Chapter 86

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Chapter 86: If You Don’t Speak, I’ll Punch Your Chest with Little Fists!

“Hey! I’m wondering why you, this little guy, decided to go to work and do janitorial work. We could be out there digging for treasures, isn’t that more exciting?”

“Isn’t it great to make money by digging things out from inside?”

“I still can’t figure out why you’re doing this! If I didn’t know you so well, I’d suspect you’re possessed by those ghostly things!”

Wang Pangzi asked while eating.

“You don’t need to worry. I have my reasons for doing what I’m doing. Anyway, I won’t harm you.”

“Of course, you won’t harm me. We have a lifelong friendship!” Wang Pangzi chuckled, patting Wu Ge’s shoulder with his greasy hand while wiping the grease off.

Wu Ge frowned, showing clear disgust. “Don’t touch me with your greasy pig’s trotter!”

“Hehe! What’s wrong with a little touch? It won’t make you lose any meat!”

The two of them continued with their dinner. “Oh yeah, Pangzi, let me tell you something!”

“What’s up, tell me!”

“Tomorrow, I’m bringing my company’s boss here. When the time comes, take out the good stuff from our shop.”

“Haha, found a customer? You’re good at this, Wu Ge, really capable!” Wang Pangzi’s eyes lit up. “I heard you work at the Lin Investment Company, currently under the management of that guy from the Lin family, the one who’s a fool but has money. Watch me fleece him nicely!”

Wu Ge remembered everything that happened in his previous life and was taken aback. He quickly advised, “Don’t take out fake items to fool him. He’s smart, and I remember him well. Use genuine items!”

“Okay, I’ll use real items, but I’ll sell them at a high price!”

“Don’t sell at a high price, sell at a folded price, and pretend not to know the value of those items!”

“Wu Ge, have you gone crazy?” Wang Pangzi jumped up, looking at Wu Ge in shock. “You want me to bring out real items and not only that, you want me to sell them at a loss? Is this something a sane person would do? Are you out of your mind?”

Wu Ge sighed inwardly. He knew he would be scolded by Pangzi, but he had to do it.

Selling old objects and antiques on this old street, more than 99.99% of them are fake, meant to deceive people with their authenticity. If you spend a whole day on this street and manage to find one good thing, you’re truly exceptional!

Bringing Lin Beifan here, he wanted to showcase his talents and value, then gain his trust.

Only by letting him buy something good first, feeling like he earned something, can his value truly stand out!

Otherwise, if he went around and didn’t buy anything, or bought fakes, his talents wouldn’t be displayed, and it would be a lonely shopping trip!

So, after careful consideration, he decided to sacrifice a little bit of his profit.

Wu Ge said seriously, “I’m not crazy. I’m very clear-headed right now. This matter is important to me. Pangzi, please help me with this favor. After it’s done, I’ll go raid a few more tombs to make up for the losses. How about that?”

Wang Pangzi sat down again and waved his hand. “Alright, who said you’re my blood brother? If I don’t help you, who will? But I want to make it clear that those big items are off-limits for me.”

“Bringing out those smaller items will be enough.” Wu Ge nodded. For him, bringing out those smaller items would result in at most a few million in losses, which he could easily afford.

If losing a few million could help him get closer to Lin Beifan, it would be well worth it.

“Also, you need to act like you don’t know me, got it?”

“I have to say, Wu Ge!” Wang Pangzi frowned. “What exactly are you planning?”

“Just follow what I said if you want to avoid trouble. In short, I won’t harm you.” Wu Ge thought to himself, “Pangzi, let me bear this burden alone. You just be a carefree Pangzi.”

The next day, Wu Ge saw Lin Beifan at the entrance of the old street, dressed in casual attire.

He wasn’t alone; he brought a stunning beauty with him. From a distance, they looked like a perfect couple.

“Boss Lin, you’re here so early!”

“Brother Wu, you’re early too, looking quite energetic.”

“I’ll introduce someone to you.” Lin Beifan brought out Song Yuqing and said, “This is my girlfriend, Song Yuqing, the CEO of the Song Hospital. She heard we were coming here and got interested, so I brought her along.”

Wu Ge sized up the stunning beauty, Song Yuqing. In his previous life, she used to be the fiancée of a young divine doctor, but Lin Beifan had snatched her away.

Among all of Lin Beifan’s women, Song Yuqing had the lowest profile and reputation. However, she was quietly handling everything behind the scenes and was the most important woman to Lin Beifan.

“Ms. Song, hello! I’m Wu Ge. You can just call me Xiao Wu! To speak candidly, you look really beautiful, like a fairy. Standing next to Mr. Lin, you’re a perfect match!” Wu Ge flattered.

“Thank you! You have such a sweet tongue!” Song Yuqing laughed heartily.

“Mr. Lin, now that everyone is here, shall we go in?”

“Wait a moment, one more person!”

“Who is it?”

At that moment, a familiar and cheerful voice came from the distance, “Mr. Lin, Xiao Wu, I’m here!”

Wu Ge turned his head to see a plump and oddly dressed Aunt Liu charging towards them like an elephant in colorful clothes.

“The person I was talking about is indeed Aunt Liu,” Lin Beifan said with a smile.

Wu Ge’s mood instantly plummeted, “Boss Lin, why did you invite Aunt Liu here?”

“No need to thank me. Where we come from, everyone is like a living Lei Feng!”

“It’s been 18 hours since I last saw you. Have you missed me?” Aunt Liu said, her voice shy and awkward.

Wu Ge: “Ugh, ugh, ugh…”

“I brought my girlfriend here as a couple, and it wouldn’t be good for you to be alone. So, I thought of inviting Aunt Liu to join us and make a pair for you. Isn’t it a pleasant surprise?” Lin Beifan’s smile was radiant.

Wu Ge: “…………”

Damn it!

This isn’t a surprise! It’s a shock!

Wu Ge: “…”

I curse your whole family!

By now, Aunt Liu had reached the group.

“Hello, Mr. Lin! Hello, Ms. Song! And hello, Xiao Wu… How are you doing?” Aunt Liu’s voice rang out.

Me? Hehe…

Wu Ge: “Ugh, ugh…”

“I’ve been thinking about you every moment! Why don’t we just live together from now on? Our son said he doesn’t mind!” Aunt Liu exclaimed.

Wu Ge: “Ugh, ugh…”

“Why aren’t you talking? If you don’t talk, I’ll use my little fists to punch your chest!”

“Wu Ge, Aunt Liu, it’s not working hours now, and we’re not at the company. No need to be so formal. Let’s interact naturally like friends,” Lin Beifan gestured expansively. “Now that everyone is here, let’s go inside!”

With that, Lin Beifan naturally held Song Yuqing’s hand. And naturally… Wu Ge found his hand held by Aunt Liu’s coughing hand. The two couples walked into the old street together.

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