Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Write Sword God Off, No Need to Speak Anymore!

Starting from this chapter, “Change the Script?” Lin Beifan and Bai Yu Luo exchanged glances.

Indeed, this was currently the best option.

Fortunately, the role of the White-robed Sword God had very few scenes to begin with, adding up to less than one episode, making it very easy to change.

“I support changing the script!” Bai Yu Luo said.

The director was pleased and said, “Good, with your support, it shouldn’t be a problem! But how should we change the script? How can we modify it to fit the role of the White-robed Sword God without affecting the rest of the plot?”

“Well…” Bai Yu Luo frowned.

She was an actress, not a screenwriter, and for a moment, she didn’t have any ideas.

The director, Guan, also had no good ideas and looked at the silent Lin Beifan, casually asking, “Xiao Lin, you play the White-robed Sword God. Do you have any ideas? Speak up, let’s discuss it together!”

“Director Guan, I do have an idea. How about turning the White-robed Sword God into a dead person?” Lin Beifan suggested.

“What? Make him a dead person?” Both the director and Bai Yu Luo were stunned.

“Yes, exactly! A dead person!” Lin Beifan snapped his fingers and said triumphantly, “We all know that dead people don’t speak! If we turn the White-robed Sword God into a dead person, then he won’t need to speak!”

In his mind, he added, “And a dead person doesn’t need to act either! Without acting, there will be fewer flaws to expose, and my acting skills will be perfect! I’m so clever, hehe!”

Guan, the director, blinked in confusion, “But if he doesn’t speak, how will he pass on his martial arts?”

In the play, the most crucial role of the White-robed Sword God was to pass on martial arts to the female lead.

Only after the female lead learned martial arts could she become a powerful figure.

If the Sword God died, who would pass on martial arts to the female lead?

How would the rest of the play be performed?

“Director Guan, we can give the White-robed Sword God a new setting!” Lin Beifan spoke up, “Even though the Sword God died, he left behind his ultimate martial arts for future generations! The female lead accidentally stumbles upon it, learns the Sword God’s martial arts, and then becomes a powerful figure!”

“So, it’s an adventure storyline! In this way, the plot indeed connects! However…”

The director hesitated, “In the original setting, the female lead, Wu Qingmei, doesn’t know martial arts and is a novice in martial arts! Even if she obtains a peerless secret technique, she wouldn’t be able to use it right away! And with no one to guide her, what if she practices incorrectly?”

Lin Beifan cast a sidelong glance, unexpectedly finding the director quite reasonable.

“Director Guan, this is actually simple!”

“What do you mean?”

Lin Beifan smiled, “We can arrange a companion for the female lead!”

“How so?”

“We can give her a falcon!” Lin Beifan explained, “This falcon was raised by the Sword God, highly intelligent, and practiced martial arts with him every day, like half of Sword God’s disciple!”

“The Sword God may have died, but the falcon is still alive, guarding his coffin! When it sees the extraordinary talent of the female lead, it develops an affinity for her and decides to pass on the Sword God’s martial arts to her!”

The director nodded, “That’s indeed a good idea, but why a falcon?”

Lin Beifan casually replied, “If you don’t like that, we can have a snake!”

The image of a snake immediately surged in the director’s mind, making him feel uncomfortable. No matter how the snake was designed, it wouldn’t look good. People inherently dislike snakes and feel uneasy when they see them. If a snake were to pass on martial arts to the female lead…

The visual would be too dreadful, too scary to watch!

“Forget it, let’s go with the falcon!” The director said, sweating profusely. “A falcon has two wings, equivalent to a person’s two hands, which can be used to pass on martial arts!”

“Director, you’re brilliant!” Lin Beifan gave a thumbs-up.

“But, the Sword God is dead, and his martial arts are transmitted through the falcon. It may not fully demonstrate the power of the White-robed Sword God. It doesn’t seem right. It feels like something is missing…” the director pondered.

“Director Guan, do you feel like it’s lacking in style?” Lin Beifan asked.

“Yes, that’s exactly it!”

The director slapped his thigh, “After all, he is the female warrior’s master. If he isn’t powerful enough, it won’t fully showcase the strength of the female warrior! If we don’t arrange a few fighting scenes, it will be hard to convince the audience!”

“This is actually simple!” Lin Beifan said with a faint smile. “To create the character’s style, apart from visuals, we can also use other methods. For example, we can present the White-robed Sword God’s cultivation system!”

“As long as this cultivation system can convince the audience and make them feel it’s impressive, then as the creator of this system, the White-robed Sword God’s image will naturally be elevated!”

“You seem to have an idea already. Tell me about it!” The director became interested.

“I’m all ears!” Bai Yu Luo said in a low voice, looking forward to it.

“We can divide the White-robed Sword God’s cultivation system into five levels, from weak to strong, represented by five swords!”

Lin Beifan raised a finger, “The first sword is called the Qinggangli Sword!”

“This sword is sharp and powerful, capable of breaking through anything, competing with the world’s heroes!”

“It embodies the Sword God’s mindset when he first stepped into the martial world, ambitious, fearless, and resolute. It can be described as: ‘A newly born calf fears no tiger and desires to challenge the heavens!'”

The director applauded, “Well said! This first sword truly represents the Sword God’s mindset when he first entered the martial world! It seems like you’ve done your homework, well done!”

“Thank you for your praise, Director!” Lin Beifan smiled lightly.

“So, what about the second sword? What is it?” The director couldn’t wait to ask.

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