Chapter 88

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Chapter 88: Mo Rushuang: It’s strange, why do I keep thinking about Mr. Lin today?

In terms of talent, the Eldest Prince had been guided by famous teachers since he was young and was considered a famous scholar in Northern Hebei. Passing the imperial exam was not a problem for him.

However, when compared to Lin Beifan, he was instantly reduced to scum.

This person had achieved the highest score in the imperial exam, a triple top scorer within three years; how many people could achieve such a feat throughout history? During their interactions, Mo Rushuang had discovered that Lin Beifan was a polymath and knew things that others did not. He spoke with authority on everything, and was much better than those who only knew knowledge from encyclopedia.

In terms of ability, the Eldest Prince had begun to be involved with King’s affairs, and was performing well.

However, when compared to Lin Beifan, he was a waste of space.

The latter was directly involved with the court, facing the civil and military officials head on and exerting his intelligence and wit. These officials were all old foxes, filled with cunning schemes and deep calculations, yet every time, Lin Beifan managed to triumph over them and come out on top.

In terms of achievements, the Eldest Prince performed even worse. At present, he had achieved nothing and was again a scum when in the presence of Lin Beifan.

Within a month, Lin Beifan had jumped two ranks and become a fifth-ranked official with his own efforts. Moreover, he had overturned the tribute agreement between two countries, avoiding war and saving millions of lives. His contribution was enormous.

It seemed that, apart from their family background, the Eldest Prince had nothing that could match up to Lin Beifan.

If they switched places and Lin Beifan had the same family background, what would his future look like?

Mo Rushuang shook her head inwardly, unable to imagine.

Beauty loves heroes and talented men! Unconsciously, her heart was more inclined towards Lin Beifan, and her gaze towards the Eldest Prince became even more bland.

Just then, her thoughts diverged. If the Eldest Prince was not as good as Lin Beifan, then what about the Prince who had the world and the people in his heart?

It seemed that he was still no match for him.

(Note: In ancient China, the son of a prince was also called a prince)

At the old age, he had also been crushed by Lin Beifan!

“Rushuang! Rushuang, what’s wrong with you?” Two soft calls brought Mo Rushuang back from her thoughts.

“Ah? I’m sorry. I was thinking about something just now, so I drifted off. Please forgive me, Your Highness!” Mo Rushuang apologized.

“It’s all right. Why would I blame you for this little matter?” The Eldest Prince shook his head and curiously asked, “Rushuang, what were you thinking about? Can you share it with me?”

Mo Rushuang arched her hand and said, “I’m sorry, Your Highness! I am quite fatigued from the journey these few days, so I and my junior brother will retire for some rest. Let’s talk again another day!”

Then she nodded to Guo Shaoshuai, and they both left together.

“Rushuang, rest well!” The Eldest Prince watched the beautiful woman’s departing figure with reluctance.

At this moment, the Prince snorted, looking very unhappy and said, “Jie’er, do you still look like the Prince? A woman from the jianhu has easily charmed you. If this gets out, won’t it be a laughing stock?”

“Father, but I… I like Rushuang.” The Eldest Prince blushed and lowered his head.

“Nonsense!” The Prince was furious. “Jie’er, you should understand your own identity. You are a prince with a distinguished status, while the other party is just a common Jianghu woman, in other words, a civilian. How can she be worthy of you? Only noble women are worthy of your identity! You can take her as a concubine in the future, but you cannot marry her as your wife!”

“Father, I…”

The Prince impatiently waved his hand, “Don’t say anything more to me now. You just make me angry when I see you! Return to your room and reflect on your mistakes. Don’t come out until you have figured it out!”

“Yes, Your Majesty!” the eldest prince dejectedly returned to his room.

He waved his hand and suddenly a serious-looking middle-aged man appeared in the hall. “Your Highness, what are your orders?”

“Give me the most detailed information on the new top scholar, Lin Beifan. I want to know everything!”

“Yes, Your Highness!”

The man bowed and disappeared.

After the eldest prince Wu Yingjie went back, he couldn’t resist sneaking out within a day.

In order to see Mo Rushuang, he invited all the martial arts heroes who had joined the Royal Palace under the pretext of a hero banquet.

Mo Rushuang couldn’t refuse and attended the banquet with her junior brother.

At the banquet, the eldest prince sat in the main seat, holding his glass and looking flushed. “It’s rare to have all the heroes gathered here. I am very happy! Friends, please! Don’t leave until you’re drunk tonight!”

“The eldest prince please!” Everyone raised their glasses and drank.

After basic etiquette was done, the eldest prince eagerly turned to Mo Rushuang, who was sitting at the next table, and said kindly, “Rushuang, this is your favorite yellow chicken. I had someone specially make it for you. How does it taste? Is it good?”

Mo Rushuang tasted a bit and smiled politely, “It tastes good!”

But then she put down her chopsticks.

She actually liked eating yellow chicken, especially the ones from the royal palace.

But now she found that the yellow chicken seemed to be missing a bit of flavor.

