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Chapter 9

Chapter 9: I, the Hong Liang Princess, specifically came for him!

Inside the Hundred Flowers Pavilion, not only is the “whatnot” of the girls big, but the area inside is also quite large. It has a front building and back courtyard structure.

The front is the hall building, and the back courtyard is where the girls of the hall live. The hall building has a total of four floors. At this time, a luxurious private room on the fourth floor had bright lights.

Six figures were sitting inside. Three men and three women!

Although there were three men and three women, there was no obscene scene that was intolerable in the room. On the contrary, these six people were seated in various places, showing a respectful attitude towards each other. Among them, two men were none other than Wei Zhuang and Zhang Liang, who had appeared on the street before.

The room was filled with fragrance, and a beautiful woman in a moon-white half-sleeved long dress was playing the zither. The zither sound was as crisp as a mountain spring, lingering and pleasant.

After finishing the piece, a young woman in a pink skirt, sitting on the table without manners, narrowed her big eyes and clapped approvingly, saying, “It’s beautiful, Sister Nongyu’s zither skills are getting better and better.”

Nongyu smiled modestly and softly said, “Princess Hong Liang overpraises me, it’s just some clever and skillful techniques, nothing worth mentioning.”

Hong Liang, holding a big red apple redder than her face in her hand, glanced around and said, “Then teach me, your zither skill is much better than those palace zither players.”

“How about you come down first? Otherwise, people might mistake you for a wandering swordswoman from parts unknown!”

Zhang Liang, looking at the Hong Liang sitting on the table without any princess demeanor, couldn’t bear to look at her and covered his eyes.

Hong Liang turned her head and glared at him, saying, “Mind your own business, no one can’t control me even if it’s my brother. If this female swordsman succeeds in learning, I will be the first to chop off your dog’s head!”

Han Fei on the side touched his nose, even if you want to control her, you probably can’t!

Hong Liang Princess is deeply loved by Emperor Han, and she has been spoiled since childhood. There are almost no people in this world who can make her obedient! After scolding Zhang Liang, Hong Liang jumped off the table and ran to the purple-haired girl who was brewing tea.

Pouting, she complained, “Sister Zi, is that blind man coming today or not? I came all the way from the palace just for him!”

“I ran for nothing yesterday, do I have to run for nothing today?”

“If you annoy me, I’ll drag him into the palace and let him serve only me!”

It seemed like a good idea. The sparkling big eyes of the Hong Liang blinked, already considering whether to capture someone or not!

Sister Zi stopped her movements, raised her head, and showed a helplessly charming smile, saying, “Please don’t. My business in this Hundred Flowers Pavilion depends on him to attract a lot of customers in the beginning. Now that it’s just starting to thrive, if you take him away, can my Hundred Flowers Pavilion still operate?”

After hearing her words, Zhang Liang was stunned and asked, “Is this person really capable? What kind of person is he?” He and Wei Zhuang had just arrived in Xinzheng today and it was their first time here.

Sister Zi pondered for a moment and said, “A blind man, but a very special blind man.”

Although she had not met him face to face, based on the discussions of others and the praise of the guests, Sister Zi’s intelligence was enough to analyze a person’s abilities!

“A blind man?” Zhang Liang immediately thought of the blind man he had seen on the street who could write.

He was also very special!

Are blind men so talented now?

Hong Liang rolled her eyes, “You’ll know in a moment.”

Then she playfully said to Sister Zi, “I’m just saying, but Sister Zi, don’t you think the name Hundred Flowers Favilion is too common?”

“That name is our signboard. If you want good business, the signboard must be prominent, and the name must be resounding!”

“Your name Hundred Flowers Favilion needs to be changed. How about I help you think of a new one?”

Nongyu smiled, “We are already on the same page. I thought about it all night last night and finally came up with a name.”

With that, she took out a bamboo plaque from her bosom and placed it upside down on the table.

“Here, the name is decided. Tomorrow someone will go make the plaque.”

Hong Liang reached out to grab the plaque to see what new name Nongyu had come up with.

But at that moment, a loud bang of the gavel sounded from downstairs.

“It’s starting, it’s finally starting!”

Hong Liang immediately abandoned the idea of looking at the bamboo plaque and excitedly ran to the window to look downstairs.

The building had a barrel structure with private rooms all around.

In the middle was a large open space with a wooden square pavilion.

The pavilion was surrounded by bamboo curtains and gauze, making it impossible to see the scene inside.

However, with the bang of the gavel, the windows of the surrounding private rooms were opened haphazardly.

It seemed that like Hong Liang, everyone was prepared to listen to the sound downstairs!


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