Chapter 9: Yue Buqun likes to watch? Then you can watch as much as you want!

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“I’m done copying, I should go now,” said Ning Zhongzhi as she handed the completed Bi Xie Sword Manual to Yang Huan.

But Yang Huan grabbed her wrist and pulled her into his embrace with force.

He lifted Ning Zhongzhi’s delicate chin with one finger, admiring her stunning face up close.

Some things are worth seeing a thousand times, like Ning Zhongzhi’s beautiful face.

And some things are worth doing a thousand times, like cuddling with Ning Zhongzhi…

[Ding! The act of molesting the master’s wife in front of the master triggers the Evil Deed System.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for receiving a reward: five years of pure internal energy.]

Yang Huan: ???


Where is the master?

Yang Huan immediately focused his mind, closed his eyes, and listened with all his might.

Using his inner energy, he reached a terrifying level of hearing.

Suddenly, he opened his eyes and looked towards the windowsill.

Although it was just a moment, Yang Huan saw it for sure!

Someone was hiding below the windowsill!

Without thinking, that person must be Yue Buqun!

Wait, since Yue Buqun is here… and hasn’t made a move…

Knowing that Yue Buqun was peeping on the side didn’t scare Yang Huan; on the contrary, he became more excited.

Because Yue Buqun’s appearance meant that the system’s reward would be even more generous, which was exactly what Yang Huan wanted.

Since you, Yue Buqun, like to watch, then watch carefully!

Inside the room, Yang Huan was happy.

Outside, Yue Buqun was furious.

After a while, he left…

Exiting Yang Huan’s courtyard, Yue Buqun looked up at the sky. Unknowingly, it had started to rain.

Yue Buqun clenched his fists once again, his bones crackling. Through gritted teeth, he swore, “You thief, you scum! I, Yue Buqun, hereby swear that I will not be a man unless I kill you!”

With his oath made, Yue Buqun forced down his anger and left the area…

[Ding! The act of molesting the master’s wife in front of the master triggers the Evil Deed System.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a reward: ten years of pure internal energy.]

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for obtaining a reward: the Crimson Fire Divine Technique!]

The next moment, another set of martial arts techniques drilled into Yang Huan’s mind.

Seeing the technique, Yang Huan was overjoyed! The Crimson Fire Divine Technique was an ultimate technique from the “The Storm Riders” world!

One of the three wondrous techniques of the Heavenless Purgatory!

The core martial art of Lian Chengzhi, the final boss in The Storm Riders, is this Crimson Fire Divine Technique!

The Crimson Fire Divine Technique was divided into nine steps, with every three steps as one path, taking the path of the nine heavens to merge one’s energy. Each path was divided into the Initial Stage of Blue Flames, the Intermediate Stage of Red Flames, and the Extreme Stage of Green Flames.

Each stage was stronger and more dangerous than the previous one, leading to a boundless power when reaching the pinnacle of perfection. It was worth mentioning that when one reached the eighth step of this technique, they could achieve spiritual immortality. Reaching the ninth step would result in a nine-fold rebirth, making one almost indestructible!

This martial arts technique was so terrifying that it could not be considered as just a martial art! It was almost like an immortal art!

What’s more, this technique was a developmental divine skill! It could completely assimilate and absorb the source and power of others, returning it to oneself. Its effect was several times stronger than the “Ironheart Sovereign’s Suction Method”!

The gains this time were obviously immense.

After letting his Madam go, Yang Huan noticed that Yue Buqun had also left. Feeling relieved, he didn’t think much and immediately started practicing the Crimson Fire Divine Technique that he had just obtained!

The Next Morning,

Lin Pingzhi arrived at Yang Huan’s courtyard and knocked on his door.

Yang Huan opened the door and saw Lin Pingzhi, then turned back into the room and took out the Bi Xie Sword Manual, saying, “This is your Lin family’s inherited martial arts, the Bi Xie Sword Manual. The contents on it are absolutely true, without any deviation. Take it and make ten thousand copies to spread it out.”

Lin Pingzhi was shocked when he heard this and said, “What? Brother Yang, this… this can’t be done!”

“Why not?” Yang Huan asked coldly.

“The Bi Xie Sword Manual is our Lin family’s secret technique, how can we spread it outside?”

“It’s precisely because you hold such thoughts that your Lin family was exterminated. If your Lin family had spread it out at the beginning, made it known to the world, would anyone have come to wipe out your Lin family?”

Lin Pingzhi had no response to Yang Huan’s words.

“But… but…”

“I tell you what to do, and you do it. No ‘buts’!”

Yang Huan put his hand on Lin Pingzhi’s shoulder and threatened, “Lin Junior Brother, listen to Brother’s words, or even if you ascend to the top of the heaven or descend to the bottom of the hell, I will still kill you! Understand?”

Lin Pingzhi looked at Yang Huan’s eyes, the murderous intent in them was terrifying. The pressure he felt from Yang Huan was much stronger than that of Yue Buqun.

“I… I understand.”

In the end, Lin Pingzhi didn’t dare to disobey Yang Huan and agreed to do it.


Yang Huan pushed him out and closed the door.

As for whether Lin Pingzhi would do what he said, Yang Huan was not sure.

If Lin Pingzhi obediently listened to him, then it was fine.

But if he didn’t listen…

Then Yang Huan would have to kill him…

Now, Yang Huan was completely unafraid of Lin Pingzhi, who had learned the Bi Xie Sword Manual. His martial arts skills were not high, and even after learning it, how much stronger could he be?

He could deal with the likes of Yu Canghai, but against others, it would be a bit lacking!

And now, Yang Huan had already entered the middle stage of the acquired realm, and his strength had once again skyrocketed. Even if Yue Buqun had learned the Bi Xie Sword Manual, he would not be afraid, let alone Lin Pingzhi?

1. The Storm Riders

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