Suddenly, she remembered the yellow chicken she had tasted at the Lin Mansion during her injury. It was truly delicious and savory, and was the best yellow chicken she had ever tasted in her life.

At that time, Lin Beifan was by her side. He seemed to notice this and then often had yellow chicken for her to eat.

The eldest prince was very pleased at the moment.

“Rushuang, if you like it, eat more! And this fruit wine, how’s the taste? I heard you like to drink, so I had someone find it for you!”

Mo Rushuang picked up the glass and took a sip, smiling, “The wine is sweet and fragrant, and it’s good!”

Then she put down the glass and didn’t continue drinking.

Because she found that the taste of the fruit wine was really too ordinary and not easy to swallow.

Unconsciously, she thought of the fine wine she had drunk at the Lin Mansion during her injury.

There were more than ten barrels of wine, each containing a collection of dozens of rare wines that were the most delicious in the world. She had never tasted them before.

Among them, her favorite was the Hundred Flowers Wine.

It had both the fragrance of flowers and the mellow taste of wine, leaving a lingering aftertaste in the mouth.

It was said to be the best wine in the palace, specially brewed for the emperor, and its yield was very rare. Even if others wanted to drink it, they couldn’t get it. But his home had more than ten barrels of it.

She knew the wine was expensive and she had injuries on her body, so she didn’t dare to drink too much, only two cups each time.

It seemed that he noticed it again, so she had Baihua wine to drink every day.

She knew the wine was expensive and she had an injury, so she dared not drink too much and only had two cups each time.

At that time, Lin Beifan was by her side.

It seemed he noticed again, so she drank Hundred Flowers Wine every day.

With this, the prince was pleased again: “Rushuang, if you like to drink, have a little more! I have two jars stored away, all of which I will give to you!”

Mo Rushuang was shocked and said, “Your highness, it’s too precious. I can’t take it…”

“Rushaung, don’t be polite with me! If you keep being so polite, I will be angry!” The prince feigned annoyance.

Mo Rushuang heaved a sigh and could only accept it.

Seeing his beloved receiving his gift, the prince became even more happy and said, “Without poetry at a banquet, how can it be? Today, I will recite a poem for all the heroes. How about that?”

“Good! Please, your highness!” Everyone exclaimed.

“I will present my poor skills!” The prince thought for a moment before reciting the poem that he had already prepared.

“A man should stand up for his era and drink like a hero…”

After he was done reciting, the room applauded.

The prince was smug and asked with a hint of arrogance, “Rushuang, how was my poem? Are you satisfied?”

Mo Rushuang nodded and smiled, “It was very good. Your highness is indeed a great literary figure renowned in Northern Hebei!”

Once again, her mind recalled Lin Beifan in the capital.

He had also written a poem about heroes and wine.

“Under the heavens, heroes emerge. Once we enter society, time flies! Discussing the imperial plan and conquest with a laugh, overwhelmed by a single drunken night!”

Such heroic, powerful words!

Such stirring emotions!

Only a true hero and great talent could write such poetry!

If we compared the prince’s poem with Lin Beifan’s…

There was no need for a comparison, it was too simple, too straightforward, and lacked the qualifications to compare at all!

Why did she keep thinking of Lin Beifan today?

She had only left a few days ago!

Mo Rushuang sighed silently in her heart, “Ah, Mo Rushuang, you’re really useless!”

As she thought more about it, she could no longer eat or drink.

Guo Shaoshuai, her junior brother, also couldn’t eat or drink.

He looked at the table full of delicacies and felt a sense of emptiness in his heart. He sighed to himself, “The delicacies of the Royal Palace’s banquet can’t compare to that bastard’s spoiled food! When will I be able to eat it again, what a worry!”

After politely drinking a few more glasses of wine, Mo Rushuang begged off due to being unable to handle the liquor and left.

Guo Shaoshuai also left with her.

After the two left, the banquet lost some of its liveliness, and the prince became lost in thought.

An old man from the jianghu made a joke, “Your highness, after Rushuang left, your heart followed. You didn’t even bother greeting us, the stinky men, haha!”

“I’m sorry, everyone. I’m sorry!” The prince apologized.

A big man with a red face and meaty grin laughed and said, “Your highness, we’re all experienced people who can totally understand! Your highness, since you like Miss Rushuang, go after her boldly! With your charm, what woman can resist you? Do you all agree?”

“Yes! The match between your highness and Miss Rushuang is a match made in heaven!”

“If I were a woman, I would marry your highness!”

“You’re dreaming! With your appearance, even if you paid me to marry you, I still wouldn’t want you!”

“Just kidding!”

… They all cheered.

The prince smiled wryly, “Thank you for your kindness, everyone. I want to, too! Unfortunately, the king has a purpose, and the goddess is without mercy! But I will do my best. I believe that honesty opens doors, and that Rushuang will eventually be touched by my sincerity!”

“What a good situation you have! It’s just that we’re afraid that your goddess has found another lover. No matter how hard you try, it will be of no use!”

The prince was suddenly shocked, “What? Rushuang has a lover? How could that be? I know who she interacts with and I know everything about it. How could she have a love affair? Senior Sun, are you joking?”

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