Chapter 9

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Chapter 9: Frail Body

As the rain gradually subsided, the silence in the mountain temple was just like when Xu Yuan and the other person had left. The bloodstains from the bodies in front of the gate had already congealed.


Two figures descended from the sky and landed on the bloodstained ground, which was cleared by the corpses.

A man and a woman, both dressed in sturdy attire, bore some resemblance to the dozens of corpses in uniform on the ground.

Their black garments had red borders, and a fierce coiling dragon was embroidered in gold on the back.

Their black boots stepped into the nearly solidified blood, emitting a sticky sound of liquid movement.

The man had a stubbled face and carried a sword on his back. He casually glanced around at the scene, covered his nose, and shook his head lightly.

“Tsk tsk, how tragic. It seems that the ones who kidnapped Third Young Master are not ordinary.”

The woman had a stern face, long hair reaching her waist, tied into a high ponytail that swayed behind her. She had a slender waist, and her chest was wrapped tightly by the fitted attire. Her gaze swept over the bodies on the ground.

“Can you tell who did this?”

Walking among the corpses as if taking a leisurely stroll, the man stared at the surrounding bodies, casually shaking his head. His voice carried a hint of interest.

“How can we tell? These are all ordinary sword strikes, without even using any sword techniques.”

The woman’s eyes slightly lowered as she surveyed the positions of the bodies on the ground. She spoke softly.

“They have something in common.”

The man nodded.

“I know. These people bear shallow sword wounds, as if they were killed instantly, all at once.”

In an instant?

The woman furrowed her brow upon hearing his words and looked at the man. “Can you do it?”

The man rubbed the back of his head with his hand and glanced at the woman, somewhat amused. He said, “In your eyes, I’m really that pathetic, huh?”

He paused for a moment, then shook his head lightly again and pointed to a corpse sitting near the dry well in the open space of the temple. He squinted and smiled, saying, “But you’re right. I indeed can’t do it, at least not like Zhou Yuan’s way of dying.”

As his words fell, the woman focused her gaze.

The corpse next to the dry well was that of a middle-aged man with a stubbled face. Despite his clothes, one could vaguely see his explosively strong muscles underneath. However, at this moment, both of his sleeves were empty, and both forearms were cleanly severed at the roots. The fatal injury was a subtle sword mark on his throat.

The scene of his death was evident.

A sword aura shot out from the main entrance, and the middle-aged man, who served as the formation’s core, tried to block it with his hands. However, the sword aura directly broke through his protective qi and severed his arms, while the remaining sword aura cut his throat with precision, causing his death.

It didn’t require the slightest exertion.

“I can kill him with a single sword, but I can’t be as precise as Zhou Yuan’s death,” the man said.

As he spoke, the man pretended to grip a sword and made a few gestures in the air towards the corpse with a jovial expression. “If I were to strike, his head would fall off directly.”

After speaking, the man let out a faint sigh and glanced at the dark interior of the temple, his eyes profound. “And that spiritual Buddha inside, I can’t cut it down with a single sword without using ‘Source Qi.'”

He then revealed a trace of solemnity in his eyes. “That person might be stronger than me.”

The woman remained silent.

The man lazily rubbed his messy hair and sighed:

“The eldest Young Master has voluntarily rushed from the imperial capital to Jingjiang City because of the Third Young Master’s matter. Many people have already died in the city. You should go back and report to him. The person who started this may likely be a grandmaster.”

The woman stared at the man and asked:

“What about you?”

The man raised his hand and touched his stubbled chin, grinning:

“Of course, I will continue to pursue. Even if it’s a grandmaster, they can’t outrun me with the Third Young Master. I’ll leave marks for you along the way. Remember to come and go quickly, or by the time you catch up, I might already be a corpse~”

After saying that, the man patted the woman’s shoulder and without waiting for her response, he leaped and disappeared directly from the bloody space in front of the temple.

The woman stood in place, silent for a long time, but eventually turned into a fading silhouette and sprinted in the opposite direction of the man’s disappearance.

Two days later.

The rain had already stopped, and sunlight broke through the clouds, casting a golden hue. A few rays of sunlight pierced through the treetops, permeating the air with the fragrance of grass and fresh earth.


Xu Yuan, leaning against a towering tree, struggled to utter three words:

“Take…a break.”

The black-clad woman walking ahead turned her head and glanced at Xu Yuan’s pale and exhausted face. She stopped in silence and sat down on the ground, closing her eyes to rest.

Xu Yuan plopped down on the ground, panting heavily and covered in sweat.

He had never imagined that a person’s body could become so weak, let alone that it would be his own body.

Even on level ground, after walking only a few kilometers, his legs would start trembling uncontrollably, and his breathing would become rapid. A scorching sensation gradually spread in his chest.

Just a short distance, if it lasted a little longer, he could feel a dull ache in his lower back.

In these past two days, Xu Yuan sometimes felt that if it weren’t for Ran Qingmo capturing the original body owner this time, the original body owner might have died in his home within a few years.

Not only did he not have self-restraint, he didn’t exercise either.

Moreover, the most annoying thing is that occasionally the body will have a strong restless feeling similar to a smoking addiction, but several times stronger than smoking addiction.

This almost confirmed to Xu Yuan that the original owner of the body was definitely addicted to drugs. The transmigration did not reset the body’s problems to factory settings, and these problems were inherited exactly by Xu Yuan, the unlucky guy.

The series of physical weaknesses also slowed down their movement speed to almost crawling in the forest of the Wanxing Mountains.

During rest, Xu Yuan’s breathing slowly calmed down, and he looked at the black-clad woman opposite him, who was closing her eyes to rest.

The sunlight shone through the treetops and illuminated her fair skin with patches of light spots.

Suddenly, Xu Yuan spoke up, “Miss Ran, with our current speed, it may take another month to reach Tianmen Mountain.”

“I know,” Ran Qingmo replied calmly, still with her eyes closed. Xu Yuan thought for a moment and suggested softly, “So, can you go catch a monster and let me ride it?” After weighing the pros and cons for a long time, Xu Yuan still made this suggestion. There was a risk, but it was not significant.

If the monster had any problems, Ran Qingmo’s strength was strong enough to directly silence it before it got out of hand.

Ran Qingmo thought for a moment, nodded slightly, picked up her sword and stood in place for two seconds, then looked in a certain direction with a sideways glance, and her figure disappeared instantly.

As Xu Yuan was stunned, a loud tiger roar was already heard from a distance of a hundred meters away.

“Roar!!!” Then there was a muffled sound.







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