It happened after that, when Nitra disappeared into the darkness, she came back with her cat ears drooping strangely, and she told us that her dwelling had been taken away.

“They took away my nest.”

“What! Your home was stolen!? That’s unforgivable. Let’s go consult with the officer right away. I’ll go with you.”

It seems I underestimated this world. Nitra shook her head, teaching me the reality with Lai-nee.

“It’s impossible.”


“Goshujin-sama, please calm down. We were also staying illegally in an abandoned house, so if we go to consult, we will be the ones scolded.”

“I see…”

It seems that these kids didn’t have a home.

I lacked imagination.

I shallowly thought they were living in an orphanage.

I was indifferent. But now, even though it’s a distasteful topic for me, I have money. I have the money from selling the haunted mansion, so I can afford to rent another room or two.

Behold my tainted Money Power!

“In that case, I’ll prepare a room for you.”


Contrary to my expectations, it was rejected.

“No, it’s not possible. We can’t rely on you to that extent! Renting an extra room for our sake is out of the question.”

“Goodbye, nii-san.”


They smiled troubledly and walked off to the slums, their steps heavy. I can’t just leave them like this! After all, I am who I am now because my master took me in.

Before I knew it, I was holding them back.

“In that case, come to my room.”

I had no choice but to say it.

As I looked at Nitra, who was being petted by Lai-nee while thinking that I might have been forced to say it, I felt a strange sense of unease.

And so,

The two of them are in my room.

End of flashback.

I don’t know what else I could have done, but bringing two girls, even if they are children, into my room might have turned me into a playboy. I don’t know why, but it feels illicit.

Nitra yawned and rubbed her eyes, curling up at the edge of the bed. Very wholesome!

Phew. Just when I thought it was all in my imagination.

Lai-nee undressed and got into bed, lifting the blanket and enticing me.


“Goshujin-sama, please come in quickly. Please come to the middle.”

Yes, this is not wholesome at all.

I groaned, feeling troubled.

Am I the only one who feels it’s inappropriate because she’s not a young girl but a teenager? I don’t know where she acquired such knowledge, but it’s troublesome how Lai-nee, who seems more mature than her age, is trying to act grown-up.

“I’ll sleep on the sofa.”

“In that case, I’ll sleep on the sofa too.”

I lost to her stubborn gaze as she stared at me. I lost, okay? It’s probably futile to try to convince her, who seems somewhat uncontrollable.

“I guess I have no choice.”

Ignoring Lai-nee’s triumphant laughter, I picked up a thick magic book.

Thanks to the deal I made with the void, I can only use basic-level magic now, but there are other ways to use it.


Without answering Lai-nee, who looked bewildered, I casually flipped through the pages and started reading from a random section.

“Chapter 2, Verse 8. What is magic? It is the application of the laws of the otherworld. By consuming magical essence and channeling it through the filter of one’s rationality, it brings forth predetermined absurd results.”

She began listening with a serious expression.

Following the example of my master, I continued reading calmly.

“Chapter 2, Verse 9. Magic is a sublime power that beastfolk can never comprehend. For powerless commoners, basic-level magic is likely their limit. Take pride, for you are the chosen ones who inherit the noble bloodline. Magic exists for our sake. And remember, great power comes with great responsibility…”

Complicated words and phrases filled Lai-nee’s mind. It seemed her capacity was reaching its limit as her eyelids began to droop.

It’s almost time.

“Chapter 2, Verse 12. We are wizards. In other words, we are the ones who unravel the workings of the world. Therefore, we must not easily deal with the void and fall into becoming sorcerers. Because the void is inhabited by beings from the otherworld, namely demons, and their thoughts are something that humans can never comprehend. The gifted are dangerous.”

“I’m awake. Mumble, mumble.”

As Lai-nee began sleep-talking, I gently readjusted the blanket.

“Good night.”

I descended the stairs lightly, ready to finally unleash my Money Power. I won’t let anyone say, “Last night was enjoyable,” or anything like that.

“Excuse me. I’d like to rent another room.”

Since I can’t use this excuse repeatedly, it seems I’ll need to go and rent a larger room tomorrow.

“Aix, huh? This week, for some reason, we’re fully booked. We only have the attic room left.”

“Even if I pay?”

“Huh? I’m telling you, we’re really fully booked.”

“Oh, is that so?”

I picked up the key that the innkeeper rudely threw onto the table and acquired the attic room!

“House Clean, Wind.”

I chased away the previous occupants, which were accumulated dust, and covered myself with a blanket as I lay down, basking in the moonlight streaming through the skylight.

“This room brings back memories.”

By the way, about that book, it mentions that while beastfolk lack the aptitude for magic, their physical abilities are exceptionally superior. It also states that nobles with magic aptitude level 2 are more prone to illness than commoners, and only those with the gifted aptitude level 3 can make deals with the void. It seems like various important details were omitted.

According to my master, it was written by an elderly human noble filled with jealousy and prejudice.

I recall being told that even prestigious magic books are just that when you strip away the complex words.

Feeling the cool and refreshing outside air, I sense the scent of grass and mana. Taking a deep breath, my heart fills with energy.

Now, it’s a new life starting from tomorrow.

I should go to sleep soon.

So sleepy…

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