Chapter 88

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I made a translation mistake in the previous chapter. The medals Amine gave Aix and Luca were a sign that they had been recognised as Masters of Craftsmanship by Amine, so the guards were surprised to see the medal and called him sensei.

Chapter 88 – Zombies in Defeat 6

I’m back.

My beloved room.

Suddenly, Nitra who was hiding popped out and whispered in my ear.

“Nii-san, there’s a good route for you to escape through the window.”

“You naughty child. It’s okay now.”

I ruffled her head and she purred in response.

I didn’t really want to hear about the route though. The physical abilities of beastmen are way too insane for humans to try and mimic even if they were taught how.

Especially for me, who’s so slow and clumsy, it would definitely be impossible.

(TLN: Aix apartments are on the second or third floor, so escaping through the window is impossible.)

“Goshujin-sama, here.”

“Thank you.”

I used the cold towel Lai-nee had given me to cool down the affected area.

Aah… it feels so good. The heat is subsiding.

But more importantly…

I touched the slime pillow on my bed lightly.

I had a promise to my Hollow, so I must take good care of it carefully.

Aah… it’s so soft.

I’m sleepy. The intense darkness overwhelms me and I can feel my eyelids closing.

It’s not good to sleep as soon as I get back.

But I couldn’t resist the temptation and found myself flying off into dreamland.


And then, an hour later.

“Vice-Captain, he still hasn’t come out.”

“Ah, I see.”

Outside the room, the trio of armies were still standing there stiffly.

All three of them were dark and the expression of the subordinate who had threatened Aix by having his neck squeezed was on the verge of death.

“If he still can’t come out, does that mean he’s extremely angry?”

“I don’t know. But we need to show sincerity.”

“Should we knock on the door now?”

“Very well. We have no choice but to prepare for the worst.”

The vice-captain’s forehead was sweating as he knocked quietly on the door.

He asked Lai-nee who answered the door in a hushed voice.

“Where’s Aix-sensei?”

“He’s asleep right now.”

He asked cautiously.

“When do you think he’ll wake up?”

“Maybe in three days?”

The vice-captain let out a sigh as Lai-nee playfully tilted her head.

“As expected of someone who doesn’t want to work.”

“But Goshujin-sama is working hard!”

Lai-nee, who was completely disagreed, said so, and the army nodded to her.

“Oh, no. I misspoke. He must have been working too hard. Could you please tell him to apologize when he wakes up?”

“Yes, understood.”

The army saluted.

They couldn’t afford to make any more mistakes.

Do you remember the man who failed at the beginning?

His nickname was “Pee Man”. He was always the troublemaker who angered people for no reason.

“Why do I always make mistakes…” (Pee-man)

The man, who was given an infamous nickname due to a slight misexpression, was still in the underground prison below the viscount family’s banquet hall.

What’s worse, he was complaining with the gloomy-faced Batts and Elfman in the same cell.

“Batts, when can we get out of here?” (Elfman)

“I don’t know, Elfman. It’s so damn frustrating. How can heroes like us be in this situation?” (Batts)

If it weren’t for them, he (Pee-Man) would never have earned such an infamous nickname.

Maybe he was staring at them with resentment due to the stress of living together in a small room.

Batts noticed this and started teasing him.

“What’s with that look? Are you offering a fight, even though you’re a pervert?” (Batts)

“I’m not asking for a fight. Leave me alone.” (Pee-Man)

Even here, he managed to annoy people. He and the other guy were both criminals, yet the guy laughed and tried to provoke him further.

Did he think he curled up in a corner because he was scared?

He’s not great at communication, but his grades in interpersonal training were decent. He could fight without weapons in a one-on-one combat.

“What? I can’t hear you. Are you disrespecting me?” (Batts)

“I’m not disrespecting…” (Pee-Man)

Don’t the Zombies think about the possibility of increasing their charges by acting up in their cell?

Magician, please stop Batts’ rampage!

These thoughts were in vain, as even Elfman joined the battle.

“Batts! I’m sure he’s listening to something obscene again.”

“No! It was a misunderstanding.”

