Chapter 89

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Chapter 89 – Nitra and Lai-nee 4

At the viscount’s residence, negotiations that began in a friendly mood after the banquet ended were not going as the butler had planned. This was due to the high price of the magic stones that Amine had demanded in response to the viscount’s request for magical tools.

“This is too high. Queen, this is an outrageous rip-off!” the viscount shouted, spitting out his words in anger.

Amine made a troublesome face at the Viscount outburst.

“Is it difficult to lower it any further?”

As Yesman translated the viscount’s words, Amine shook her head and spoke with a heavy tone, “I can make the magical tools you requested, but it takes one medium-sized magic stone per day. That adds up to 120 for one winter. As I said before, I cannot reduce this any further.”

Yesman looked solemn, but the viscount was not giving up. “Why! I offered a groundbreaking idea. Why are you charging such an exorbitant price? Think about it. This is a joint development project between us. It’s a chance for us to promote the dwarves’ technological prowess to the upper echelons of our country! There should be plenty of benefits for you too.”

“Just an idea… sticking fire and wind together? It’s ridiculous. No one would even think of doing such a thing,” the queen said, her words expressing her exasperation as she looked at the magical tool that Aix had made.

It is unclear if these words were directed towards the foolish viscount or towards the insane beginner magic.

“That’s right. It’s because no one would do it that it can be called an invention. In fact, the cooling rod that I invented and no one else made has received high praise from the princess. So, please make it cheaper. I have promised to the country that I will deliver at least 30, with a goal of 150.”

“Just wait a minute… hold on,” Amine said frantically, but the viscount made his usual decisive expression.

“That’s it! I’ve come up with a good idea. If we order in bulk, we can afford the development costs, so it should become cheaper. Therefore, I will pay 120 magic stones for the first rental fee. However, starting from the second rental fee, it will be one magic stone. How do you like that?”

“Wait a minute! I haven’t even talked about rental fees yet,” Amine protested.

Yesman had a face that said “I knew it”, while the bewildered viscount looked back and forth between Amine and the yes-man, clearly not understanding anything.

The viscount, frustrated with Amine’s tight-lipped explanation, turned to the yes-man in anger and demanded an explanation.

“Yesman, explain what’s going on.”

“Yes, My Lord. The magic stones that the queen mentioned earlier are not rental fees, but rather fuel, correct?”

When asked, Amine hesitated before responding.

“Indeed. It’s hard to say out loud… It costs 3,600 for a medium-sized magic stone per item. So if you were to make 30 magical tools, it would cost 108,000.”

“Three hundred and sixty!?” (Viscount)

“That’s correct, My Lord.” (Yesman)

“Well, thank goodness. It seems like we’ve finally gotten on the same page.” (Amine)

“But-but if that’s Defective mage, we wouldn’t need any fuel costs at all!”

“That’s because Aix-sensei was outside the standard.” (Amine)

The viscount looked frustrated and hung on to each word.

“Right! Your Majesty. Can’t you have Aix-sensei make them for you? That would be wonderful! Then we won’t need to pay for fuel and it’s a win-win situation.”

“No. And if you touch Aix-sensei, it will be a war.”

With a sharp refusal, the conversation came to a halt.

The anger of losing a way out fiercely attacked the viscount, who held his chest and turned purple.

“Ungh! Fuh… It hurts. It hurts so much. I made a promise to the princess.”

“My Lord! Please take care of yourself. Your Majesty Amine, I apologize, but our master will be leaving due to health reasons.”

“Um, yes. Please take care of yourself.”


At that time, Aix was sleeping peacefully. He woke up to the voices of giggling girls that were causing his bed to shake. It seemed that he had dozed off for a bit. He realized that he might have kept the armies waiting and panicked, wondering what to do.

The shaking grew stronger, and the sweet perfume of teenage girls filled the air. He stretched and tried to escape from his comfortable slumber, only to find himself face to face with Nitra and Lai sitting at the edge of his bed, playing around.

“Nyanyanya, stop. Lai-nee. It tickles!!”

“Nitra, please sit still.”

As the shaking intensified, the sweet scent unique to the girl filled his lungs. He stretched and managed to escape the pleasant drowsiness. When he looked towards the end of his bed, Nitra and Lai-nee were playfully teasing each other.

“Help me, Aix-niisan,” Nitra pleaded.

“Good morning, Goshujin-sama,” Lai greeted him.

Aix rubbed his eyes and wondered if he was mistaken about their demeanor, but it was evident that he wasn’t.

Encouraged by Nitra, who was lowering her eyebrows and asking for help, he timidly asked the bully a question.

“Good morning. Um… Lai, what are you doing?”

Perhaps due to waking up, his hazy mind wasn’t working.

“I am raising them for you, Goshujin-sama!” Lai replied with a straight face.


I see… it’s for my sake.

“Unyaaa~!!!,” Nitra meowed while Lai let her fingers sink into a plump piece of flesh, looking pleasurable.

To explain the situation, Lai, with a serious expression, was massaging Nitra’s chest while she writhed ticklishly.

“Why? How is this for my sake?” he wondered.

Well, he thought to himself, he couldn’t understand the logic behind a child’s thoughts.

“At least do it to yourself.” (Aix)

That was the best advice a grown-up like him could offer. But it seemed that was a mistake, as she made a sad face.

“I have already passed the growth spurt,” she said.

“No, no, no, you still have some! At least you’re better than Luca’s and my Master’s…cough!!! He blurted out, coughing to cover up his embarrassment.

“I don’t base my likes and dislikes on that. Regardless, bullying Nitra is prohibited,” He said firmly.

Nitra smiled in relief.

Also, my first love is my perfect and unapproachable master.

Oh, come to think of it, I remembered why I came to this town.

The bittersweet memories of when I ran away from home, wanting to become an adult recognized by my master, came flooding back.

And now, I also had feelings for Luca. I couldn’t tell her, but maybe I liked small breasts?

Anyway, onto his confusion. Nitra and Lai were in a daze and still hadn’t released her hand from the chest.

He followed their suspicious gaze to see his perfect slime pillow shaking slightly.

“Why is Goshujin-sama massaging that pillow?” she asked.

“Uh …”

His look was vacant.


It seems that the culprit who was shaking the slime pillow was actually my unconscious hand. And it seems that Lai imitated it.

The full picture of this incident finally became clear!

Let’s try to solve this mystery.

My right hand, which has grasped the slime pillow, move as its heart desires!

Rub it vigorously.

“Nyaa, even though I trust you, nii-san…”

Proof complete! My deduction was spot-on, and Lai played with Nitra in sync with my movements.

In other words, I’m the bad one!

I apologize to Nitra in my heart as she glares at me through teary eyes.

Later, I’ll treat her to some grilled skewers, which might be a pretty low way to resolve the situation.

“Anyway, that’s not allowed. Lai, release Nitra.”



Nitra, with its fur standing on end, dashed out of the room.

I look at Lai.

“Make up and apologize properly.”


“You’re a good kid. I’ll apologize too, let’s go eat grilled skewers!”


This is the beginning of a new life.

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