Chapter 87

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Chapter 87 – Nitra and Lai 3

My head was full of slime pillow.

Luca seemed to want to say something before I left, but I gave in to my empty impulse, so I’ll ask her next time we meet.

I ran and ran, using the infinite AP of Support 1 to keep going. The only problem was that my legs weren’t particularly fast.

As I arrived at the inn, I saw an elderly man with an injured leg who seemed to be a slum resident sitting in front of it.

I wonder what’s going on?

“Excuse me, could you let me through?”

“Oh, sorry about that, kid. We in your way?”

“No, not really.”

As we passed each other, another slum resident who seemed to be his comrade arrived. My name came up in their conversation, stealing my attention.

“Yo, has Aix shown up yet?”

“Nah, haven’t seen the boy yet, according to nee-san, he’s a fella kicking it with a fine-looking lady wearing goddess gear and holding onto a stuffed bear.”

“Oh, if you find the bloke, you’re in for a shiny silver piece. Enough ale to drown in and a bit of orc meat.”

“Don’t be getting your hopes up. It’s not like we’re high rollers, just scrapin’ by. Cheers to Uracal. Shut yer gob and swap shifts already.”


Oh, they’ve apparently been waiting for me for days. Thanks for the hard work, guys. Maybe I’m better suited as a thief with my insignificant presence.

As I thought about that, the door next to the goal slowly opened, and three burly armies came out.

One person might have been difficult, but three?

Come to think of it, according to what I heard from Uracal, they were stationed in the next room.

I immediately let my guard down. Entering my own home with the footsteps of a thief is unacceptable.

But, could I deceive them like I did with the duo at the entrance?

“Excuse me, can I go through?”

“No, let’s confirm first. Hmm, you’re Aix, right?”


I was caught easily after being examined like a magical tool.

“Yes, but? Please let me through since I’m in a hurry.”

“No can do. Although we don’t know what you did, the viscount has issued an arrest warrant against you. Come along with us quietly.”

They treated me like a criminal even though I’m not guilty of anything.

A magic spell taught by Luca slipped out of my mouth. It even felt like it was mine.

“No, thank you.”

“What? If you run, your crime will become more serious.”

No, no, no. If it’s for my slime pillow, I can give it my all!


I reached for the doorknob.


“I already told you, young man, it’s not allowed.”

He grabbed my arm easily, and I was left dangling in the air.

They’re guard professionals charged with protecting the city. It’s hard for me to match their speed.

I glared at them fiercely, but my threat level must have been too low because it only made them look troubled. I could use a fireball to defeat them if I could, but that would be overkill.

It’s not going well.

Just a little more, just a little more….

The door to the room I’m renting opened on its own, as if my thoughts had been heard. The girl in a maid uniform, Rai, blinked her eyes rapidly.

“Oh, welcome back, Goshujin-sama…. By the way, what are you doing?”

Hanging in the air, that’s what.

I looked at the leader for an explanation.

“Miss, Aix has an arrest warrant issued by the Lord. We’re heading to the viscount’s house.”

“I refuse to go!”

Lai seemed perplexed but spoke up for me.

“Goshujin-sama said he won’t go. Besides, did he do something bad enough to be taken away?”

“I can’t reveal the details due to confidentiality. Only the captain knows everything. If Aix is innocent, he’ll be released. Come quietly if you have nothing to hide.”

So, work like a slave again?

“I don’t want to work anymore.”


The vice-captain, who hadn’t listened to the situation, was dumbfounded.

“I said I don’t want to work anymore.”

“Hmm? It’s not because you committed some crime and the warrant was issued?”

I was released from the restraint, and the leader’s expression changed from caution to sympathy.


Disappointed, the leader’s group started to worry.

“Vice-captain, what should we do?”

“I don’t know. There’s a possibility of lies, and he seems suspicious since he was hiding until now.”

“Indeed, the situation is complicated. According to our data, he can only use beginner magic. Although I want to believe that he’s harmless, it’s premature to make a hasty decision.”

“What should we do then?”

We waited for the vice-captain’s answer in silence.

“As long as the captain is absent, full authority belongs to me. I’m sorry, but the suspicious boy will go to the viscount’s house and prove his innocence there. So, how does that sound?”


I made a face, and the leader explained with a solemn expression.

“Please, understand, boy. We are also working, you know? Please act like an adult.”

“But, I’m not working.”

Let’s make that clear.

“Ugh. But, where have you been hiding until now?”

“I wasn’t hiding anywhere. I was in Sheep Town, the next town over.”

Oh? For some reason, the armies suddenly showed a sense of alertness.

“Then, how did you get into the town? Did you sneak past our strict security?”

“Um… From the sky?”

Oops, there seemed to be a problem with what I just said, as the three leaders readied their weapons.

“Vice-captain, I’m sorry. I was wrong. This boy is indeed dangerous.”

“I agree, vice-captain. I can’t believe anything he said. He escaped Captain Lyog’s pursuit and slipped past our guards.”

“That’s right. It’s impossible. He has a tendency to lie.”

“I’m not lying. I was taken by Amine the Dwarf Queen!”

I intended to persuade them, but it didn’t work—no, it backfired. They even got angry.

“Queen Amine? Don’t make a fool of us. We’ll listen to the truth at the viscount’s house.”


One of the enraged subordinates choked me.

That’s right. I have to prove my innocence or the truth.

I can do that.

“You. Stay still. What are you trying to pull out? Why aren’t you answering?”

I can’t talk with my neck being strangled! I fumbled in my pocket and grabbed cold metal.

When I tried to show them what it was while being choked, I was slapped and a coin fell out, ringing down the hallway. It was a coin that granted free drinks at the bar.

“Huh? Did you drop a coin? What were you trying to do with that coin? Ngghhh!!!”

“Vice-captain? What happened? Is there any trouble?”

“A-a-ah. T-this idiot! Let go of the person immediately. That person is Aix-sensei the god craftsman!”


I seemed to have been released after a misunderstanding was resolved.

The vice-captain’s voice trembled.

“Was everything you said true?”

“I assume that the viscount had a decree issued out of personal ambition to exploit his technical prowess,” the vice-captain added.

“Oh, am I going to be a scapegoat again, just like Mr. Pee?”

I saw the person who had choked me and noticed their pale face.

The misunderstanding seemed to have cleared up, but I could tell from their harsh tone of voice that the pain lingered.

“Can I go back to my room now?”

“Please, feel free to do so!!!”

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