Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: I Sent Genuine Rock Sugar, How Did You End Up Receiving Crystal Meth?

After much contemplation, Ji Yan decided to send a question mark to the person who added him.

Soon after, Ji Yan found himself utterly confused.

It appeared that all these people adding him as friends were connected to the buyer from Dian Nan.

But he had sent rock sugar to the buyer from Dian Nan!

If this person didn’t scold him, he would be lucky enough. And to think that so many people were adding him just to buy rock sugar from him.

Could it be that what they wanted was really rock sugar?

Ji Yan couldn’t even believe his own explanation.

“What on earth? Could it be that this person isn’t an addict?”

“But I feel like I’ve seen some of these people in those groups before…”

Ji Yan mumbled to himself, feeling confused as he looked at the verification message panel filled with friend requests.

At the same time, many people were sending him verification messages, all wanting to buy rock sugar from Ji Yan.

“Forget it, I’ll wait a while before accepting them.”

Ji Yan observed the increasing number of verification messages and finally decided to wait a while before accepting these people.

On the other side, in a room in Dian Nan.

The windows were tightly closed, and the curtains drawn tightly shut.

The only source of light in the whole room was the faint glow of the computer screen.

In the air, there wafted a faint and peculiar fragrance.

A very thin and weak man with a stubble on his chin was sitting at the computer desk.

His eyes were bloodshot, showing that he had reached a critical point both mentally and physically.

Yet, he was still intensely focused on the computer screen.

His eyes shone abnormally.

On the screen was their QQ chat box, between the man named Wang Yi and Ji Yan.

Wang Yi was the second person who bought “rock sugar” from Ji Yan.

He had just received the package this morning.

On the table in the room, a small ice pot was placed in the middle.

Inside it were remnants of white crystals, burned halfway.

There were also some fine crystal powder scattered next to the ice pot.

If one were to smell it directly, they would detect a strong bitter fragrance.

This was authentic crystal meth.

Wang Yi had just finished using crystal meth, and his expression showed an unnatural excitement.

Seeing the question mark sent by Ji Yan, Wang Yi praised Ji Yan without any hesitation, “Bro, your stuff is amazing!”

Wang Yi was referring to the crystal meth he had just used from the table.

However, on the other side, one sentence left Ji Yan completely dumbfounded.

“What the heck?”

“It’s amazing?”

“What the hell is going on?”

“Didn’t I sell rock sugar? How can the goods be so good?”

Ji Yan was extremely surprised.

He couldn’t say such things casually!

If someone who didn’t know the truth heard this, they might think he was selling crystal meth!

Ji Yan was instantly at a loss for how to respond to this person.

He had prepared a whole bunch of scolding words to type out.

He thought this guy came to confront him about selling crystal meth disguised as rock sugar.

Ji Yan was all ready for an online confrontation!

But then this guy said his stuff was amazing.

Ji Yan was dumbfounded.

This guy was so happy after receiving the rock sugar he sent.


Could it be that he actually bought crystal meth?

Not crystal rock sugar?

With doubts in his mind, Ji Yan typed and sent a confirmation message again.

“You mean… my rock sugar?”

Ji Yan still couldn’t believe that the man was talking about genuine rock sugar.

He remembered that when this guy first contacted him, he asked about the price per gram. Who actually buys rock sugar in grams?

Seeing Ji Yan’s message, Wang Yi recalled the feeling of ecstasy and indulgence.

One word: amazing!

Or to put it more accurately: incredibly amazing!

Wang Yi continued to explain in his messages to Ji Yan, “Yes, I received the package this morning and immediately tried it!”

“I feel that the quality of the stuff you provided is better than any other I’ve bought before!”

Wang Yi maintained that sense of excitement.

This morning, the package Wang Yi ordered from Ji Yan arrived.

After bringing it home, he opened it to take a look.

The color was beautiful.

It was clearly high-quality stuff.

Wang Yi originally planned to use tin foil and a lighter as usual.

But seeing the quality of this batch, he felt that using tin foil and a lighter would be a waste.

So, Wang Yi specifically used his own ice pot to consume and enjoy this batch he bought.

After a few hits, he immediately felt ecstatic.

He didn’t remember anything that happened after that.

He only remembered how happy and high he felt from the hits.

To be honest, it was rare for a drug to get him so euphoric like this.

Due to years of drug use, Wang Yi’s tolerance for the stimulant effects of drugs had become higher and higher.

If a drug could make him feel ecstatic like this, then it was undoubtedly top-notch.

Initially, he didn’t have much confidence in Ji Yan’s stuff.

He thought it would be just average.

But the result was beyond his expectations.

“I didn’t expect the quality of your stuff to be so good!”

“I haven’t seen you in the circle before, and I was a bit worried that you might send me fake stuff!”

Wang Yi had now come back to his senses, but his nerves were still highly stimulated.

Wang Yi kept showering Ji Yan with praise, leaving Ji Yan dumbfounded.

Well, didn’t I send you fake stuff?

I sent genuine rock sugar, and you received drugs?

Ji Yan was completely confused.

He wanted to say something but didn’t know how to respond.

Helplessly, he watched Wang Yi’s messages coming one after another.

“A few hits got me high as a kite, bro, you’re amazing!”

“And then, a few days ago, I saw you advertising in the group, and I recognized you at that time.”

“But since I hadn’t received your package, I didn’t say anything.”

“Bro, don’t be angry!”

Wang Yi was quite polite.

Ji Yan was now totally silent.

He sent a message, still feeling bewildered, “So, all those people were recommended by you to buy crystal meth from me?”

Wang Yi sent an excited emoji.


“Bro, you can’t sell stuff like that, it’s all about knowing people in our circle.”

“If people don’t know you, they won’t even bother with you.”

“But you see, I know all those groups, and I’m already a senior member in them.”

“So, I personally vouched for you and advertised for you!”

After saying this, Wang Yi felt a sense of pride.

With the quality of goods being so good this time, Wang Yi felt that he and Ji Yan were already friends.

It was only natural to advertise for a friend.

He had just finished using and coming down from the high when he started promoting Ji Yan in those groups.

He even used himself as a guarantee.

After describing how great Ji Yan’s stuff was, how amazing he felt after using it, those group members couldn’t wait any longer.

They immediately rushed to add Ji Yan on QQ.

After listening to Wang Yi’s account of the whole incident, Ji Yan felt completely numb from head to toe.

His eyes had become vacant.

“I sent genuine rock sugar, how did you end up receiving crystal meth?”


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