Ugh, he had tried to forget about it.

“Hahaha! Elfman, you’re perceptive. Can you please cover your ears, Pee Man?” (Batts)

“That’s right, Batts.” (Elfman)

“That’s not true!” (Pee-Man)

It was 2 against 1. Things were not going his way. They really weren’t.

“Oh, right. Let’s punish this pervert together.” (Batts)

“That’s right. You’re the only one having a good time here!” (Elfman)

“What are you talking about? If you guys hadn’t tried to kidnap her, none of this would have happened.” (Pee-Man)

When he responded with logic, it seemed to fuel their anger, and their faces turned red.

Here we go again. Wasn’t there a better way to say that? He really was a genius at making people angry.

“What was that? I may have had just a little money by now if you hadn’t gotten in my way.” (Batts)

“That’s right. I would have had a wife by now.” (Elfman)

“Is that so? You scum criminals.” (Pee-Man)

“What? Are you going to keep pretending to be an army forever? You, Pee Man!” (Batts)

“Let’s do it, shall we?” (Elfman)


When Batts threw his jacket at him, he dodged it and pushed it away.

A large right straight punch from him appeared from blind spot. It hit Pee-Man’s face unexpectedly in a clean one-two punch, causing him to faint… or not.

“Oh?… That’s light.”

This guy’s punch isn’t really painful.

“Don’t underestimate me, you pervert!” (Batts)

Then he threw what seemed like a weak uppercut, so Pee-Man tightened his abs and managed to deflect it.

“Hmph, I knew it. It doesn’t even hurt.”


Not only that, but the bastard Batts hurt himself punching him and moaned in pain.

Could it be that this guy is a fake adventurer? He couldn’t help but laugh.

“Weak. Too weak. Listen carefully, this is how a real impact feels!” (Pee-man)

As Batts held his wrist in pain and crouched, his chin was at a good position, so he kicked him lightly to shake his brain. Batts lost strength in his knees and collapsed.

It’s common knowledge that leg muscles are bigger than arm muscles, after all.

He watched out for Batts, who became completely immobile. He had heard the legend that they were undead, getting up no matter how many times they fell.

“What’s going on? You’re weaker than the rumors. Maybe you’re not great after all.” (Pee-Man)


Elfman, Batts’ remaining partner, screamed when he saw him.

“Why? Are you scared? You guys are supposed to be called heroes, aren’t you?” (Pee-Man)

“Well, I’m more of a brainworker. Besides, I’ve been feeling off this month for some reason! This never happened before.” (Elfman)

Elfman offered a disjointed excuse, raising both hands and stepping back.

Is this guy an idiot? He shook and stepped back as if he was afraid, but since this cell is so small… Look, there’s a wall right there.

There was a loud bang, and Elfman looked surprised as his back was blocked.

What is he doing, even though he calls himself a brainworker?

“Stop the unfunny jokes. it’s impossible to suddenly become weak like that.” (Pee-Man)

“It’s true. Please overlook it. Oh, Mr. Pee Man, I am your ally who understands you.”


There was a sound of a burst blood vessel. What did he just say? My name is not Pee Man.

“What does that mean?”

He’ll punch whoever answers, no matter what. Since he’s become a criminal, he’ll kill whoever gives him the wrong answer. As he waited for a result that probably wouldn’t make much of a difference, he heard a disgusting sound, “jubo-bo,” from Elfman.

Later, the pungent smell hit his nose. There’s no value in killing this kind of guy.

“Hii! Please spare me. We are comrades. Uh, I also wanted to hear the sound of a little girl’s pee. Gufu.” (Elfman)

Shut up already. Why did I make such a foolish choice to ask questions that time? The kick, which converted his anger into energy, silenced the bedwetter.

When he wakes up, he’ll pass on the cursed name to him. He’ll be the second generation, and I’ll be the first.

I don’t like it. If people think that this elf is my companion, it’s too sad.

After a while, the maid appeared, but when she looked annoyed at the irritating smell, she left the meal and disappeared.

“Damn. For now, it’s like a banquet, so I’ll eat as much as I want.”

“I’ll eat for three people.”

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